PROJECT: Thomas M. Winget Park Renovations Stewart Project #X15060

Winget Park Renovations – Public Meeting
STEWART Project #X15060
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Winget Park Information Session
Thomas M. Winget Park Renovations
Stewart Project #X15060
Mecklenburg County Representatives:
Rod Fritz, Project Manager, Parks & Recreation
W. Lee Jones, Division Director Capital Planning Services,
Park and Recreation
James Williams, Planner, Mecklenburg Park and Recreation
Alex Roheleder, South Park Region Manager
Emily Blackwell, Landscape Architect
Jon Wood, Manager of Landscape Architecture
Winget Park Elementary School
MEETING DATE: Monday, May 9, 2016 (6:00pm – 7:00pm)
A public information session was held on this date and the following was discussed:
a. Lee Jones introduced members of Mecklenburg Co Parks & Recreation
and members of the Stewart team present for the meeting.
b. Lee provided an overview of the meeting, explaining that the public
was invited to share their thoughts and comments on the planned
developments at Winget Park.
II. Presentation
a. Emily presented the plan to the public showing the renovations to the
park. The main elements included:
i. Three additional baseball/softball fields to accompany the
existing field
ii. Expansion of the existing field to a 300’ outfield fence to
match the three new fields
iii. Expansion of the parking lot to serve the new fields
iv. Picnic shelter next to the existing restroom facility
v. Covered dugouts
vi. Trail connection to Chapel Cove subdivision
III. Comments/Questions (answers provided under each statement)
a. Where is the connector trail to Chapel Cove subdivision?
i. Trail will connect to Carowinds Blvd. extension.
b. Will the field lights be on timers?
i. Yes. Musco programmable system; LED lights.
c. What is the usage of current fields?
i. Fields are not programmed at this time. Minimal organized
usage. Fields will be developed for tournament play, which
will increase usage.
d. Potholes in access road needs repair.
i. Access road improvements are included in development
e. Will park hours change?
i. No. Areas that are leased and lighted for tournament play
may have extended hours. Park will be gated and close at
f. What is the completion date?
Winget Park Renovations – Public Meeting
STEWART Project #X15060
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i. Bid late summer/fall; sprig fields in spring; September 2017
g. What has taken so long for master plan development?
i. The Great Recession. Lost 5 years in the process. All projects
h. What other amenity areas are in the master plan?
i. Shelters, trails, disc golf, boat dock.
i. Community garden needs upgrade. Interested residents would like to
participate. Will garden be improved?
i. Garden will be relocated.
j. Who do we talk to concerning league sponsorship?
i. Alex Roheleder, South Park Region Manager
k. Any thoughts on including a dog park?
i. No dog park within this phase of development.
l. Why not light soccer fields?
i. Tournament level fields/ synthetic turf fields are lighted.
m. Will maintenance and security increase? Graffiti and water pipe leak.
i. Please report and vandalism and maintenance issues to Park
and Recreation. Yes. Security and maintenance will increase
with park development/build out.
n. Why not use security camera to prevent vandalism?
i. Cost prohibitive.
o. Any plans for land across Winget Road?
i. Donated land for preservation by Crescent. Possible farm
environmental preservation.
p. Comment sheets filled out at the meeting are attached to these
IV. Next Steps
a. The Stewart team will proceeding with 75% construction documents
to submit to Mecklenburg County Parks & Recreation for review.
Please notify this office should there be any additions, deletions, or revisions needed
within the next five days.
Submitted By: Emily Blackwell
May 16, 2016
Rodney Fritz, James Williams, Jon Wood, Jeff Oden