Fall 2012 Retreat Alumni and Students Thursday Afternoon Nov.29 2012

1 UNT Real Estate News
October 2012
Fall 2012 Retreat
Alumni and Students
Thursday Afternoon
Nov.29 2012
Testimonies 12:30-2:00PM
Followed by Alumni Meeting and
Off Campus (TBA)
Department of Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Law
Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 Newsletter
A co-production of the UNT Real Estate Program and the UNT Real Estate Alumni Association
October 2012
2012/ 2013 UNT Real Estate
Program Faculty
 Dr. Kimberly Geideman and Dr. Enya He invite all stu-
dents, regardless of major, to meet with them to discuss a phenomenal opportunity to earn required/
elective credit and see an amazing part of the world at
the same time! They will be traveling with a group of
students to Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing, China
for about 16 days in the summer of 2013 to teach and
learn about real estate and risk management from an
international perspective. Dr. Geideman will be teaching Real Estate Principles (REAL 2100) and Real Estate
Finance (REAL 4000) and Dr. He Intro to Risk Management and Insurance (RMIN 2500) and Corporate Risk
Management (RMIN 4600). They will be joined by Michael Sexton, Senior Lecturer in Management, who will
be teaching International Management (MGMT 4660)
and Business Policy (BUSI 4940). The deadline for applications is quickly approaching, so don't delay! Contact Dr. Geideman for details at 565-3620 or [email protected]
Dr. Geideman has been busy writing and publishing.
She and co-author Nick Evangelopoulos (ITDS) had a
paper accepted for publication in the Journal of Real
Estate Literature (JREL). Their work was so wellreceived that it won a national manuscript prize from
the American Real Estate Society. Announced in
Spetember 2012, the award includes prize money and
puts UNT in the national spotlight. In addition, the editor of JREL has formally invited them to write another
piece for the technology section of the journal.
Even more awards came Dr. Geideman’s way earlier
this year. She received the 2012 Professional Development Institute Fellowship Award and was also chosen
by the FIREL faculty to receive the 2012 Faculty
Award for Outstanding Teaching.
 Dr. Mike Braswell continues to work with students
and the Texas Apartment Association in regards to
professional students on campus mixers (2 per year),
state and national meeting and trade shows for our
students, and wonderful scholarships. The demand
for our own students for property management graduates is far greater than graduating students! Four
(4) of our students were interviewed, photographed
and quote in the fall color National Apartment Association Magazine UNITS in July 2012! The article entitled “University of North Texas Students Ready for
Success” with the national spotlight on our UNT program. The following students were quoted and noted!
1. Sherry Reynolds
2. Chelsey Hayes (Now with Radio Shack)
3. Durenda Mathis
4. Stephen Barkis (Now President of the UNT Real
Estate Club)
Property Management is recession proof and there
are lots of exciting jobs! Not sure how to get more
students to apply!
 Dr. John Baen has been busy teaching very large
classes to pump up our numbers of real estate majors and minors. His drop-out rate continues to be
less than 1%. UNT is now accountable to the State of
Texas on completion rates for state funding. Various
administrators have asked how we retain our students. I guess our mission is to both educate and motivate students. We also teach real world skills that
absolutely will save or make them money in their
lives from personal housing to investments and/or
Baen also continues to give many industry speeches
2 UNT Real Estate News
and academic papers nationally and in the DFW region. Often this leads to more scholarships and student employment. He recently presented an overview
of the U.S. Oil and Gas industry from the standpoint
of land use, leases, damage payments, royalty etc. to
5top executives of Petro China. Last month both he
and former MBA student Calvin Wong were honored
to be asked by the U.S. State Dept. to present to international foreign journalist a similar presentation at
the Ft. Worth Petroleum Club. Private land rights and
mineral rights are a mystery to the rest of the world!
Adequate compensation to land owners is serious or
farmer terrorism will occur in China, Africa, Canada
and South America.
 Dr. Randy Guttery has left the UNT Real Estate Program and moved on to UTD in Richardson. Widely
known by our alumni, having been at UNT for 20
years, he will be missed and we wish him good luck in
his new post. UNT is currently under budgeting hiring
freeze with no known finding on when a replacement
professor can be hired. (A funded Real Estate Chair
would accelerate the prospects? And quality of replacement faculty?)
 Undergraduate Enrollment up! As the Texas and national real estate markets have improved, so have
the overall numbers of students taking classes! The
public and particularly young students are generally
indicators of and reflections of the market. We currently have 334 undergraduates in classes now. Over
the past two (2) years, total numbers were considerably down, however the Fall 2012 is more compared
to Fall 2011 and generally up an “average” of 13.7%!
