Assignments Troubleshooting common problems

Troubleshooting common
Q: I assigned my patients but when I click on the
“Assigned” button, it says “No patients assigned to this
staff person”. When I look my name up, the patients are
highlighted blue. Why isn’t it working?
A: Usually caused when staff members assign patients on the shift opposite of theirs
(e.g. they set their assignment for night shift when they work day shift). Another issue
may be that they have the assignment set to begin on the wrong date.
Use the following steps to determine the start date/time span of an assignment:
2) Have them double click their
name: note that their assigned
patient’s names are highlighted
1) Have the user search for
the same as when they are
making their assignment
Missing Assignment continued…
3) The Staff Detail dialog box will open. Note the start
and end date and time of the assignment. In this case, I
am working day shift on 2/11 but my assignment doesn’t
start until night shift on 2/11
4) To solve this have the user end the assignment and reassign the
patients ensuring that the correct shift and start date/time are
selected. For assistance in ending assignments see the “Ending
Assignments” PowerPoint
Q: Every time I try to change the time parameters
on my assignment, it gets all messed up. Also, the
computer beeps when I try to leave the time fields
A: This is a bug in the system. The
workaround is simple but involves
several steps. Prior to assigning any
patients have the user:
1) Reselect “Primary Nurse” from
the Care Relation dropdown
2) Select the appropriate shift from
the popup
3) Reset times as desired starting
with the END time first
Q: My patient isn’t showing up in my assignment
so I can’t give meds
A: When meds need to be given and the user is having assignment trouble, have
them click the Census button. All RNs can access all patient’s charts this way.
Similar Calls: I assigned my patient 20 minutes ago and they still haven’t shown up in
my assignment (use Census button to access patient chart)
Q: My assignment settings aren’t sticking. How
can I get them to stick?
A: Once the user has their assignment configuration customized, go to the File menu
and select “Save Configuration”. After that has been done, however, the user needs
to click the “Exit” button every time they leave Create Assignment. Do not use the red
X in the upper right hand corner
Tips and Tricks to Remember
The date/time that an assignment is active for is determined by the person
who makes the assignment not the person who owns the assignment. Thus, if
a night shift MR makes a day shift RN’s assignment but forgets to change her
parameters to day shift, the RN’s assignment will be for night shift
The easiest way to fix a dysfunctional assignment is to end the assignment
and reassign the patients
Patients who are admitted at shift change (7a and 7p) often take up to 30
minutes to show up on a user’s assignment
Users only get the very basics of Create Assignment in class
Encourage the users to utilize the “Exit” button when leaving Create