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JULY 199()
This catalog lists publications, computer software, and
videotape programs available from the Oregon State
University Extension Service and the Oregon Agricultural
Experiment Station.
Extension publications are written is a popular style for a
general interest audience and have various series number
designations. Agricultural Experiment Station
publications, designated CI, SB and TB, report research
results and are written for a more technical audience than
Extension publications.
Ordering Information
Many OSU Extension Service publications are available for
sale at the prices listed in this catalog. Prices listed are
based on the production cost and may change as we revise
and reprint publications. You may order up to six no-
publications without shipping and handling fees.
If you request seven or more no-charge publications,
include 10 cents (plus shipping and handling) for each
publication beyond six. There is no limit to how many
charge (priced)
publications you may order.
Most county offices of the OSU Extension Service stock a
variety of the titles listed in this catalog. If not, the county
office staff can order a copy for you. A list of the county
offices is on the inside back cover.
Our publications are under constant revision. Instead of
building a reference collection, we encourage you to obtain
the publications when you need them.
You may order materials by mail or telephone from:
Publications Orders
Agricultural Communications
Oregon State University
Administrative Services A422
Corvallis, OR 97331-2119
Telephone orders/price quotes: (503) 737-2513
Office hours: Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to
12 and 1 to S p.m.
If you're in Corvallis, you may pick up orders from our
distribution center on the OSU campus. The Bulletin
Mailing Office is on the second floor of the Industrial
Building, just south of the railroad tracks on Campus
Way, between 15th and 26th Streets.
Shipping and handling
When you order publications requiring shipping and
handling, add 25 cents for orders up to $2.50. For orders
between $2.50 and $100, add 15 percent shipping and
handling. For orders of $100 or more, please call
Agricultural Communications (503-737-2513) for a quote
on reduced shipping and handling rates.
The OSU Extension Service offers a 25 percent discount on
orders of 100 copies or more of a single title. Call or write
Agricultural Communications for a price quote.
Make checks, purchase orders, or money orders payable to
Oregon State University; be sure to include shipping and
handling fees.
Oregon's Agricultural Industry
Agricultural Health and Safety
Animal Health and Nutrition
Animal Pests and Predators
Beef Caule
Buildings and Equipment
Alternative and Miscellaneous Crops
Cereal Crops
Forage and Hay
Seed Crops
Fertilizer (see also Crops, Gardening)
Food Processing
Gardening (see also Fertilizer, Insect Identification and
Control, Small Fruits, Tree Fruits and Nuts, Vegetables)
Diseases and Pests
Flowers and Shrubs
Horticulture (see also Crops, Gardening, Wines and
Christmas Trees
Small Fruits (see also Gardening)
Tree Fruits and Nuts (see also Gardening)
VegetablesCommercial (see also Crops, Gardening)
Insect Identification and Control (see also Gardening)
Marketing and Management (see also CommunitySmall
Agricultural Economics
Agricultural Marketing
Business Management in Agriculture
Pesticide Training Materials
Plant Disease Identification and Control (see also
Sheep and Goats
Small and Part-time Farming
Weed Identification and Control (see also Crops)
Wines and Winemaking
Impact Analysis
Public Policy, Government and Taxes
Regional Economics
Small Business
Forestry (for Christmas tree information, see
Forest Business Management
Forest Issues
Forest Measurement
Forest Protection
Kinds of Assistance
Management Planning
Marketing Forest Products
Multiple Use
Stand Management
Wood Processing
Aging (see also Familes and Children)
Clothing and Textiles
Clothing Appearance
Clothing Care
Clothing Construction
Clothing Selection
Families and Children (see also Aging)
Family Finance (see also Food Buying)
Foods and Nutrition (see also MarineSeafood
Fish and Game Preparation
Food Buying (see also Family Finance)
Food Preparation
Food Preservation and Storage
Home Health and Safety
Household Equipment
Housing and Home Furnishings
MarIne Resources
Business and Economics
Engineering and Technology
Marine Safety
Natural Resources
SeafOOd Preparation (see also HomeFoods and
Seafood Technology
Computer Software
InformatIonal Brochures
VIdeotape Programs
PublIcations Order Form
Oregon's Agricultural Industry
EC 917
EC 1233
Farming and Ranching in Oregon: A picture of
Oregon Agricultural Conunodities: Farm Values
and Processed Values
Agricultural Health and Safety
Poisonous Plants Encountered in Oregon 25
Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Recreational
and Governmental Pest-Control Operations
EC 1159
Agricultural and Silvicultural Pest-Control
EC 1340
Why Do Septic Systems Fail?
Septic Tank-Soil Absorption Systems
EC 1341
Holding Tanks
EC 1342
Septic Tank Maintenance
EC 1343
Pesticides in Groundwater in the United States of
EM 8406
America $5.50
PNW 228
Safe Chain Saw Operation 50
PNW 278
First Aid For Pesticide Poisoning 50
WRAES 16 Preventing Inner Ear Damage from Agricultural
WRAES 22 Farm/Home Workshop Safety Check
WRAES 33 Work-Related Skin Problems
WRAES 58 Step Ladder Safety/Straight Ladder Safety
WRAES 63 Hand Lifting
WRAES 64 Hand Signals for Agriculture
WRAES 66 Chain Saw Safety
WRAES 69 Extension Ladder Safety
EC 801
EC 1158
Animal Health and Nutrition
CA L21318
EC 950
EC 1046
EC 1052
EC 1053
EC 1060
EC 1065
FS 107
FS 108
FS 234
FS 248
FS 303
FS 306
SB 641
SB 665
Protecting Your Dog From Disease Caused By
Eating Raw Fish 25
Preventing Prussic Acid Poisoning of
Livestock 25
Poisonous Plants and Range Management
The California Mastitis Test 250
Understanding Calf Scours
Cattle VaccinesWhich to Use?
