8301 Safety and Health

Safety and Health
Accidents are events which often result in injury or death, property damage, and loss of
public confidence. It shall be the policy of the Kennewick School District No. 17 to
establish a safety program to protect the safety and health of students and employees,
visitors, and all others having business with the school district. The Board of Directors
believes that safety education and accident prevention are important to all associated with
our schools, not only for protection during working hours, but also as a means to develop
an attitude to guard against accidents at all times.
General areas of responsibility are, but not limited to, student safety, traffic safety
planning and coordination, inservice training, accident prevention, accident records,
emergency procedures and vehicle safety programs.
It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent or his designee to establish procedures
for implementation of this policy.
Adopted: September 9, 1992