2002 Minutes College Planning Committee (CPC)

College Planning Committee (CPC)
March 3, 2002
Committee members present: Bare, Bradley (Chair), Cone, Edmonds, Gustafson,
Green, Humann, Kaye, Manuwal, Marzluff, Paul, Ryan, Russell, Sukumaran, Weiss (exofficio), West; Absent: Boardman, Trudeau
Agenda topics discussed:
• Review/approve 11/30/01 meeting minutes
• Update on strategic plan (mission/vision/goals/objectives)
• Update on portfolio of vacant faculty positions
• CPC continued involvement in facilitating curriculum transformation
• Update on Merrill Hall rebuild/environmental forum
Minutes of the 11/30/01 meeting were approved.
A new brief agenda item was submitted by S. West, who reported that the ES faculty
had voted to agree to an all-CFR faculty discussion of College structure.
Update on strategic plan. B. Bare reviewed updates to the CFR mission and vision
following his meetings with faculty, staff and students. The committee looked at the
update suggestions and agreed to accept the following as the new statement of CFR
vision and mission:
VISION: The College of Forest Resources will provide internationally recognized
knowledge and leadership for environmental and natural resource issues.
MISSION: The College of Forest Resources is dedicated to generating and
disseminating knowledge for the stewardship of natural and managed environments
and the sustainable use of their products and services through teaching, research, and
The committee reviewed the strategic plan of 3-year goals and six-month objectives and
made appropriate adjustments in due dates. B. Bare added six-month objectives to
reflect his appointment of the large-class committee and the undergraduate curriculum
implementation team, and CFR's responsibilities in the RCEP process. The revised
document is posted on the College's strategic thinking web page.
Portfolio of vacant faculty positions. S. West reported that faculty have been requested
to provide position descriptions for an updated portfolio, due by 4/15/02.
Curriculum transformation. J. Marzluff reported on the progress of the CTRAN
committee. He said that a meeting was scheduled to get input from UW administrators
and academic colleagues on the proposed ESDM curriculum. The committee briefly
discussed the forestry science option that had been developed within ESDM, and
ongoing work to ensure that it could be SAF-accredited.
Merrill Hall update: C. Cone and C. Ryan provided updates on the Merrill Hall rebuild.
They said a schematic design will be prepared by the end of May, and will be presented
to the Board of Regents on 6/15/02. The architects have concurred that they can build
a useful building with the $5.4M commitment from UW, with CFR and UW development
efforts seeking $200,000-$500,000 in in-kind donations. Building construction will being
in May 2003. Development efforts are also ongoing to obtain additional funding for
enhancements, including the environmental forum. B. Bare said that L. Kaye has
prepared a packet ion Merrill Hall/environmental forum for seeking funding. Copies of
the packet were made available for committee review.
The remaining items on the prepared agenda were deferred to the next meeting.
The meeting adjourned at approximately 5 p.m.