OGF18, Washington DC, USA 11 - 14 September 2006

OGF18, Washington DC, USA
11th - 14th September 2006
During this meeting I attended the following sessions:
GGF Opening, Mark Linesch
Keynote: Vision for 21st Century Discovery, Dr Dan Atkins, NSF
GIN Update
Topics in Grid Management (Chaired)
Topics in Grid Management (Chaired)
PGS-RG Workshop Followup and Planning (Chaired)
UR-WG Document Discussions
OGSA HPC Profile Discussion
Daonity: Trusted Computing Enhanced GSI (Workshop)
Chairs Update
Storage Grids in Healthcare (Workshop)
Session Reports
GIN Update
The GIN group gave an update on their current status. The Authentication, and Data
groups were well along the path with targets beiong met. The Information group alo
presented a graphical tool that presented GLUE information.
Topics in Grid Management
This workshop bought together all of the managers of difference production grid
infrastrucutures so that they could describe the best practice examples that could be
used much more prevelently within new and upcoming grid infrastrucutures. This is
workshop had a larg attendance and was considered a great success.
The PGS group made several recommendations on what we were going to do over the
next 2-3 meetings. This included a wrapup of the workshop that we held previously.
UR-WG Document Discussion
This session gave an update on the changes that were given through the period of
public comment and had been acted upon since the last meeting in Tokyo
OGSA-HPC Basic Profile
This meeting gave an update on the status of the HPC-BP work, which included the
number of groups that were going to implement this when it was finalised. This
imcluded Platform, MS and possibly some of the open source solutions.
Daonity: Trusted Computing Enhanced GSI (Workshop)
The Daonity product from HP (China) is a trusted computing implementation. This
session gave an overview on what had been done so far.
Storage Grids in Healthcare (Workshop)
This session was a requirements gathering effort, I gave a description of the
eDiamond and in future GIMI infratructures.