When wiring a residence for a free standing gas and electric range and the
owner elects to use the gas range outlet, is it permissible to terminate 240v
conductors in a junction box and leave them terminated on the breaker or
do you need to install the range receptacle?
If you land the wire on a breaker, the range receptacle must be installed. This would
also apply to a gas and electric dryer. The only time the 240v wiring will be permitted
to be terminated in a jbox is if you leave the wire off the breaker in the panel.
Do you have to change a range cable from 3 wire to 4 wire when you replace
the oven and range?
If you do not have to relocate or extend the circuit and you are replacing the
range/oven, you can leave the three (3) wire cable as is. If the kitchen is being
remodeled it must be changed to a four (4) wire cable and outlet.
Are we requiring the overhead light on a porch to be installed if there is a
coach light installed at the door?
Must light be installed over a garage door or beside the garage door on a
If these fixtures are not the required fixture it is permissible to blank the fixture off.
What is the allowable fuse on a #2 cu run to an A/C unit? Would 100a amp
be allowed?
No. Can not use 310.15(B) (6) to figure the wire size to an A/C unit. 90a would be the
allowable fuse.