Valuing Amazon Forest Losses JON STRAND September 24

Valuing Amazon
Forest Losses
September 24th 12:00-1:00
Marsh Hall Rotunda. Lunch will be provided.
Jon Strand, a Norwegian
national, is a senior research
economist in the World
Bank’s Development
Research Group, Environment
and Energy Team. He is
currently on leave from a
chair as professor of
economics at the University of
Oslo, from where he also has
his Ph.D. degree. His research
focuses on environmental,
climate and energy policy,
and environmental and
natural resource valuation,
and currently leads a research
project on local and regional
valuation of Amazon forest
losses. He has published
widely in these areas, and on
other topics covering labor
economics, macroeconomics
and public finance. He has
worked as environmental
economist in the International
Monetary Fund, and served as
consultant to various
international organizations
including the OECD and the
Inter-American Development