The Chamber of Commerce accompany Cyberall Group to

Press release
The Chamber of Commerce
accompany Cyberall Group to
design a roadmap for further growth
The director of the Terrassa institution, Josep Prats, values
the “dynamism and empowerment” of the distributor
The Terrasa i comarca
Chamber of Commerce
will offer its support to
Cyberall Group into the
growing process that
electrical and industrial
material will held in the
next. This is the main
manager director of the
chamber institution and
Salazar, had made a
few days ago in a meeting celebrated in the central offices of the company, located in
Aureli Capmany street in Sant Cugat del Vallés.
During the meeting, Dangel Salazar explained Josep Prats about his short term project
that consists in designing a Strategic Plan with specific procedures to optimize all the
company resources, this will allow Cyberall Group to make a roadmap that will be the
base of the further growth in the next few years. The service that the Chamber of
Commerce offers consists in bringing technical support with professionals of different
areas such as commerce, internal organization (procedures and certifications), digital
marketing, etc. Thanks to this joint venture, Cyberall Group will have the possibility to
develop this plan in a properly way.
After the meeting, Josep Prats highlighted “the dynamism and the empowerment” with
which activities are carried out in Cyberall Group, to which he predicted a great
“What you need, where you need it!”
Cyberall Group is a company of Sant Cugat del Valles (Barcelona) what has achieved
in just six years distribute industrial and electrical equipment to over 30 countries.
Founded by Salazar Dangel electrical engineer, the firm has reduced lead times and
logistics costs through an innovative process. Users of electrical distribution equipment,
industrial control and automation, and electronics usually have to be targeted to
different manufacturers to purchase the products they need. Cyberall Group created a
single point where customers can find a wide range of references of equipment from
different manufacturers. It is, from where it distributes the
goods of the leading brands such as ABB, Schneider Electric, Yokogawa, Siemens,
Eupec, Sick, Pepperl and Fuchs and Digilent, etc. Cyberall Group exports 80% of its
turnover. In fact, the Group Cyberall motto is: "What you need, where you need it!"
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