Real Estate valuation dropped 15% and Real Estate
law 5%.
October 2012
 The Residential Property Management Program had
another great year. A mixer with the Texas Apartment
Association Education Foundation Board (TAAEF) was
held at the Career Center in both the fall and spring.
Students also went to San Antonio to attend the annual Texas Apartment Association Education Conference as well as the Apartment Association of Greater
Dallas (AAGD) trade show. TAAEF continued to provide scholarships for students in the amount of
$16,000 a year. The TAAEF/Larry Niemann Scholarship provides $5,000 each semester and the Apartment Association of Tarrant County (AATC) Jonetta
Vise Scholarship $3,000 each semester. These
scholarships have provided $66,000 dollars to students
 New Licensing Laws have changed the demand for
some classes. The Texas Legislature reduced the total number of hours to get a license and designated
different required classes. UNT required equivalent
classes include:
1. Principles I
2. Agency (includes Principles II)
3. Law of Contracts
4. Real Estate Finance (now required!)
5. Contract Forms 2 credit hours (New class not
currently offered at UNT)
Previously another real estate class was required and
another business related class. While the vast majority of our students enter real estate fields not requiring a salesperson license, we are currently considering offering a Contract Forms class in a variety of
ways but will require changes in the degree plan
which takes time to get approved. In the meantime,
we suggest former students and current students to
take the Contract Forms Class at an area community
UNT Real Estate Club Meeting at Business Leadership Building on September 27, 2012. Former students gave
Business Testimonies to current students. This year, the date is Nov. 29, 2012 @ 12:30 Room 245 BLB followed
by a business and social gathering of UNT Real Estate Professional and Friends of the program
3 UNT Real Estate News
college or proprietary real estate school (Kaplan for
example) for $95 if they want to become licensed.
 We are sad to report that the UNT M.S. in Real Estate
was discontinued due to minimum graduation and
class size requirements. A “Real Estate Concentration” option for an MBA may allow advanced students
to win in the future. The MBA does require an additional 6 credit hours to complete. General Business
MBA programs have flourished at all the DFW area
universities due to weekend programs, online programs and “cafeteria styled” programs, and many
less rigorous non accredited programs. Over the
years we have had 100’s of Masters Students graduate who have done very well in their careers in US,
China, Malaysia, etc.
 The UNT Real Estate Alumni Association
(www.realestatealumniunt.com) is FREE and open to
anyone and everyone who:
1. Is in any Real Estate related business.
2. Ever went to UNT (regardless of major)!
3. Has a need of any interns, employees, or
research needs.
4. Is bored with life and needs excitement, thrills
and a social network and business.
We have many members who need to update their
business affiliation and email addresses. Sign up at
www.realestatealumniunt.com now!
 There have been over 30,000 former students at
UNT that have taken Real Estate classes! There are
10,000+ UNT former students who NEVER took a Real Estate class and are in the Biz! We need more
members! It is free!
UNT Real Estate Jobs!
Internship! and Opportunities!
for Students, Graduates and Alumni
Employers are sending lots of requests for applicants. We
try to post them, show them to students and actually call
those alumni that let us know they are LOOKING. The
problem is while the Real Estate Program attempts to assist all companies and all current and former students,
we just can’t be a full time placement agency.
Many firms contact us after having posted their jobs with
the Career Center through the UNT Eagle Network Job
Posting Service. From these calls and postings, we find
many employers want REAL ESTATE MAJORS but are not
fully aware we even have a program. Alumni generally do
not have access to the postings and understandably so,
UNT and the companies do not want these positions to be
readily available on “Monster Jobs.com” or for public
reading. We are the ONLY undergraduate REAL ESTATE
We now tell firms that want our students to create:
1) A 1 page Letterhead Flyer with all information possible
2) Indicate if a real estate license is required
3) Clearly indicate range of pay or if commission only.
4) Sponsor a company named real estate scholarship to
October 2012
get more attention
5) Guest speak in classes on a meaningful topic at the
appropriate level.
6) Join the Career Fair Days
7) Join the UNT Real Estate Alumni Club
It all boils down to the fact demand for entry or 3-5 year
experienced real estate educated college graduate is
greater than the supply!