What You Should Know About Anaplasmosis
Vibriosis in Range Cattle
Nitrates in Cattle Feeding
Feeding Grass Straws to Cattle and Horses
Acute Emphysema of Cattle
Preventing Selenium Deficiency in Livestock
Detecting and Controlling Trichomoniasis in Beef
and Daiiy Cattle
White Muscle and Other Selenium-Responsive
Diseases of Livestock 250
Chromic Oxide in Range Nutrition Studies
Winter Nutrition of Fall-Calving Cows and Calves
By-Products and Unusual Feedstuffs in Livestock
Rations $2.25
Animal Pests and Predators
EC 909
EC 910
EC 913
EC 914
EC 987
EC 1078
BC 1115
EC 1117
BC 1123
KS 44
PNW 225
TB 130
Predation by Coyotes and Other Animals
Predator Control: History and Policies
Deterrents to Predators of Livestock
The Impact of Coyotes on Wildlife
Mole Control 25
Controlling Ground Squirrel Damage to
Field Crops, Ditches, and Dams 25
Controlling Pocket Gopher Damage to
Lawns, Gardens, and Golf Courses 25
Controlling Pocket Gopher Damage to
Agricultural Crops 25
Endangered and Threatened Species: The
What, Where, and Why 5O
The M-44 In Coyote Damage Control $2.25
Building an Electric Antipredator Fence 5O
A Computer Simulation Study of Deer in
Mendocino County, California
Beef Cattle
CI 641
CI 688
EB 831
BC 752
BC 934
BC 935
BC 951
EC 1033
BC 1035
EC 1051
BC 1061
BC 1062
BC 1063
BC 1064
BC 1066
BC 1067
EC 1068
BC 1069
EC 1070
BC 1071
BC 1072
EC 1073
EC 1074
EC 1075
BC 1210
EC 1345
Grass Straw as a Beef Feed: A Research
Production and Marketing Strategies for
Oregon High Desert Rangeland Cattle
Producers 1968-1978
The Oregon Carcass of Merit Program 75
Evaluation and Judging of Beef Cattle
Feeding Beef Cattle During Periods of Feed
Creep Feeding and Early Weaning of Beef
How to Select, Grow, and Manage
Replacement Heifers 75
Beef Production for Small Farms 50
Growing Out Young Bulls
Synchronizing Estrus in Beef Cows
Nitrate Poisoning in Beef Cattle
Urinary Calculi in Beef Cattle
Bloat Prevention and Treatment in Beef
Grass Tetany in Beef Cattle
Shrinkage in Beef Cattle
Breeding Soundness of Bulls
The A.I. Program for Beef
Infectious Respiratory Diseases in Beef
Preconditioning of Calves
Beef Implants and Feed Additives
Reproductive Tract Anatomy and
Physiology of the Cow
Care and Management of Calves at Weaning
How to Handle Calving Difficulties
Beef Ration BalancingThe Ins and Outs
Using Forage Analysis to Formulate Winter
Rations for Beef Cattle in Mid-Columbia
Counties 25
Using National Sire Summaries to Improve
Selection Skills 50'
EM 8237
EM 8253
EM 8322
PNW 173
SB 625
TB 73
TB 96
TB 102
TB 110
TB 113
TB 140
WREP 100
WREP 101
Oregon Beef Cattle Improvement Program and
Procedures $1.25
A Management Calendar for Fall Calving
A Management Calendar for Spring Calving
Freeze Marking Farm Animals 25
Stockwater's Effect on Cattle Performance on the
High Desert
Stocker-Feeder Management Guide (a collection of
materials in a 3-ring binder with preprinted chapter
dividers) $35.00 plus $3.00 shipping and handling
on single-copy orders
Beef Cattle Breeding Research in the Western
Amount of Selection Applied and Response of
Traits in Four Inbred Lines of Beef Cattle
Some Factors Affecting Feed Efficiency in Beef
Effect of Diethylstilbestrol on Growth and Carcass
Quality of Beef Cattle
The Effect of Initial Weight, Time on Feed, and
Prefinishing Environment Upon Feedlot
Performance of Steers
Grass Straw in Finishing Rations for Cattle and
A Modified Basis Contract for Feeder Cattle 50
Basis Contracting for Livestock 50
EC 857
FS 240
FS 311
PNW 79
PNW 155
PNW 198
PNW 245
SB 598
SB 630
SB 636
SB 653
SB 656
TB 125
TB 126
Removing Bees From Buildings 25
Controlling Wax Moths in Honeycombs
Controlling Nosema Disease in Honey Bees
Beekeeping $1.00
Alkali Bees: Their Biology and Management
for Alfalfa Seed Production in the Pacific
Northwest 50
Honey Bee Diseases and Their Control 25
Evaluating Honey Bee Colonies for Pollination
A Guide for Growers and Beekeepers 25
Artificial Beds for Alkali Bee Propagation
Chalk Brood Disease in the Leafcutting Bee
A Natural Light Sapyga and Parasite Emergence
Trap in Leafcutting Bee Management (Megachile
rotund ata)
Etiology and Epizootiology of Chalkbrood in the
Lealcutting Bee, Megachile rotund ata (Fabricius),
with Notes on Ascosphaera Species
Inhibition of Chalkbrood Spore Germination In
Vitro (Ascosphaera aggregata:Ascosphaerales)
Biology and External Morphology of Bees $2.50
Bees of Northwestern America: AGAPOSTEMON
Bees of Northwestern America HAUCTUS
How to Reduce Bee Poisoning from Pesticides 50
Parasites, Predators, and Nest Destroyers of the
Alfalfa Leafcutting Bee, Megachile rotund ata 75
Buildings and Equipment
EC 1032
EC 1076
EC 1108
Cattle Facilities
Planning Farm Buildings 50
Managing Storage Facilities for Livestock
Obtaining Permits for Livestock Operations
EC 1273
Hovers for Farrowing Buildings
EC 1275
Selecting, Using, and Maintaining
EC 1332
Pneumatic Tools for Installing Fasteners
into Wood 75
Controlling Odors from Confined Animal
FS 282
Why Ventilate Animal Buildings?
