Keep On Moving

A Vision for the Future: Food Assistance for Senior Adults in Kansas
Keep On Moving
“There is no medicine that can help
overcome the range of conditions for
which exercise has been prescribed:
obesity, depression, diabetes, arthritis,
hypertension and coronary heart disease.”
- Dr. Walter Bortz, Journal of American Geriatrics Society
Circle ‘Round
According to the Baycrest Center
for Geriatric Care in Toronto,
exercise increases the supply of
blood and nutrients to the brain.
Research shows that after a 20
minute walk, older adults perform
better on memory tests.
Swing Your Partner
An active lifestyle has many health benefits for
people of all ages. Moderate physical activity,
such as walking, swimming, dancing
and gardening, and nutritious meals can
help improve your health by:
- Strengthening your muscles
and bones and improving balance.
This helps prevent osteoporosis
and lowers your risk of falling.
- Reducing the pain of arthritis
by increasing range of motion and
improving the condition of your joints.
- Decreasing your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
- Reducing your risk of heart attack by lowering
blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
Source: Joseph Berg & Michael Bradshaw, Health Benefits of Exercise: The Facts,
Kansas State University, August 2001.
For information about food assistance for senior adults, call the Kansas SRS Service Center, toll free, at 888-369-4777.
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