The following companies that are looking for full-time hiring are as follows:
1) WINGSPAN, a mortgage servicing company out of
Frisco. A startup company that has grown to nearly
1700 employees in 4 years. In order to have access
to our students their Campus Recruiting Director has
offered to send a corporate executive to speak in
class and are the first ever Official Sponsor of the
UNT Real Estate Club. (They will be sponsoring a
meal for the huge club.) Good deal! Contact Carol
Nielsen, Campus Recruiting Director at
[email protected]
2) Dental Space Advisors commercial real estate and
advisory firm in Dallas. (brokerage, leasing, developers, reports and proformas). Katie Parker,
[email protected]
3) Trinity CPM, property management firm, on-site property management for multifamily projects, Denton, TX
4) Globe Medical Realty Advisors Brokerage, Leasing,
Packages, Proforma, and Knowledge of commercial
real estate. Grapevine, TX [email protected]
5) Finely Morrow Commercial Real Estate Association
(Hourly+Bonus) commercial real estate activities and
generating prospects, cold calling etc.
6) Swearingen Realty Group LLC, Dallas, new broker in
training position. Market research, proformas,
presentations, financial analysis, rates of returns,
leasing and sale negotiations. Salaried for 6-12
months for 40+hours/week. Contact Alan Thomas:
[email protected]
7) INTEGRA Realty Resources, Ft. Worth and Dallas.
Seeking commercial appraiser trainee who will work
with one of the top national firms in the US. Must enjoy complex valuation projects, research and excellent writing skills. Many former UNT real estate Graduates work there. Contact Dan Wright MAI, Director:
[email protected]
UNT Real Estate Internships
(Example of firms seeking and types of jobs)
(Send them resume and cover letter!)
1) Verdad Real Estate owned by Jason Keen, UNT Alumnus, commercial developer and build-to-suit deals.
Debt/equity packages, Proformas, demographics,
site selections, research etc. @ $10/hour. Seeks
sharp advanced students having had real estate investments and real estate finance.
2) Legacy Alliance Holdings, Addison, TX. Commercial/
4 UNT Real Estate News
Investment firm owned and operated by 3 UNT Real
Estate Alumni who buy and sell larger deals, seeking
sharp student to assist with analysis and building
proformas. Contact Brad De Young 214-731-3133
Verus Capital Partners: Owns and operates 8 commercial properties in Denton. Owned by UNT Real Estate Alumni and wants intern to “Bird Dog” deals,
conduct research, analyze deals, work the numbers.
Former BAEN student seeking someone who can run
“Rates” and their financial models. 1 or 2 positions
for 20 hours per week. Contact Bryan Korba @
[email protected]
Roosevelt Management Company: Mr. Ryan Cooper
will interview you. He is a former UNT Real Estate Major and is seeking TOP students that will assist in buying portfolios of non performing loans. Many of our
students have worked there as interns. You must love
numbers and hard work for great pay.
[email protected]
Finley Morrow Commercial Real Estate , Hourly+ bonus for cold calling, property research, talking to prospects, create presentation and proformas.
Weinchert Realtors, Flower Mound, TX, general duties
and assist brokers, contact Ken Herrell,
[email protected]
Wingspan– Mortgage Associate Program, 8 full-time
positions for January/May 2013 in Frisco, TX. Resolve borrower complaints and research borrower accounts. Expected to increase the number of summer
internship opportunities.
Scott Brown Properties, Denton Texas owned by a former student Mr. Scott Brown, there are many UNT
alumni from the real estate program that work there
managing rent houses, investments, finding deals,
etc. Hard work, fast paced environment. Contact:
[email protected]
Toll Brothers-Luxury Home Builders– Model Home
Sales Assistant, Flower Mound and possibly other locations. Weekends and evening you show homes enthusiastically and with fabulous, outgoing people
skills. 4 days per week. Wonderful opportunity and
potential. Contact Chris Sahualla, Sales Manager:
[email protected]
Crest Commercial Real Estate, LBJ/Dallas. Performance based pay. Have hired our students in the
past! Contact Sally Stixrood 214-696-6677 x 308
Mages Group a dynamic national real estate brokerage, development, and construction company is
seeking a college student (junior or senior) for a parttime job with potential college credit available next
year. Candidates should be majoring in real estate, finance, marketing or related discipline with a minimum of 3.00 GPA. Pay is $14-$16 per hour. Please
contact Rich Uzelac for consideration at 214-5384823 or send resume and cover letter to
[email protected]
UNT Real Estate
Scholarships and Grants
We have had many loyal former students and friends of
UNT share their success by giving back to help our real
October 2012
estate students. Some give a one time gift, others annually. A departmental committee grants the money based on
the donors wishes. Two (2) types of gifts are made: 1)
Designated/Named Scholarship named after themselves
or their company. 2) An unrestricted gift to the program
that is used for financial needs of the program. Some of
the recently initiated scholarships are as follows:
 The Edward Okpa Real Estate Scholarship: Mr. Okpa
is a Real Estate Alumnus who has committed to a five
(5) year gift of $5,000. An accomplished Dallas real
estate developer, he also ran a very competitive race
for Mayor of the City of Dallas.
