Oregon Agricultural College

Oregon Agricultural College
Department of Poultry Husbandry
Corvallis, Oregon, April 22, 1909
To Prospective Members of the Portland Junior Poultry Club :
The first lesson in the Reading-Course in Poultry Husbandry is
sent to all those whose names have been furnished to the Agricultural College by the Portland Y. M. C. A. Some of these have applied for the course; others have not yet made application. The
second lesson will be sent only to those who write us stating
that they wish the second and subsequent lessons. The second lesson will be on the Housing of Fowls including photographs and
plans of different kinds of houses. It is hoped to send the second
lesson out before the school vacation begins, and the remaining papers late in the summer or fall. The course will be completed in
about five papers the length of the one enclosed.
With each lesson a set of questions will be sent to help the reader
to learn the lesson. At the end of the course a written examination
will be given. A satisfactory completion of the course will count
a certain number of points in the poultry contest to begin in the
fall, and therefore help in winning the prizes, though the taking of
the course will not be required of those entering the contest.
Neither is it required that those taking the reading-course engage
in the contest.
It is our wish that you write us regarding these lessons. If there
are any points not clear let us know and we will try and make
them clear. Any questions not covered in the lesson that you wish
to ask we will be glad to answer if they are of importance. The
answers, if of general interest, will be sent by circular letter to all
members of the club.
No charge is made for this course, but the College will feel well
repaid if those who begin the study will pursue it diligently to its
completion. We will try to make it interesting and instructive.
In writing us please be careful to write your name and address
plainly, and remember that subsequent lessons will be sent only to
those who acknowledge receipt of the first.
1. What can you say about the origin of chickens and the importance of the poultry industry ?
What is the Standard of Perfection ?
3. Into how many breeds and varieties does the Standard divide
fowls ?
For practical purposes, how would you divide the breeds ?
5. Name representatives of the egg breeds, meat breeds and
general-purpose breeds.
What are some of the characteristics of these three classes ?
7. Compare the Plymouth Rock and the Leghorn for egg laying
and market purposes.
8. What points would you consider in selecting a flock of
chickens for practical purposes ?
We should be glad to have you answer on next page any or all of
the above questions, though this is not required of those who continue in the course. By signing your name and address in the
space indicated, detaching and mailing the sheet to us we will understand that you wish subsequent lessons. Address communications to
Department of Poultry Husbandry,
Corvallis, Oregon.