FS 302
ND AE-084 Temporary Grain Storage on the Farm 25
ND AE-094 Grain Drying Tables 25
ND AE-701 Grain Drying 25
Building Hobby Greenhouses 25
PNW 171
Pole-type Farm Building Construction 50
PNW 211
Protective Shelters For Beef Calves on
PNW 264
Range 25
Basic Ventilation Considerations for
PNW 307
Livestock or Poultry Housing 50
Troubleshooting a Mechanical Ventilation
PNW 308
System for Livestock or Poultry
Housing 50
Calibrating and Using a Backpack
PNW 320
Sprayer $1.00
Limitations of Single- and Multi-man
SB 609
Platform Harvesting Aids
Effect of a Solid Windbreak in a CattleSB 646
Feeding Area
Douglas-fir Bark as a Trickling Filter
TB 124
Medium for Animal Waste Disposal
WRAES 89 Herringbone AJ. Breeding Chute
WRAES 98 Cattle Trap
WRAES 102 Hobby Greenhouse Design Notes
Alternative and Miscellaneous Crops
CI 658
CI 679
CI 683
EC 1009
EC 1237
EM 8398
FG 15
FS 93
FS 223
Annual Weed Control in Furrow-Irrigated
The Economics of Producing and Marketing
Soybeans in Oregon
Selectivity and Efficacy of Diuron for Weed
Control in Peppermint
Soil Samples for Redbacked Cutworm in
Peppermint 75
Growing Meadowfoam in the Willamette
New Crops for Oregon: Rapeseed 50
Peppermint (Western OregonWest of
Suggestions for Peppermint Wilt Control
Cropping Peppermint on Soils Infested with
Vertidillium Wilt
PNW 182
PNW 251
SB 648
TB 83
Insects onMint $1.50
A Sampling Plan For the Two-spotted Spider Mites
in Mint 250
Meadowfoam (Limanthes ciba): Its Research and
Development as a Potential New Oilseed Crop for
the Willamette Valley of Oregon
The Effect of Lime and Phosphorus on the Yield
and Phosphorus Content of Legumes in Western
Cereal Crops
CI 691
CI 698
EC 1093
EC 1171
EC 1235
EC 1244
Winter Wheat Fertilization in the Northeast
Intermountain Region of Oregon
White Wheat Marketing Margins Between the
Pacific Northwest and Japan
The Hessian Fly in Oregon 25
Oregon Cereal Variety Profile: Hill 81 and
Stephens Wheats 25
Oregon Cereal Variety Profile: Micah BarleyA
Spring Barley for Irrigated Areas
Oregon Cereal Variety Profile: FloraA Winter
EC 1251
Oregon Cereal Variety Profile: MalcolmA Soft
White Winter Wheat
EC 1264
Oregon Cereal Variety Profile: OvesonA Soft
White Winter Wheat
FG 8
Spring Grains (Western OregonWest of
FG 9
Winter Wheat (Western OregonWest of
FG 37
Irrigated Spring-Planted Small Grains Mineral
Soils (Eastern OregonEast of Cascades)
FG 40
Irrigated Semi-Dwarf Wheat (Eastern Oregon
East of Cascades)
FG 54
FG 71
FS 250
FS 269
FS 272
FS 298
FS 308
FS 309
PNW 331
SB 611
SB 668
SB 670
TB 121
TB 135
Winter Wheat (Non-IrrigatedColumbia Plateau)
Field Corn (Eastern OregonEast of Cascades)
Take-All Root Rot of Winter Wheat
Growing Winter Wheat on Poorly Drained Soil
The Winter Grain Mite
The Wheat Stem Maggot
Recognizing and Controlling Cephalosporium
Stripe: A Disease of Cereal Grain
Evaluating Grain for Livestock Feed
Triticale 25
Rye Flour Volatiles (Secale Cereale)
Contribution of the Oregon Wheat Industry to
Oregon's Economy
Intensively Managed Irrigated Hard Red Winter
Wheat Production
Fertilizer Experiments with Winter Wheat in
Western Oregon
Crested Wheat Production; Impacts on Fertility,
Row Spacing, and Stand Age
Forage and Hay
CI 625
CI 644
Alfalfa Variety Tests in the Columbia Basin, Blue
Mountains and Snake River Valley
"Sick" Alfalfa
CI 694
EC 943
EC 1002
BC 1054
BC 1077
BC 1086
BC 1153
BC 1157
BC 1249
BC 1259
FG 1
Alfalfa Production Practices and Variety
Performance in Southern Oregon
Forage Quality: What It Is and Why It Is
Verticillium Wilt for Alfalfa 25
Alfalfa Silage
Managing Pastures in Western Oregon 75
Making Lime-Pelleted Seeds 25
Growing Cereals For Forage 25
From Forage to ProfitHow to Establish
and Manage a Productive Pasture in Western
Oregon 75
Horse Owner's Guide to Buying Hay 75
Conserving Forage as Round Bale Silage
Irrigated Clover Grass Pastures (Western
OregonWest of Cascades)
FG 4
Subclover-Grass Pastures, Western Oregon
(Excepting Coos, Curry, Jackson, Josephine
FG 10
Field Corn (Western OregonWest of
FG 17
Red Clover (Western OregonWest of
FG 18
Alfalfa (Willamette Valley and Northwest
FG 20
FG 21
FG 36
FG 38
FG 58
FG 63
FS 253
FS 254
FS 255
FS 256
FS 257
FS 258
FS 259
FS 260
FS 261
FS 262
FS 263
FS 264
FS 265
FS 266
FS 283
FS 284
FS 285
FS 287
FS 288
FS 289
FS 290
FS 291
Alfalfa (Eastern OregonEast of Cascades)
Irrigated Clover-Grass Pastures (Eastern
OregonEast of Cascades)
