Payment Options

Payment Options
We accept cash, credit cards or checks (made out to CSM
Copy Center)
$1.00 minimum purchase required on credit card charges
Departments: Due to large credit card fees we cannot accept Pcards for
internal orders. You must use your Index or FOAP #’s
Contact Information and Hours
Guggenheim Hall—Room 103
Spring & Fall
Monday—Thursday: 8:00am—5:00pm
Friday: 9:00am—3:00pm
Monday—Thursday: 9:00am—3:00pm
Rev. 7/15
Services & Price List Your onā€campus source for Copying, Binding and Lamina ng YOUR Colorado School of Mines Copy Center is dedicated to
providing the students, faculty & staff with superior service,
quality products and affordable prices.
Our staff has over 50 years of experience in the copying industry
so we understand your educational needs and busy schedules.
We're committed to meeting your deadlines with courteous
service and attention to detail - every time.
So give us a try...where you're always a priority.
Folding Services
8.5x11” up to 11x17”
No Charge, Copy Cost Only
Call for details
Half Fold Tri Fold Z Fold You’re not just a customer...
you’re an Oredigger! Turnaround Times
All jobs vary by their complexity but in most cases
jobs should be completed within a couple of hours.
Large binding or folding jobs may take a few days to complete.
Need it now? Call us! I’m sure we’ll be able to fit you in.
Campus Delivery Service
Provide us a building and room number (main office’s only) and we’ll
do the walking.
Delivery times are:
Fall & Spring
Electronic Job Submission:
For faster job submission, email your jobs
along with detailed production and billing
information, then leave the rest to us.
PDF format is preferred for job submission.
Electronic Storage:
We’ll store your job electronically
so there is never a need to resend a file. Once your job is
stored, email us the title of the job, how many copies you need
and we’ll do the rest. From 1 copy to 10,000 it’s that simple.
9am to 10am and
3pm to 4pm
9:30am to 10am
and 2pm to 2:30pm
9:30am to 10am
and 2pm to 2:30pm
Binding Options
Copy Prices
Stapling—no charge
Binding price includes:
Front cover—clear
Back cover— 65# cover
Price listed is
per book
Coil Bind—Max 170 sheets
Black and White:
Price listed is per
copy (per side)
8.5x11” & 8.5x14”
Tabs (5 bank)
$0.22 per tab
Available in White or Blue
Comb Bind—Max 425 sheets
Tape Bind—10 sheets to 350 sheets
Color Copies:
11x17” & 8.5x14”
11.75x47” Banner
Color and Black Mixed Documents:
Black copies will be charged at:
Saddle Stitch
No Charge
8.5x11 up to 11x17
Cost only!
Call for details
Price listed is per
copy (per side)
Specialty Services:
Hand Placement—per page
e.g. copying from bound books, manuals &
No additional
Add price listed
to copy cost
*per sheet*
Pastel’s 20# —8.5x11”
Blue, Buff, Canary, Cherry, Gold,
Gray, Green, Lt. Green, Ivory,
Lavender, Pink, Salmon
No Extra Charge
28# White (laser finish)
Color or Black Images
File Type: PDF or JPEG
Scan size (dpi) - 200, 400, 600
Per page
(per side)
Loose Sheets—8.5x11” up to 11x17”
Bound Books—8.5x11” up to 11x17”
8.5x11” & 11x17”
Brights—60# offset—8.5x11’’
Br. Green, Br. Orange, Br. Pink, Br. Red,
Br. Yellow,
65# Cover—8.5x11”
Blue, Ivory Yellow, White
Dk. Blue, Dk. Green, Br. Red
80# Cover—8.5x11” & 11x17”
Matte or Gloss
Price per sheet
2 1/2” X 3 5/8”
9” x 11 1/2”
12” x 18”
Other Campus Services
Faxing Services Available at Library and Student Activities
Large format banners/signs/posters—Contact CCIT
Black Leatherette Cover Stock
(for bound books)
at 303-273-3430