 Celeste Pilgrim always is appreciated for her annual
gift giving to the program. Her loyal gift of $250 per
year is so muchly appreciated. Celeste has been an
apartment manager, investor and apartment locator
service owner and has so graciously contributed
thousands of dollars over a very long period of time.
 We have many other scholarships but funds are low.
 (Your Name Here or Company Name Here) would you
please create a named scholarship that will really
help students in their high cost enrollment?
Stephen Barkis receiving the Jonetta Vise Scholarship
Award and Sherry Reynolds receiving the Larry Niemann Scholarship Award
Free: UNT Real Estate Alumni Association
Join Now!
The UNT Real Estate Alumni Association builds awareness and support of the UNT Real Estate Program by
providing information about current events and news,
networking opportunities to students and alumni, and
building a stronger network of UNT Real Estate Alumni.
The primary functions of the UNT Real Estate Alumni Association are to:
 Provide Networking Opportunities: Real Estate is
about relationships. The Alumni Association provides
many opportunities to meet other UNT real estate
graduates through several different events throughout the year.
 Promote the UNT Real Estate Program: The UNT Real Estate program is one of the top rated real estate
programs in the United States! The Alumni Association is working to build the recognition of the UNT Re-
5 UNT Real Estate News
al Estate program throughout the business community to promote the credibility of your education.
 Support the UNT Real Estate Program: The continued
strength of the UNT Real Estate program and Alumni
Association will require support from all to retain and
build upon this presence. Financial support is always
helpful, but the physical support of becoming involved and working to build on these goals will guarantee the continued success of the UNT real estate
program, strengthen the activities of the Alumni Association, and supplement your ability to build on your
career through your education at the University of
North Texas.
The UNT Real Estate Alumni Association is free to all
who attended the University of North Texas and to
Friends of UNT Alumni that are working in the real estate industry. Please visit the UNT Real Estate Alumni Association website at:
The website contains great information about upcoming
alumni events and recaps of past events as well as information on job postings and contacts for UNT Alumni who
have registered to be a member. If you have not yet registered on the website, please do so by clicking on the
“Register” button on the left side of the page. This will insure that you are kept up to date with the latest activities.
October 2012
2. Their homes
3. Their retirement investments
4. Disposable income disappearing with rising
prices and flat pay
5. Other investments
U.S. Dollar: Buying power here, overseas—Oil Prices!
Real Estate and a small business—the best after tax
cash flow and inflation protector!
1. Homes interest rates
2. Land
3. Income properties
4. Exotic Real Estate (Oil, Gas, Royalties, Billboards, Cell Phone Tower)
5. Small business that Cash Flows!
Taxes: Federal income taxes and estate taxes will
never be lower—will sky rocket. (Real estate and
small business write-offs are the only protection!)
The New Jobs Bill
1. $4,000 tax credit for hiring 6-month unemployed, … is not going to work
2. Say $35,000 salary, needs to generate
$15,000 profit to have value to the company
doing the hiring and to justify the tax credit!
3. U.S. is 70% consumer driven economy—
consumers have stopped spending.
a. No EZ credit or credit cards
b. No disposable income
c. Flat income, rising costs, utilities, insurance, etc.
4. We manufacture very little to sell overseas
a. U.S. labor cost
b. 15 in 16 cars sold in China are 1st
time buyers. Now, 55% of all cars
selling in the world are Chinese.
c. various wars and conflicts are winding down and war related exports
and jobs will diminish
5. Technology is stolen in 3 months, so is not a
jobs builder in U.S. over long term
Homes as Investments 2013-2018
Baen as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises
Crystal Balling the 2013—2018 Markets
Thank God you live in Texas!!!
By Professor John Baen
General Overview:
 Historically: A double dip or one canyon “Recession”?
 Politically: Doesn’t matter who is the President today… Government cannot solve our debts or economy… but can hurt.
