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June 17, 2014
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June 17, 2014
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Information Management
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Installation and Image File Storage
1.0 Purpose
The shared drive is used to house files that are used to install software on images and computers across campus. For
this reason additional security measures must be taken to protect the campus users from viruses and other malware.
This standard establishes the rules governing how these security measures must be implemented.
2.0 Governing Policy
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4.13 Central File Share Use, Availability and Rights Management
Effective Date
3.0 Standard
3.1 Permissions
1. Read and execute access to the installation software share may be granted to all individuals who need to
install this software.
a. Full time DoIT employees
b. DoIT help desk student employees
c. Departmental technicians
d. Other individuals who install software as part of their work responsibilities.
2. Write access should be as restrictive as possible.
3. Write access should be granted by means of credentials which these individuals do not normally use to
login to workstations. (e.g. domain administrator accounts)
3.2 Changes
1. Only the share administrator may make changes to these files.
2. If other individuals would like installation files added to this share they should work with the share
administrator to make the change.
3.3 Integrity Checking
1. Hash-based integrity checking shall be set up to monitor changes to all files in this share.
2. In the event that a change is detected the share administrator will be emailed with information about the
3. If an unauthorized change is detected, it must be documented and reported to IT Security as an incident.
4.0 Responsibility for Implementation
The Director of Network and Systems Services and the Director of Enterprise Support are responsible for the
implementation of this standard.
5.0 Definitions
IT Standard
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6.0 Revision History
First Draft (S. Edwards)
Policy Committee
Approved by CIO
IT Standard
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January 28, 2014
June 12, 2014
June 17, 2014
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