Tall Fescue (Western OregonWest of
Irrigated Pastures (Central Oregon)
Irrigated Clover-Grass Pastures (Southwest
Subclover-Grass Pastures Western Oregon
(Coos, Curry, Jackson, Josephine Counties)
Growing Alfalfa for Forage
Growing Alsike Clover for Forage
Growing Red Clover for Forage
Growing White Clover for Forage
Growing Subterranean Clover for Forage
Growing Big Trefoil for Forage
Growing Birdsfoot Trefoil for Forage
Growing Kentucky Bluegrass for Forage
Growing Orchardgrass for Forage
Growing Perennial Ryegrass for Forage
Growing Tall Fescue for Forage
Growing Meadow Foxtail for Forage
Growing Reed Canarygrass for Forage
Growing Timothy for Forage
Growing Sainfoin for Forage
Growing Sweetclover for Forage
Growing Strawberry Clover fer Forage
Growing Rape and Kale for Forage
Growing Field Peas for Forage
Growing Smooth Bromegrass for Forage
Growing Sorghum and Sudangrass for
Growing Annual Ryegrass for Forage
FS 292
FS 296
PNW 223
PNW 244
Growing Vetch for Forage
Growing Turnips for Forage
Testing the Quality of Alfalfa Hay 5O
Selecting Alfalfa Varieties for the Pacific
Northwest 75
SB 610
Recycling Nitrogen and Sulfur in GrassClover
SB 617
SB 626
SB 633
SB 635
SB 649
SB 651
SB 662
TB 84
TB 99
TB 115
TB 139
TB 141
TB 149
Pulping Characteristics of Willamette Valley Grass
Seasonal Responses of Perennial Forage Grasses to
Nitrogen Applications
Effective Nodulation and Production of
Subterranean Clover with Pelleted and Small
Amounts of Lime
Irrigated Pastures for Range Livestock
The Influence of Seeding Rates on Yield and Stand
of Alfalfa in Oregon's Wilamette Valley
The Influence of Seeding Rates on Quality of
Alfalfa in Oregon's Willamette Valley
Phosphorus and Sulfur Fertilization of Established
Subclover in Western Oregon
Seasonal Yield and Chemical Content of Forage
Mixtures on Pine Woodland Meadow Site in
Northwestern Oregon
Effect of Fertilizers on Irrigated Grass-Legume
Pastures on an Astoria Soil Series
Performance by Cattle and Sheep on SubcloverGrass Pastures
Meiotic Irregularities in Tall Fescue Genotypes and
Their Fl Hybrids
Alfalfa Hay Quality in Oregon
Seasonal Forage Production and Quality on Four
Native and Improved Plant Communities in
Eastern Oregon
CI 671
CI 678
EC 844
EC 860
EC 954
EC 1107
FG 19
FG 56
FG 57
FS 77
PNW 236
PNW 248
PNW 257
PNW 295
Cover Crop and Residue Management for Wind
Erosion Control on Sandy Soils During Potato
Oregon Potato Variety Trials 1978
Tobacco Rattle Virus in Oregon Potatoes
Controlling Green Peach Aphids on Potatoes
Controlling Bacterial Soft Rot and Blackleg
Potatoes 25
Selecting Fans for Commercial Potato Storage 5O
Potatoes (Western OregonWest of Cascades)
Irrigated Potatoes (Central Oregon and Kiamath
Irrigated Potatoes (Columbia Basin-Maiheur
Use of Soil Fumigation For Control of Verticillium
Wilt of Potatoes
Designing Bulk Potato Storage Structures 5O
Potatoes: Influencing Seed Tuber Behavior 5O
Potatoes Storage and Quality Maintenance in the
Pacific Northwest 75
Insulation and Vapor Barriers in Potato Storage
Buildings 75
TB 129
Effect of Fertilizers on Yield and Quality of
Potatoes in the Willamette Valley
Management of Potato Insects in the
Western States $1.25
Seed Crops
Time Isolation as a Safeguard to Varietal
CI 623
Purity in Perennial Ryegrass, Annual
Ryegrass and Orchardgrass
Seed Production of Arrowleaf Clover in
CI 635
Western Oregon
Economic Characteristics of Farms
CI 643
Producing Grass Seed in Oregon's
Willamette Valley
Production of Subterranean Clover Seed in
CI 693
Western Oregon
Bilibug Control in Orchard Grass Seed
EC 850
Inoculating Alfalfa and Clover Seed 25
EC 1055
The Oregon Seed Certification Program
EC 1090
Burning Grass Seed Fields in Oregon's
EM 8397
Willamette Valley: The Search for
Solutions $3.50
Annual Ryegrass Seed (Western Oregon
FG 5
West of Cascades)
Fine Fescue Seed (Western OregonWest
FG 6
of Cascades)
Bentgrass Seed (Western OregonWest of
FG 7
Crimson Clover-Vetch-Austrian Peas
FG 30
(Western OregonWest of Cascades)
Bluegrass Seed (Northeast Oregon)
FG 31
Blue Grass Seed (Western OregonWest of
FG 44
Orchard Grass Seed (Western Oregon
FG 45
West of Cascades)
Perennial Ryegrass Seed (Western
FG 46
OregonWest of Cascades)
FS 273
PNW 265
PNW 266
PNW 267
PNW 268
PNW 269
PNW 270
PNW 271
PNW 272
Winter Rapeseed Production in Western
Turnip and Rutabaga Seed Production in the
Pacific Northwest 25çt
Cucurbit Seed Production in the Pacific
Northwest 50
