UK Architecture Task Force Meeting 30 January 2003

UK Architecture Task Force Meeting
30th January 2003
In attendance: Malcolm Atkinson (chair), Rob Baxter, Tony Storey, Dave De Roure,
Ken Moody, Vijay Dialani, Andrew Martin.
Invited: Steve Tuecke, Conrad Hughes, Stephen Pickles, Neil Chue Hong.
Apologies: Tony Hey, Ian Leslie, Jon Crowcroft, Andrew Herbert, Geoff Coulson.
Previous Meeting: Imperial College, 19th April 2002
Steve Tuecke (ANL & US OGSI/OGSA Working Groups) made a rare visit to the UK, to
meet with the UK ATF, and to give a keynote speech at the EPSRC Pilot Projects
Meeting. Steve updated the UK ATF on OGSI & OGSA Working Group developments,
in particular his latest draft of the OGSI Grid Service Specification.