Courtney Campbell Scenic Highway Corridor Advocacy Group (CAG) Regular Meeting at

Courtney Campbell Scenic Highway
Corridor Advocacy Group (CAG)
Regular Meeting at
URS Corporation - Board Room
7650 W. Courtney Campbell Causeway
Tampa, Florida
September 9, 2005
9:30 a.m.
The Honorable Bill Jonson, Vice Mayor, City of Clearwater, Chair
Courtney Orr, Vice President/Government Affairs, Clearwater Chamber
Ron Gregory, Vice President, URS
Mary Helen Duke, Greenways & Trails Coordinator, City of Tampa Parks & Recreation
Tim Kurtz, Senior Landscape Architect, City of Clearwater
Christine Commerce, Interim Executive Director, Keep Hillsborough County Beautiful
The Honorable Linda Saul-Sena, Councilmember, City of Tampa, Vice Chair
Gena Torres, Senior Planner, Hillsborough County MPO
Kenneth Hoyt, Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council Member
The Honorable Kathy Castor, Commissioner, Hillsborough County BoCC
Jocie Rivera, V.P. Special Events, Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce
Jessica White, Senior Planner, Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council
Vice Mayor Jonson called the meeting to order. Introduction of attendees followed. Vice Mayor Jonson
stated Commissioner Kathy Castor has volunteered to be the official representative for Hillsborough
County. Brian Smith and Mike Palozzi were unable to attend the meeting.
The minutes of the July 29, 2005 meeting were adopted with no corrections.
Old Business:
Dedication Ceremony Subcommittee Report
The August 26, 2005 Courtney Campbell Causeway Scenic Trail Meeting Highlights were
distributed. The date for the ribbon cutting ceremony has been set for Friday, November 4 at
10:00am, at the boat ramp on the north side of the Courtney Campbell Causeway. Mr. Ron
Rotella will ask Al Austen to invite Governor Bush. If the Governor cannot attend Mayor Iorio and
Mayor Hibbard will be asked to jointly cut the ribbon. All local officials will be invited, including the
Aviation Authority Board Members, the Mayor’s Beautification Committee, HARTLINE, the local
legislative delegation, County Commissioners, Council members and the Tampa Bay Regional
Planning Council (TBRPC).
Vice Mayor Jonson said he sent out a “heads up” email to the TBRPC, the Pinellas Legislative
Delegation, the Pinellas County Commission and the City of Clearwater. A personal ribbon cutting
ceremony invitation will be extended to Jim Davis and Charlie Crist.
Mike Palozzi will be inviting the Florida Department of Transportation people. It was
recommended the Friends of Recreation be invited as well.
Councilmember Saul-Sena suggested bottled water labeled with the Florida Scenic Highway
Courtney Campbell Causeway logo and ceremony date be handed out at the ceremony.
Vice Mayor Jonson circulated copies of the new letterhead and stated the letterhead address has
been changed to the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council’s address since it serves as the
Corridor Management Entity.
Vice Mayor Jonson circulated a draft invitation for review. Manny suggestions were made to the
draft invitation. Vice Mayor Jonson reviewed the changes with the CAG and all concurred. He
then asked Jocie Rivera if she would incorporate the suggested changes into the final draft and
assist with circulation of the letter.
The minutes from the 08/26/05 sub-committee meeting were reviewed. Vice Mayor Jonson
reported the Parks Department would provide the lectern and a table for the bottled water and the
Special Events Office of the Parks Department should be advised of the event. The police will be
asked to direct the traffic.
Vice Mayor Jonson and Councilmember Saul-Sena will send out “save the date” emails with a
follow up letter.
Discussion followed about the logistics of the podium, parking, etc. The committee will need to
make a recommendation to the Parks Department.
Mary Helen Duke suggested having the City of Tampa or Hillsborough County cable TV coverage.
If the City of Tampa cable TV is used they have a podium, plants, stanchions, chairs and tables in
their van. They also have power for microphones. The podium would be a City of Tampa
podium; however, the Scenic Highway banner could be placed over the City of Tampa logo. The
point of contact is Mindy Schnider. Vice Mayor Jonson suggested using a riser so the speakers
would be higher than the audience.
Discussion followed on the displaying of sponsor logos and how that would be accomplished since
there is nothing to attach banners to. In Mike Palozzi’s email summary from Subcommittee
meeting he mentions telling them they have to provide self-supporting banners. Vice Mayor
Jonson stated the need to add to our “action list” a specific letter to sponsors announcing the date
and the logistics.
Additional Sponsor Solicitations
Vice Mayor Jonson stated an email was received from Mike Palozzi saying that the Aviation
Authority was interested in being a sponsor at the ceremony. He stated he forwarded the email to
Councilmember Saul-Sena to see if she would follow up with Louis Miller. The City of Clearwater
will be a silver member for $500. Councilmember Saul-Sena stated she would also follow up with
the City of Tampa for a membership.
Commissioner Castor was asked if Hillsborough County would be a sponsor if Pinellas County
joins for $500. Commissioner Castor stated she would talk to the administrator. Vice Mayor
Jonson stated he will talk to Pinellas County Commissioner Seel since he feels it is appropriate for
government to support an effort that will benefit all of our communities.