Spinach Seed Production in the Pacific
Northwest 25
Cabbage, Brussels Sprouts, Cauliflower and
Kohirabi Seed Production in the Pacific
Northwest 250
Kale and Collard Seed Production in the
Pacific Northwest 250
Mustard and Chinese Cabbage Seed
Production in the Pacific Northwest 250
Table Beet and Swiss Chard Seed
Production in the Pacific Northwest 25
Carrot, Parsnip and Parsley Seed Production
in the Pacific Northwest 25
Lettuce Seed Production in the Pacific Northwest 25
Radish Seed Production in the Pacific NorthPNW 274
west 25
Forty Years of Testing...Grass & Legume Varieties
SB 600
for Seed Yields in Oregon
Fertilizing Kentucky Bluegrass and Fine Fescue for
SB 601
Seed Production in Northeastern Oregon
flower Seed Production Trials in Southern Oregon
SB 619
Separating Seeds by Length With Special Indent
TB 88
Orchardgrass Seed Production in Western Oregon
TB 108
Kentucky Bluegrass Seed Production in Western
TB 114
Magnetic Separation of Seeds
TB 137
WAEB 1309 Wheat Seed Quality 25
Alfalfa Seed Insect Pest Management
PNW 273
CI 639
CI 651
EC 1007
EC 1091
EC 1102
EC 1103
EC 1104
EC 1206
EM 8350
EM 8408
EM 8412
An Economic Analysis of Alternative Milk
Production Systems: Oregon Milk Marketing Area
One 1971
The Influence of Feed Costs and Milk Price on
Forage Production on Coastal Dairy Farms
Planning A Dairy Waste Handling System
Starting a Dairy in Oregon 25
Selecting a Dairy Waste Management System for
the Willamette Valley
Selecting a Dairy Waste Management System for
Eastern Oregon
Selecting a Dairy Waste Management System for
the Oregon Coast
Somatic Cell CountsWhat They Mean to Dairy
Managers 25
Increasing Dairy Efficiency 5O
Good Farm Equipment Sanitation Means Better
Quality Milk Tests 5O
Managing Daiiy Grazing for the Most Efficient
Yields 5O
FS 194
FS 201
FS 247
FS 280
FS 310
Energy for Dairy Cows
So You Own a Cow...Now What?
Energy Savings Through Higher Producing Cows
Feeding Calves for Veal
Selecting and Culling Dairy Cattle
Coliform-Infected Dairy Cows
Mastitis Control Program for Strep. Ag.-Infected
Dairy Cows
NCREP 277 MastitisA Closer Look
NCREP 278 Non-Ag. Strep.-Jnfected Dairy Cows
PASC 311
PASC 312
PNW 71
PNW 259
PNW 321
(Environmental Strep)
Feeding the Newborn Calf 75
Feeding the Daiiy Heifer 75
Housing for Dairy Calves 250
Buying and Selling Forages Based on Moisture
Content 25
Designing Dairy Free Stalls 25
SB 658
WREP 110
Evaluating Dairy Waste Management
Systems' Influence on Fecal Coliform
Concentration on Runoff
Detecting Stray Currents in Milking Parlors
Dry Cow Feeding Management 25
Dairy Calf Housing
Evaluating Daiiy Herd Reproductive Status
Using DHI Records 50
Routine Fertility Examinations as Part of
a Reproductive Daiiy Herd Health
Program 75
Understanding the Basics of Managing
Dairy Labor 25çt
Fertilizer (see also Crops, Gardening)
BC 1094
FG 00
FG 3
FG 64
FG 74
PNW 239
TB 142
Calculating the Fertilizer Value of Manure
From Livestock Operations 75
Set of Fertilizer Guides (a collection of
fertilizer guides, listed throughout this
catalog) $2.50
Liming Materials for Oregon
Fertilizing With Sewage Sludge
A List of Analytical Laboratories Serving
How to Calculate Manure Application Rates
in the Pacific Northwest 25
Effect of Temperature on Nutritional
Requirements of Plants
Food Processing
CI 624
CI 629
CI 632
FS 176
TB 111
TB 118
TB 123
Cherry Brining and Finishing
The Chemical and Preservative Properties of
Sulfur Dioxide Solution for Brining Fruit
Procedure for Secondary Bleaching Brined
Cherries with Sodium Chlorite
Procedures for Sanitation in Retail Frozen
Reclaiming Used Cherry Brines
Quality and Yield of Brined Cherries
Measuring Textural Characteristics of Fresh
Fruit and VegetablesApples, Carrots, and
TB 128
Properties of Starch as Related to the
Characteristics of Starch-Structured Breads
(see also Fertilizer, Insect Identification and Control,
Small Fruits, Tree Fruits and Nuts, Vegetables)
EC 824
BC 871
BC 1228
EC 1247
Soil and Water Management for Home
Gardens 250
Planning a Home or Farm Vegetable
Garden 750
Planning and Preparing Your Vegetable
Garden Site 25
Gardening with Composts, Mulches, and
Row Covers 50
FS 220
FS 225
FS 246
FS 270
FS 304
PNW 151
PNW 152
PNW 164
PNW 165
PNW 170
Collecting and Storing Seeds from Your Garden
Producing Transplants at Home
Constructing Coldframes and Hotbeds
Raised Bed Gardening
Cover Crops for Home Gardens