 People: People are concerned about the following:
1. Their jobs
1. Smaller/more affordable homes ($150K or lower 1/3
of market) will greatly appreciate due to affordability,
availability of loans (Government socialized loans–
FNMA), cost to build, and cost to develop lots.
2. Large homes (>$500k) will stagnate and will likely
fall in value. (except in special small markets)
a. New jumbo loan rules and rates: 20+% down
and 28%/36% qualifying ratios (October
2011) Maximum FNMA loans $417,000)
b. Interest rate 5±% (future)
c. Low liquidity
d. Tax deductible interest may disappear or be
e. Credit scores increase from 675 to 750+
f. Loan standards and down payments to increase!
3. Homes, like the historic NEW CAR craze, will become
less impressive to impress others. Renting house no
longer a stigma.
4. Perfect home in Texas: $130,000 with 3 bedrooms,
2.5 baths, 2 car garage, (Newly “Weds”, Nearly
6 UNT Real Estate News
“Deads”, and raising kids) - lifetime home.
5. We will stay put and move less vs. historic 1 in 7
homes selling, annually.
6. DFW had 60,000 homes in foreclosure in 2011. That
trend will soften, but bigger houses, larger loans, will
increase—equating to HIGHER total loan loss while
fewer absolute number of homes are foreclosed on.
7. Urban infilling will occur in wealthy zip codes.
8. Pockets of good markets exist with lots of new homes
SELLING! Prosper, Frisco, etc. ($380K– 450K).
9. MLS/home sales data does not report:
a. Short sales/ prices
b. Bank sales
c. Builder sales
d. leads to incomplete data and market snapshot
10. Bottom of market/ doggy houses (less than $50K)
will make fortunes for those with guts (rental and/or
owner-financed resales).
11. DANGER! Large Home Tax deductions may be “taken
away” in the new Federal Budget Environment.
a. Property Taxes
b. Mortgage Interest deduction
c. Tax-free gains on Personal Homes may be
d. Smaller homes will be hurt much less
Rural Land Investments 2013-2018
1. Land has maintained its value, although volume of
sales is down.
2. Record low debt on Land today per acre, appears as
few foreclosures are found in the data.
3. Rising commodities prices (Grub) and lower interest
rate and investment yields make Land looks good! 35% agricultural yields and inflation hedge with development potential as Texas population booms.
4. Oil and Gas and other hidden income have made
land owners look smart.
a) Barnett Shale royalties
b) Wind royalties
c) Water sales
d) Pipeline income
e) Hunting leases (stable)
f) Higher grass leases and farm leases
g) Power line payments
5. Record cattle prices and herd sales combined with
record drought/fires will cause a real problem and
spike in cattle prices in near future (farmers buying
back and consumers eating beef).
6. Financing for Land will be tough! Farmer Mac and
U.S. may bow out while FDIC restricts loans.
a) Liquidity will be low
b) Holding periods will be longer
c) Down payments 35%+
7. The Rich will keep their lands (Perot, Hunts, Basses,
Ted Turner, etc.)
8. Land, as always, will be a place to store wealth and
for retaining wealth for estates and very long-term
holding periods.
Apartments and Multi-Family 2013-2018
1. The boom and success of apartments in 2011 were
October 2012
due to :
a) Foreclosed home occupants
b) Marital stress and divorces
c) Lack of financing due to home buyer credit
scores, higher down payments, etc.
d) “New Americans” and migration of people
from other states seeking work and medium
term housing
e) Lower total cost of renting vs. home purchase (for 2-3 years)
Rents will continue up until home financing improves
and/or availability of financing eases (perhaps never?). When house ownership costs = new apartment
rents, occupancy will fall.
Renting vs. owning home is no longer a stigma in U.S.
(Lifestyle/ status change). Renting is considered very
smart by much of society today! (Boom to Landlords)
Short-term apartment leases vs. 30-yr mortgage?
All cities need some affordable zoning for retirees
and youth!
Retail and Retail Sales Taxes 2013-2018
1. 7 of 9 major malls in DFW have just come out of
2. Major “Anchor Tenants” are not doing well: Borders &
3. Walmart’s gross sales per store have dropped by 4%
for nine (9) quarters. They are boosting sales by:
a) Opening new stores (gross sales ↑)
b) New lay-away plans, payment plans for
Christmas 2011
c) Dropping prices and having SPECIALS
d) Mining their data
e) Internet sales explosion
f) NAFTA Walmart cards/debit cards
g) Laying off excess employees of 600,000
workforce (SAM’s laid off 11,200 in 2011)
4. Increasing investor’s “CAP-Rates” with failing market
values (-20—40%) result in falling property taxes to
5. Vacant space and boxes are serious problem—
alternative uses?
