Project syllabus

Group Project
Math 1372
Spring 2004
FIRST DRAFT is due April, 20 (the beginning of the class)
FINAL DRAFT will be due after third midterm (plan to turn it in on May, 4)
Cover Page
 Course Title (Math 1372)
 Section Number
 Project Title
 List group members (NOTE: do not list those who did not participate in the project)
 Each problem should be introduced by stating the problem in your own words. Each problem
has several questions. Make sure you state which question you are answering.
 The paper must be typed. Use the Equation Editor to generate math symbols. The whole
project must be submitted on plain white 8.5x11 typing paper (one copy for the whole group).
 Problems 1-4: show step-by-step math
 Each solution must include a graph. It can be handwritten (very neatly and carefully done).
 The bottom line for (a), (b), etc. should state the function P(t) with the newly found constant
 Answers to each question must be clearly stated.
 Problem 5: show two iterations of Euler’s method for both (a) and (b). Note: using a
spreadsheet is a very quick and convenient way to use Euler’s method; it also saves a lot of
time and is accurate and neat. The solutions should be expressed as a list of ordered pairs (t, P),
using a table for example.
 Carefully read the Population Lab handout. Be sure to concisely answer all questions.