A New You – Session 2 Listening Guide

A New You – Session 2
Listening Guide
“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”
--Annie Dillard
Recap from Session #1
Postures that lead to Emotional Exhaustion
 Micromanagement
 Performing
 Pretending
 Worry
Postures of Engagement
 Human
 Rooted
 Honest
 Gratitude
Debbie Smith, M.A.
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Protecting your environment
Clearing the weeds
-What have been the messages that have taken root in the garden of your life?
-Role of Women
Now, go back through the messages and highlight or asterisk the ones that are
most detrimental to moving toward thriving in your life. In the right column,
write a message of truth that you want to plant in its place.
Debbie Smith, M.A.
615-370-8684 / [email protected]