Propagating Herbaceous Plants from Cuttings 25
Propagating Deciduous and Evergreen Shrubs,
Trees and Vines with Stem Cuttings 25
Propagation from Bulbs, Corms, Tubers, Rhizomes
and Tuberous Roots and Stems 25
Layering to Renew or Multiply Plants 25
Propagating Plants from Seed 50
EC 1303
EC 1304
EC 1305
EC 1306
BC 1307
EC 1308
BC 1309
EC 1310
Growing Blackberries in Your Home Garden 75t
Growing Blueberries in Your Home Garden 50
Growing Grapes in Your Home Garden $1.50
Growing Raspberries in Your Home Garden 75
Growing Strawberries in Your Home Garden 75
Blueberry Cultivars for Oregon 75
Grape Cultivars For Your Home Garden 75
Raspberry Cultivars for Oregon
Diseases and Pests
Biology and Control of the Garden Symphylan
BC 845
FS 139
FS 242
FS 277
FS 286
Blossom-End Rot of Tomatoes
Discourage Plant Diseases in Your Home Garden
How to Control Slugs
How to Control Cabbage Maggots in Your
Vegetable Garden
Flowers and Shrubs
FS 1
FS 12
FS 95
FS 154
FS 162
PNW 185
TB 148
Preparing Winter Storage for Fuchsias, Geraniums
and Tuberous Plants
Azalea and Rhododendron Care and Culture
Dahlia Culture
Preserving Cut Holly
Care and Handling of Poinsettias
Plant Materials for Landscaping 50
Easter Lily Growth and Development
Growing Rhubarb in Oregon 25
BC 797
EC 876
BC 886
EC 1004
EC 1226
EC 1227
EC 1231
EC 1260
EC 1268
BC 1333
FS 138
Grow Your Own Cabbage
Grow Your Own Green Beans
Growing Potatoes in the Home Garden 25
Grow Your Own Cucumbers
Grow Your Own Peppers 25çt
Grow Your Own Beets, Carrots, Radishes, and
Other Root Crops 25
Grow Your Own Sweet Corn 50
Grow Your Own Lettuce, Spinach, and Swiss
Chard 50
Grow Your Own Tomatoes 25
Garlic for the Garden
(see also Crops, Gardening, Wines and Winemaking)
EC 1258
Living Mulch Options for Precision
Management of Horticultural Crops 50
Christmas Trees
Growing Christmas Trees in the Pacific
Northwest 75
PNW 219
Managing Weeds and Vegetation in
Christmas Trees 50
PNW 226
Developing High Quality True Fir
Christmas Trees 75
PNW 227
Developing Sheared Douglas-fir Christmas
Trees $1.00
WAEB 735 Recognition and Management of Christmas
Tree Pests 75
WAEB 1479 Conversion of Christmas Tree Lands to
Timber Stands $1.00
Small Fruits (see also Gardening)
CI 655
Progress Report of Table Grapes in the
EC 953
BC 1168
EC 1175
EC 1203
EM 8413
FG 14
FG 48
FG 49
Northern Willamette Valley
Improving Bee Pollination of Commercial
Caneberries 25
Strawberry Production, Returns, and Costs
in Oregon and Washington 75
The Strawberry Crown Moth 50'
Controlling Root Weevils in Commercial
Strawberries, Caneberries, and Blueberries 50
1990 Pest Control Guide for Wine Grapes in
Oregon $2.00
Strawberries in Western Oregon (West of
the Cascades)
Loganberries, Boysenberries and Marion
Red Raspberries (Western OregonWest of
Black Raspberries (Blackcaps) (Western
OregonWest of Cascades)
FG 51
Thornless Evergreen Blackberries (Western
OregonWest of Cascades)
FG 75
PNW 176
PNW 215
PNW 220
PNW 247
SB 620
SB 624
South Coastal Oregon Cranberries
Commercial Red Raspberry Production $1.00
Highbush Blueberry Production $1.00
Controlling Damage of Vertebrate Pests to
Grapes 25
Cranberry Production in the Pacific Northwest $7.50
Alternate-Year Production of Thorniess
Evergreen Blackberries: Technical and
Economic Feasibility
Color and Pigment Analyses in Fruit
Strawberry Breeding and Evaluation for
Mechanical Harvesting
WAEB 1388 Small Fruit Pests: Biology, Diagnosis and
Management $3.00
TB 131
Tree Fruits and Nuts (see also Gardening)
Liming for Filbert Production in Western Oregon
Integrated Control of Pear Psylla in Oregon's Hood
River Valley
Rain Beetle Grub Control in Orchards of the MidCI 684
Columbia, Oregon, Area: Summary of 1974-75
Fumigation Tests
Controlling Diseases and Insects in Home
EC 631
Control of Walnut Blight in Oregon
BC 646
Shell Perforation and Poor Sealing of Walnuts
BC 647
Apple Bud Development
BC 650
Training and Pruning the Home Orchard 75
BC 733
Growing Prunes 25
EC 773
Growing Tree Fruits and Nuts in the Home
BC 819
Orchard 50
Pollination and Fruit Set of Pear 25
EC 986
Pruning to Restore an Old, Neglected Apple
EC 1005
Tree 50
Pollination and Fruit Set of Apple 25
BC 1087
Filbert and Walnut Production, Returns, and Costs
BC 1173
in Oregon and Washington 75
Selecting Peach Varieties for the Willamette
BC 1181
Valley 50
Growing Hazelnuts in Oregon $1.00
BC 1219
Training and Pruning Commercial Peach
BC 1236
Orchards 50