6. 7-11 sales are flat, however, big push for new stores
in growing areas to boost national sales level through
growth/ new locations (Quicktrips and Racetracs are
7. Pad site users/ new buildings growing that are in demand NOW: Whataburger, RaceTrac, 7-11 looking in
Argyle NOW
8. Sales Taxes will only grow in the suburbs (except for
inflation in prices) but should reach 30% of total city
in income “Normal Towns.”
9. Internet sales will increasingly “steal” from Bricks
and Sticks Real Estate.
Industrial/ Warehouse Investments 2013-2018
1. Growth will be at Alliance and Frisco due to locational
advantages and lack of traffic (for now).
2. DFW Airport (18,000 acres) has plans to offer many
sites to attract ground rents and new cash flows (may
compete with private land sales in MidCities and
3. Target is building major distribution facility in Denton
7 UNT Real Estate News
near the I-35 split. (Following Walmart’s lead in Sanger?) Huge Project on about 50 acres of Giant Frozen
Foods Freezer!
J.C. Penny’s 3-D 10-story warehouse is working for
a) Few workers
b) Automated systems
c) High efficiency
Burlington Northern/Buffett Investments (North Ft.
Worth) are of regional and national importance. (Rail
We will likely manufacture less in DFW:
a) Airplanes (defense cuts)
b) Helicopter
c) Military hardware
U.S. labor costs can NOT compete with anything overseas including Call Centers (old warehouse space).
Small projects are not wanted by most nearby towns!
Small warehouse projects will boom if small towns
will allow them. Service centers for small businesses
would work on I-35W, US 380 and Highway 114!
a) Plumbers
b) Air conditioning companies, etc.
Federal, State, and Local Taxes and Estate Taxes 20132018
1. After-tax income is more important than Gross Income/year.
2. We have the lowest taxes today than you will have for
the rest of your LIFE!
3. Real Estate Investments will be the main engine of
smart people’s tax-sheltered and retirement income
(depreciation, etc.).
4. In 1978-1979, the U.S. had a 70% tax rate for income over $125,000. Get ready! Higher taxes are on
the way.
5. Estate taxes are likely to be 55% of anything over $1$1.25 million, including your:
a) Home
b) Business Value
c) All assets including Life Insurance
6. Prepare an Estate Plan NOW! I paid a lot of money to
do this recently. Get a GOOD attorney that knows YOU
and not a cookie cutter lawyer.
7. Property taxes are not your friend. AG taxes may be
attacked and go away, which would cause AG land
values to crash.
8. The new Texas mortgage. A paid for home and investment real estate: 4% of value each year (3% local taxes + 1% insurance)! Better than a state Income Tax!
Specific Investment Recommendation
(Public and Private Investments)
1. The U.S. Dollar will fall
2. The Euro will fail
3. We will either have:
a) Hyper-inflation/devaluation of U.S. Dollar:
 Debt cancellation
 Fresh capital
 Skyrocketing hard assets values
October 2012
“Increasing” home values
Debt holders slaughtered
 China, Japan, foreign T-bill holders
 Mortgage holders
 Treasury investments
 Municipal bond holders
 Peace and New Economy
b) A depression where U.S. $1 is King and the
dollar buying power worth 10x!
 Cash will be King
 Asset values crash
 Civil unrest and rioting
 Political upheaval
 Civil financial war and New Economy
 Game over, start over!
4. Protect yourself and pray for peace
a) Hard Assets– the 7 G’s:
 Gold
 Guns
 Good Cash Flowing Business!
 Grub (Commodities)
 Ground (Real Estate)
 Gas/Oil
 God
5. Action Plan:
a) Be Highly Leveraged Assets: with nonrecourse debt or Real Estate with cash flow
(the default option). GO LONG on cheap debt
b) Have zero debt on Real Assets: cash flow will
drop, but purchasing power will remain (all
prices fall).
