Recipe for Happiness

A Vision for the Future: Food Assistance for Senior Adults in Kansas
Recipe for Happiness
Take the fresh month, cleaned of all bitterness and jealousy, and divide into
28 parts. Prepare pieces one day at a time. For each, mix together equal
measures of thoughtfulness, generosity, courage, and forgiveness. Blend with
friendship and hope, and add one good deed. Season abundantly with laughter,
good spirits, and a sprinkle of fun. Bake with the warmth of love and serve daily with smiles.
Health and happiness go
hand-in-hand. The Kansas
Food Assistance Program
promotes good health
by providing extra grocery
money to eligible seniors.
Call 888-369-4777
to find out if you qualify
for food assistance.
Bake a cake for your neighbors
Call a friend and remember fond times
Invite your friends over for tea
Visit those in the hospital
Join a group and use your skills
Write a letter to a loved one
Adopt a pet from an animal shelter
Take a walk outdoors and enjoy nature
Rent a funny movie and laugh
Volunteer at a local food pantry
For information about food assistance for senior adults, please call the Kansas SRS Service Center 888-369-4777.
Brought to you in partnership with K-State Research & Extension.