College of Forest Resources Faculty Meeting Minutes

College of Forest Resources
Faculty Meeting Minutes
October 16, 2006, 9:30 to 10:30 a.m.
Anderson Hall Room 22
The meeting was called to order at 9:35 a.m. by Gordon Bradley, College of Forest Resources Faculty
Agee, James
Allan, G. Graham
Bakker, Jonathan
Bolton, Susan
Bradley, Gordon
Briggs, David
Bura, Renata
Doty, Sharon
Eastin, Ivan
Edmonds, Robert
Ettl, Gregory
Franklin, Jerry
Glawe, Dean
Gustafson, Richard
Halpern, Charles
Harrison, Robert
Lippke, Bruce
Manuwal, David
Moskal, Monika
Perez-Garcia, John
Ryan, Clare
Schreuder, Gerard
Sprugel, Douglas
Vogt, Dan
Vogt, Kristiina
Zabowski, Darlene
Bare, Bruce
Brown, Sally
Ewing, Kern
Ford, E. David
Fridley, James
Gara, Robert
Greulich, Frank
Hanley, Donald
Hinckley, Thomas
Hodgson, Kevin
Johnson, Jay
Kim, Soo-Hyung
Lee, Robert
Mabberley, David
Marzluff, John
McKean, William
Paun, Dorothy
Peterson, David
Raedeke, Kenneth
Reichard, Sarah
Schiess, Peter
Strand, Stuart
Torgersen, Christian
Turnblom, Eric
West, Stephen
Wott, John
Aken, Jeff
Davis, Amanda
Gallucci, Vince
Jacobson, Wayne
Trudeau, Michelle
Valsta, Lauri
Wager, Al
The attendance reflects a quorum of the voting members of the faculty.
1. Work planning process is moving forward and Gordon will have met with all new faculty members
by November 3rd, 2006. The winter and spring quarters will be set aside for the remaining faculty
work planning meetings and the faculty support office will begin scheduling those meetings in the
near future.
2. Program Information to be presented in future faculty meetings
a. Development Office and Tom Mentele will make a presentation with Alvin Kwiram on 10/30/06.
b. Vince Gallucci and the Center for Quantitative Studies will present on 10/30/06.
c. Information Technology with Marc Morrison is scheduled for 10/30/06.
CFR Faculty Meeting
Minutes 10-16-06
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Peer reviews of teaching are required components of tenure review and a measure of performance for
merit review and CFR has lapsed in fulfilling this requirement. Wayne Jacobson, Associate Director of
CIDR (Center for Instructional Development and Research) spoke to the faculty about some techniques
and collaborative methods for peer reviews and shared two handouts on constructive peer reviews and
instructions on class observations. Mr. Jacobson encouraged the faculty to contact the CIDR office for
additional guidance and suggestions if needed in this process and to use the links and tools on their
1. Proposed Promotions, Merit, and Tenure (PMT) Committee Structure and Members
• Gordon Bradley facilitated the discussion on the structure of the PMT committee. Last year’s
committee was made up of 8 members representing 9 interest areas but several of these members
positions now need to be filled. The faculty weighed the pros and cons of reducing the group
size or keeping it at the current 8 member set up. David Manuwal moved for the PMT
committee to be comprised of 6 members and Jerry Franklin seconded. This was discussed
further and Gordon asked for a vote on the motion. 20 Approved 4 Opposed and 1 Abstained.
Nominations were accepted for faculty members to be voted on to fill the two vacancies to the
PMT Committee. The faculty discussed the process and it was agreed to collect nominations at
this time and the faculty would vote for two members via email. (An email was sent out after the
meeting asking for additional nominations through the end of the business day on Tuesday,
October 17th).
The Faculty voted to approve the appointment of David Briggs and Robert Harrison were each
elected to the Promotion, Merit, and Tenure Committee for three year terms . The results of the
vote are recorded in the Faculty Office.
1. Bruce Lippke introduced visiting scholar, Lauri Valsta from the University of Helsinki. Mr. Valsta
made a short presentation about his home institution, his work in Finland, what he will be working
on while at CFR. He provided a handout of this information.
2. Jerry Franklin made a presentation about the status of NEON (National Ecological Observatory
Network) and noted that this seven year project appears to finally be a reality in the very near future.
There will be opportunities for faculty to submit RFIs (instead of proposals). Jerry encouraged the
faculty to submit before the January 6th deadline. He hopes there will be a televised conference
November 1st with a plan for broadcast at CFR. Check the NEON website for more details:
1. Next Faculty Meeting: Monday, October 30, 2006; 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. in Anderson Room 22.
2. November 3, 2006: CFR research showcase and CFR Alumni Association banquet
• Showcase: 2 p.m. Anderson 207
• Banquet: 6 p.m. University of Washington Botanic Gardens, Center for Urban Horticulture
Please let Nancy Davis know if you plan to attend the banquet and to confirm your
complementary ticket.
CFR Faculty Meeting
Minutes 10-16-06
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The meeting was adjourned at 10:34 a.m.