Scab-Immune Apple Varieties For New
BC 1334
Orchards 50
FG 23
Sweet Cherries (Oregon)
FG 25
Sweet Cherry Varieties and Pollinizers for Oregon
FS 57
Care of Physically Injured Fruit and Nut Trees
FS 60
Using Leaf Analysis to Diagnose Nutrient
FS 118
Disorders in Tree Fruits and Small Fruits
Mechanical Harvesting of Prunes in Oregon
FS 132
When to Pick Apples and Pears
FS 147
Controlling Walnut Husk Flies
FS 168
Stone Fruit Pollination
FS 172
Training and Pruning Sweet Cherry Trees for
FS 202
Mechanical Harvesting
Pruning Sweet Cherry Trees for Hand Harvest
FS 207
How to Find Help Identifying Fruit Trees
FS 238
Control of Premature Ripening of Bartlett Pears
FS 241
The Apple Maggot in Oregon
FS 271
Grafting Fruit Trees 50
PNW 62
Nutrient Disorders in Tree Fruits 25
PNW 121
Meadow Mouse Control in Tree Fruit
PNW 154
Orchards 25
Training and Pruning Apple and Pear Trees 50
PNW 156
PNW 156-S Pods y Gala de Manzanos y Perales (Training and
Pruning Apple and Pear Trees)
CI 650
CI 660
PNW 174
PNW 208
PNW 221
PNW 235
PNW 282
PNW 313
PNW 319
PNW 328
PNW 332
PNW 341
SB 632
SB 634
TB 82
TB 93
TB 132
TB 143
Orchard Spraying in the Pacific Northwest $2.00
Rootstocks for Apple in the Pacific
Northwest 25
Cold Resistance of Stone Fruit Flower
Buds 50
Growing Walnuts in the Pacific Northwest 50
Bee Pollination of Tree Fruits 75
Managing Orchard Floor Vegetation in the
Pacific Northwest 75
Gala/A New Early-Maturing Apple
Variety 25
Using Horticultural Spray Oils to Control
Orchard Pests 50
Evaluating Orchard Performance and
Practices from Packout Records 75
Choosing Pear Rootstocks for the Pacific
Northwest 25
Phenology and Plant Species Adaptation to
Climates of the Western United States
Integrated Pest Management of Insects and
Mites Attacking Pears in Southern Oregon
Effects of Long-Term Fertilizer and
Management Practices on Growth and Yield
of Pears Grown in a Clay Adobe Soil
Stony Pit of Pear in Oregon
Fluoride Investigations in The Dalles Area
Fluoride Investigations at the Mid-Columbia
Experiment Station: 1961-1979
(see also Crops, Gardening)
EC 1172
EC 1180
EM 8300
FG 11
Snap Bean and Sweet Corn Production,
Returns, and Costs in the Pacific Northwest $1.00
Detecting and Controlling the Corn
Earworm in the Willamette Valley 50
Enterprise Budgets for Snap Beans, Sweet
Corn, Table Beets, and Carrots in the
Willainette Valley, 1984 $1.75
Sweet Corn (Western OregonWest of
FG 13
Table Beets (Western OregonWest of
FG 27
Broccoli (Western OregonWest of
Cascades) (Also applicable to Brussels
Sprouts, Cabbage and Cauliflower)
FG 28
Bush Beans (Western OregonWest of
FG 29
Carrots (Western OregonWest of
FG 55
FG 62
Peas (Western OregonWest of Cascades)
Sweet Corn (Eastern OregonEast of
FG 65
OnionsMinerals Soils (Eastern OregonEast of
FG 67
FG 68
FG 72
FS 82
FS 83
FS 212
FS 222
FS 235
PNW 150
PNW 243
PNW 277
TB 97
OnionsMuck SoilsWillamette Valley
Western Oregon Vine Crops (Cucumbers, Melons,
Squash. Pumpkins)
Peas (Eastern OregonEast of Cascades)
Halo Blight of Beans
Bean Rust
Bean Necrosis Disease
White Mold and Grey Mold of Snap Beans
Onion White Rot
Identifying Diseases of Vegetables $8.00
Insects of Peas 50
Producing Processing Peas in the Pacific
Northwest $1.00
Onion Storage: Guidelines for Commercial
Growers 75
Effects of Soil Moisture and Nitrogen Fertilizer on
Pole Beans
Pruning Ornamental Trees and Shrubs
EC 751
Fertilizing Shade and Ornamental Trees
FS 103
Insect Identification and Control
(see also Gardening)
EC 627
EC 700
EC 713
EC 1079
EC 1207
EC 1262
EC 1263
BC 1272
EC 1328
FS 129
FS 244
PNW 130
PNW 186
PNW 322
PNW 326
PNW 343
SB 628
Russian Wheat Aphid: How To Recognize This
New Pest and Its Damage
Controlling Carpenter Ants
Dampwood Termite Control 25
The Golden BuprestidA Wood-Boring
Beetle 25
Sampling for Soil Insect Pests 25
Selecting and Monitoring Pheromone Traps in
Insect Pest Management 75
New Pest Alert: Russian Wheat Aphid
Managing Leafrollers on Caneberries in
Oregon $1.25
Detecting and Contolling Honey Bee Brood Mites
(Varroa jacobsoni Oudemans)
Biological Control Agents and Where to Find
Them 75
The Black Widow and Other Spiders
The Strawberry Crown Moth
Pacific Northwest Insect Control Handbook
(revised annually) $15.00
How to Recognize Cut Worms, Army Worms,
Loopers 25
Cockroaches: Identification, Biology, and
Control 75
Mint Root Borer in the Pacific Northwest $1.25
Preventing and Controlling Powderpost Beetles In