UNT Real Estate Club Meeting Fall 2011
8 UNT Real Estate News
October 2012
UNT Real Estate Program News
To ta l Stude nts
Principles of Real Estate
(REAL 2100)
Real Estate Agency
(REAL 3100)
Real Estate Finance
(REAL 4000)
Property Management
2009 2010 2011 2012
(REAL 4200)
Real Estate Investments
(REAL 4300)
Real Estate Valuation
(REAL 4400)
Real Estate Internship
(REAL 4800)
Real Estate Law & Contracts
(BLAW 4770)
Total Students
*from previous Fall
TAA conference Spring 2011
CCIM's Annual Sporting Clays Event Fall 2011
UNT Real Estate Club Retreat Fall 2012
FIREL Department Scholarship Banquet 2012
Real Estate Club General Election 2012
9 UNT Real Estate News
October 2012
**All Dates to be Confirmed**
1. September 26th, 2012 Wednesday Career Fair
 College of Business Career Fair at UNT Coliseum 3:00-7:00pm – Be there or be square!
2. September 27th, 2012 Thursday 10:15-11:00AM PIZZA & SIGN UP MEETING BLB 170
Field Trip Sign Up
Meet the Real Estate Faculty
Activities – Join for $5 a year NOW!
Meet the Faculty
Meet the Club
Scholarship Application Deadlines (Feb 2013)
Retreat Planning
3. October 4th, 2012 Thursday 12:30-6:30PM CCIM Sporting Clays Outing and Hosting!
40 club members needed. We generally don’t shoot,
but host the Big Dogs of Real Estate and keep scores
followed by dinner and prizes.
Or you can shoot for a $150 donation! More info later.
Dallas Gun Club/ Near SE Corner of New 121/35E
Lunch, Beverages and Dinner!
Two (2) $500 scholarship to most lottery ticket sold by
UNT students
Wear UNT Green T-Shirts!
Meet Potential Employers
Win 1 of 2 $500 Scholarships!
4. October 4th, 2012 Thursday 5:00-7:00PM Texas Apartment Association Sponsored Mixer and Food/
Beverages! Atrium of BLB 1st floor
A great opportunity to meet and greet our UNT Real Estate Program sponsors and supporters.
Jobs, opportunities, and fun!
Professional Dress please
Executives on Campus! From Frisco Texas H.Q.
Mr. Jason Dickard, Executive VP
Carol Nielsen, Director of Campus Recruiting
Growth to nearly 1700 employees in 4 years
5. October 16th, 2012 Tuesday 10:15-AM Sharp! WINGSPAN Portfolio Advisors — a Mortgage Servicing
Company! BLB 170
What they do and how they do it!
Will be seeking Dec. and May grads and a few interns
Informative, fun and educational meet
6. November 15th, 2012 Thursday North Texas CCIM Park Cities Club Luncheon
Limited to 20 students.
Advanced students priority first.
Near Loop 12 and N. Dal. Tollroad/ SE Quad
Professional Dress
Spread out and sit with Deal Makers!
7. November 29th, 2012 Thursday 12:30-2PM Executive on Campus Presentation and Mixer BLB 245
Alumni Mentors
Job Testimonials
Followed by Alumni Mixer off campus! TBA
Spring 2013 Potential Club Meetings: Dates TBA
Paul Myvic Director of Real Estate, Sally Beauty and Team for Site Locator, Presentation, GIS, Career Positions etc.
Mike Staffer—1st Priority Inspections (Homes/Res) 817-467-7328. You won’t believe what you see! Fabulous Presentation of problems in houses
Texas Apartment Association: Mixer & Fieldtrip to Construction.
10 UNT Real Estate News
October 2012
Give Back! Real Estate Professorship!
In order to enhance the Real Estate program’s level of excellence dramatically and make it the destination for high quality, real
estate career-track students, the FIREL Department has long wanted to fully fund an endowed chair in commercial real estate.
This effort is well under way. We want to build on the current success and invite you to join us in fully funding an endowed chair.
$100,000 has already been pledged and accepted by the UNT Administration.
The CCIM, SIOR®, ULI, MAI®, TAA, REALTOR®, and Baen Endowed Chair in Commercial Real Estate will ensure commercial real
estate is always taught at UNT; create a new faculty line that will hire a full-time real estate professor who, by virtue of being
named to the Endowed Chair, will be a renowned scholar; expand the pool of quality, recruitable students for the real estate industry; and extend the legacy of excellence in professorship established in part by the founding faculty. The goal of $1.M will
yield $40,000 annually to be used toward research expenses, travel expenses, and salary supplements. The Chair is named to
honor those leading organizations in the commercial real estate industry that have strong ties to the real estate program. These
leading organizations and trade groups are Certified Commercial Investment Member Institute, Society of Industrial & Office
Realtors®, Urban Land Institute, Appraisal Institute®, Texas Apartment Association, and Realtor®. The real estate program develops highly trained commercial real estate professionals who are then hired by these organizations. The success of the university and these organizations is linked through the students graduating from the real estate program.