Vice Mayor Jonson requested Jessica White provide the final list of sponsors to Councilmember
Saul-Sena. Ron Gregory and Councilmember Saul-Sena will work on additional sponsorship
Brochure Update
Vice Mayor Jonson distributed the draft brochure for review. New photos have been obtained
thanks to Courtney Orr, Bill Twyman and the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department, who provided
the helicopter ride. Councilman Jonson stated the volleyball beach picture in the brochure is not
from the Causeway. Mr. Gregory stated the picture was taken on the beach behind the Radisson
on Courtney Campbell which would make it an acceptable picture. It was also decided to use the
photo of the bicyclist taken by Mary Helen Duke. It was suggested the two “framed” photos on the
back page need to be cropped and it was also suggested using three photos instead of two.
Another suggestion was made to add a sunset picture taken from the Causeway. Vice Mayor
Jonson stated Charley Belcher from Channel 13 provided permission to use his quote on the
brochure. Credit will be provided for donated photographs. October 1 is the deadline for the
brochure printing.
Comp Plan Updates Status
The Comp Plan has gone through the City of Tampa. Vice Mayor Jonson said there will be no
problem with the Comp Plan per the City of Clearwater.
New Business:
Visit Florida Opportunities
Vice Mayor Jonson has received emails from Visit Florida stating the CCSH CAG is now a
partner. When the designation was awarded a copy of the letter was sent to Visit Florida, which
allows Scenic Highway advertising and the ability to be added to their web site. Councilmember
Saul-Sena suggested Vice Mayor Jonson fill out the form that will get the Scenic Highway listed on
their web site.
Councilmember Saul-Sena stated she would like to see the Courtney Campbell Causeway shown
on Florida maps. She asked; how do we get on the official state of Florida maps? Do we need to
talk to AAA? Who do we need to talk to?
Vice Mayor Jonson stated Mike Palozzi will find out what needs to be completed to get the CCSH
listed on the State’s Scenic Highway website.
Councilmember Saul-Sena said she will work with AAA through THCVA to see what can be done
to add the CCSH to their maps.
6. Goals and Objectives - Other Short-Term Initiatives
At the last meeting we targeted the trails as our highest priority. Since the last meeting we met in
Pinellas with both the Pedestrian Committee and the Bicycle Committee and both adopted a
motion to support the incorporation into the Comp Plan.
Councilmember Saul-Sena mentioned the Roadways Committee said it would be nice to have
bicycle connectivity with the Suncoast Trail and the upper Tampa Bay Trail.
Mr. Hoyt: The MPO CCC has a regional trail map and the question is whether or not this is on
that map. Councilmember Saul-Sena stated it is on the map and the Multi-Use Trails Committee
met last week. She and Susan Dutill are working on the application for the Courtney Campbell
Causeway, with Michelle Green of FDOT. The Multi-Use Trails Committee voted because it was
a multi-county segment for the pedestrian bridge structure off of the main bridge. That has been
included as a phase. We are going to modify our cost estimates to incorporate that so it can be
included in a statewide Transportation Enhancement (TE) grant application in 2006. In the MPO
CCC Regional Trail Priorities List the greenway is listed for several million dollars for the Tampa
side. Pinellas has a corresponding listing for the Pinellas-side and FDOT is going to have a
section for the bridge as well. All of that will be consolidated into one statewide TE application for
the entire Courtney Campbell Causeway. There is a different funding pot that doesn’t go through
the MPO and the CCSH will compete with other projects statewide. The Multi-Use Trails
Committee is going to be phasing out all of these projects and the Trails Committee, which
includes all seven counties, will develop a recommended priority listing that will then be taken to
the CCC for action.
Mr. Hoyt: I look at the pace at which we have been able to obtain money for the Upper Tampa
Bay Trails and that is really dragging out. Commissioner Castor stated the county has probably
funded $15 million. FDOT is taking a strong role that may open up more dollars to the project,
because if our division is sponsoring the TE application, our jurisdictions are signing that
application. They want to make that connection. Lee Royal should be directly involved.
Councilmember Saul-Sena stated Susan Dutill has been talking closely with Michelle Greene
about all of these issues and are trying to pull it together. The TE application is initially for a
feasibility study to address all of the issues and identify cost estimates--Pinellas has done that on
their side as well.
Commissioner Castor stated, if we could get the Upper Tampa Bay Trail funded out of the
Community Investment Tax – within 2 weeks the county is going to appropriate $346 million of our
CIT and any of the activists that care about trails can say please make sure that some of that
transportation portion is spent on trails and the Upper Tampa Bay Trail. I made the motion at the
Hillsborough Greenways Committee the other night, for $50 million. They will be lobbying heavily.
Commissioner Castor stated, we need to see if Commissioner Karen Seel would send one of her
assistants to these meetings. Ned Baier is going to attend when I cannot attend so the County
can be represented. Commissioner Seel is the Chair of the MPO and the next meeting is Friday,
September 16, 2005, at the Water Management District, Brooksville.
Vice Mayor Jonson stated he needs to brief Commissioner Seel on the Courtney Campbell Scenic
Highway meeting so she will be up to speed on what is being done, and how the County can be
helpful. Vice Mayor Jonson stated he would meet with her before the next CCC meeting and
Councilmember Saul-Sena would talk to Shawn Harrison about it as the City of Tampa
representative. The primary item to be discussed is going to be the resolution priorities for
submittal for TRIP funds under the Growth Management Bill. Trails are eligible for TRIP funds,
but you have to meet the criteria. We can apply but may not be very competitive.
Meeting adjourned.
Next Scheduled Meeting:
Subcommittee: Friday, September 30, 2005
Full Committee: Friday, October 14, 2005