Commercial Consistency General: Land Use and Environmental Service Agency

Commercial Consistency
Land Use and Environmental Service Agency
(Code Enforcement)
June Q&A 2011
(Q) What happens when two walls with different fire ratings intersect?
(A) The fire rating of the higher rated wall must be fully maintained.
2. (Q) What must be done at the top of a shaft that encloses an egress stair?
(A) The shat walls must extend to the roof deck or the shaft must be capped off
with a cap with the same rating as the shaft and be independent of the roof
3. (Q) On accessible stairs does the nosing have to be of a different color from the
(A) Per ANSI 117.1 section 504.5 the leading 2” of the tread shall have visual
contrast of light on dark or dark on light.
4. (Q) Where can van accessible spaces be located in a parking deck?
(A) In multi level parking decks all of the van accessible spaces may be located
on the ground level.
5. (Q) When is an ambulatory stall required?
(A) When there are 6 or more water closets and urinals located in a single toilet
6. (Q) When is a accessible unisex toilet room required in an assemble or mercantile
(A) Where there is an aggregate of six or more required male and female water