We want to complete this project by the end of the year in order to hire a new faculty member in 2013. Show the real estate program you support us and the Endowed Chair. Your past financial support has been a tangible demonstration of how much you
value your education, the real estate faculty, and the importance of a strong real estate educational program at UNT. A generous
contribution at this time will allow us to get much closer to the goal of funding the endowment for the chair this year. You can
also ask your employer to financially support the Endowed Chair through a corporate matching program or an outright gift.
You can make your gift online by using our secure online giving form which can be found at https://development.unt.edu/
givenow/givenow.php; use Appeal Code ECCOMREAL. Or you can send you check, made payable to UNT Foundation, to the Office of Development, PO Box 311250, Denton, TX 76203-1250. Thank you for your time and for supporting UNT.
UNT Endowed Professorship in
Commercial Real Estate Investment
Yes! I am interested in investing in the future of the Real Estate Program at UNT. Please contact me with more information on
this proposed endowed professorship.
Name:_________________________________ E-mail: __________________________
City: ________________________ State: __________ Zip:_______________________
Phone1#:___________________________ Phone2#: ____________________________
Mail this form to John Baen
1155 Union Circle #310410, Denton, TX 76203
OR FAX to 940.565.4234
11 UNT Real Estate News
October 2012
Autumn 2012 Real Estate Retreat
On UNT Campus!
Thursday, November 29th, 2012, 12:30-5:00 P.M.
27th Annual Event
For UNT friends, guests, former students, real estate students, and real estate professionals. KIDS WELCOME. Hosted by Friends of
the UNT Real Estate Club as a non-university event. Why?
Lunch hosted by UNT Real Estate Alumni and Real Estate Club
Mixer, Testimonies and meet current students 12:30-2:00PM
Association and Advisory Meeting 2:00-3:00 PM, followed by off campus location gathering. TBA
Head Hunters and HR People Welcome
Deals, contacts, internships, renew acquaintances
To get to know more real estate people!
Meet current and former students
Make friends for your future!
Yes! I would like to sponsor a named Real Estate scholarship.
One time gift of $_______ OR
Amount per year:
(Make checks payable to UNT Real Estate Scholarships #75697 or for program support UNT Real Estate Unrestricted
Gift Fund #67583)
Name ________________________________________E-mail___________________________________________
Address __________________________________________________City _________________________________
State ___________________ Zip___________________ Phone___________________ Fax __________________
Mail to:
UNT Real Estate Program
1155 Union Circle #310410
Denton, TX 76203
12 UNT Real Estate News
October 2012
RSVP to Retreat
Thursday, November 29th, 2012, 12:30-2:00 P.M.
27th Annual Event
RSVP online at http://www.cob.unt.edu/rsvp
______ YES, we plan on coming to the Real Estate Retreat!
NAME: ____________________________ with _________ guests.
My phone number is ___________________. My firm is __________________________________.
My cell phone number is ________________.
My email address is ___________________________.
RSVP by November 26th. (If possible. If not, just come!)
phone (940) 565-3050, fax (940) 565-4234, e-mail: [email protected]
______ NO, we wish we could attend! Attached please accept our contribution of $________ to support
the UNT Real Estate Program.
Mail contributions to John Baen, PH.D., UNT Real Estate Program, FIREL Department, 1155 Union Circle #310410, Denton, TX
76203-0410. Please make checks for program support payable to UNT Real Estate Unrestricted Gift Fund #67583 or for scholarships to UNT Real Estate Scholarships Fund #75697.
Where: The New Business Leadership Building (BLB 245 12:30-2:00PM)
A light lunch will be served.
With the staff at (940) 565-3050, via email [email protected] or via fax (940) 565-4234 by Monday, November 26th, 2012
Free! Donations to the UNT Real Estate Program are appreciated. Alumni who do not attend are encouraged to send $20
to $100 to support the UNT Real Estate Program.
Please make your TAX DEDUCTIBLE check payable to UNT Real Estate Unrestricted Gift Fund #67583 or for scholarship
support to UNT Real Estate Scholarships #75697 and send to the following address:
Dr. John Baen
FIREL Department
1155 Union Circle #310410
Denton, TX 76203-0410
University of North Texas
FIREL Department
1155 Union Circle #310410
Denton, Texas 76203
Nonprofit Organization
U.S. Postage
Denton, Texas 76201
Permit 455
13 UNT Real Estate News
October 2012