7.391 Concept-Centered Teaching Semester I

MSKC 2006
7.391 Concept-Centered Teaching
Semester I
Discussion Day 11: May 10, 2006
Have the students grade a mock exam of all types of questions including true/false,
multiple choice, short answer, matching, fill in, etc.
Have the students evaluate each type of question for clarity, ease of grading, and
assessment of concept knowledge.
Self Assessment
I. The Basics of Self Assessment
1. What is the purpose of self assessment? Does it benefit the student, the teacher,
or both?
2. Will all students be honest in assessing their own knowledge? Does any category
or class of students lend themselves better to this process?
3. What types of self assessment procedures are there? Discuss the pros and cons of
4. What are pre-term and post-term tests? Are they an effective means of selfassessment?
Should self-assessment test be required? Voluntary? Should students be given
an incentive for completing them? What is the drawback to this?
6. How do you assess retention? How do you get your to participate in a retention
7. Should self assessment be included in a student’s grade?
8. Should students be allowed to evaluate each other? Should this be included in