Fiduciary Administration

Fiduciary Administration
For our first class on Friday, January 15:
Register for the TWEN page for this course. Here you will find
copies of the Syllabus and most of the course materials.
Obtain a copy of McGovern, Kurtz, English, Principles of Wills,
Trusts & Estates. This is the text used in my section of Estates and
Go to Ellis Library Copyshop and purchase the following two
supplements: Case and Article Supplement; Statutory Supplement.
Read Section 13.1 of the Principles book. In the Case and Article
Supplement, read Kenneth A. Vercammen, Administering a
Decedent’s Estate Where There is No Will, and Jeffrey R. Gottlieb,
Introduction to Estate Planning for Digital Assets, 6/25/2013. Also
begin reading Tulsa v. Pope [I know most of you have read it
before but Pope is up there with Marbury v. Madison in the
probate Pantheon].
A complete set of slides will be posted for the course on TWEN.
The English Professor