and Around the Home 25
Beneficial Organisms Associated With Pacific
Northwest Crops $1.00
Chemical Control of Terrestrial Slugs and Snails
SB 650
SB 674
TB 68
TB 90
TB 101
TB 122
TB 134
TB 144
TB 150
The Oregon State InsectOregon
Swallowtail Mite on Pear in Southern
Laboratory Feeding Tests on the
Development of Gypsy Moth Larvae with
Reference to Plant Taxa and
Biology and Economic Importance of Seed
Chalcids Infesting Red Clover and Alfalfa in
Biological Control of Insects and Weeds in
Bionomics and Control of the Two-Spotted
Spider Mite on Pear in Southern Oregon
The Pear Psylla in Oregon
The Distribution and Biology of the Oregon
The Gerridae or Water Striders of Oregon
and Washington (Hemiptera:heteroptera)
The Corixidae of Oregon and Washington
CI 628
EC 1274
FG 76
PNW 285
PNW 286
PNW 287
PNW 288
PNW 289
PNW 290
PNW 291
PNW 292
PNW 293
PNW 323
TB 85
Consumptive Use and Net Irrigation
Requirements for Oregon
Understanding Your Right to Irrigation
Water 25
Irrigation Water Quality
Pumping Plant Efficiencies
Offsets for Stationary Sprinider Systems
Irrigation Runoff Control Strategies
Irrigation Scheduling
Converting Spririlder Systems to Lower
Sizing Irrigation Mainlines and Fittings
Electrical Demand ChargesHow to Keep
them Low
Extending Electric Motor Life
Irrigation System Walk-Through Inspection
Conserving Water in Agriculture: Stretching
Irrigation Water Supplies
Irrigation Water Values in the Wilamette
Valley: A Study of Alternative Valuation
EC 966
EC 968
EC 969
EC 1018
EC 1021
EC 1278
FS 55
Establishing Lawns by Sodding
Controlling Weeds in Home Lawns
Establishing and Maintaining a Seeded
Lawn in Eastern Oregon
Removing Thatch and Aerating Lawns
Establishing New Lawns By Seeding
Fertilizing Home Lawns 50
Controlling Moss in Lawns
PNW 240
PNW 299
Construction and Maintenance of Natural Grass
Athletic Fields $1.50
Turfgrass Seeding Recommendations for the
Pacific Northwest 75
Marketing and Management
(see also CommunitySmall Business)
Agricultural Economics
CI 638
CI 648
CI 662
CI 692
CI 700
EM 8327
EM 8407
FS 268
PNW 346
SB 605
SB 612
SB 664
TB 91
TB 92
TB 98
TB 112
TB 116
TB 119
TB 136
Technical and Economic Considerations in
Shipping Grass Seed Residue to Japan
Ryegrass Straw Utilization in Paper and Fiberboard
Products: An Exploratory Investigation
Corporate Agriculture in Oregon: A Descriptive
Economics of Producing Ethyl Alcohol from
Agricultural Products in Oregon
The Demise of an Agricultural Lender: The Case
of the Wiliamette Production Credit Association
International Trade and the Oregon Economy 50
Vineyard Economics: The Costs of Establishing
and Producing Wine Grapes in the Willamette
Valley $230
Trends in Oregon Fannland Value
The Costs of Owning and Operating Farm
Machinery in the Pacific Northwest $2.75
Cooperative Mergers: Their Objectives, Success,
and Impact on Growth
The Short-Run Demand for a Reduction of
Delivery Time in the Provision of Farm Machinery
Parts: A Conceptual Framework
The Impact of International Trade on U.S.
Employment Levels and Composition
Long-run Projections of Bartlett Pear Prices and
Economics of Federal Range Use and
Improvement for Uvestock Production
Economic Analysis of Water, Nitrogen, and
Seedling Rate Relationships in Corn Production on
Woodburn Soils
A Study of the Economics of Force Molting in
Commercial Egg Production
Economic Consequences of Interbasin Water
Simulation of Farm Bargaining Board Policies in
the Western Late Potato System
A Bayesian Simulation Approach for Estimating
Value of Information: An Application to Frost
Agricultural Marketing
CI 657
CI 663
CI 689
CI 690
Cooperative Market Pooling
An Economic Analysis of Alternative Milk
Packaging Containers in Washington, Oregon and
Supply and Disposition of Cool Season Grass Seed
in U.S. and Overseas Markets
The Japanese White Wheat Marketing System
CI 695
EC 945
EC 972
EC 1016
EC 1116
EC 1170
EM 8242
EM 8394
FS 293
PNW 201
PNW 202
PNW 203
PNW 204
PNW 205
PNW 206
PNW 241
SB 606
SB 647
SB 652
SB 655
SB 661
SB 672
The U.S. Processed Strawberry Market: An
Analysis of Trends and Commodity
Characteristics as They Impact on Oregon
Direct Farm Marketing 75
Livestock Market NewsAs Near As Your
Farmer-to-Consumer Marketing #8 Oregon
Regulations 75
Developing and Managing a Farmers
Market in Oregon 25
Extension Marketline
Marketing Management: Guidelines for
Farm Level Wheat Sales Decisions 5O
Predicting Total Market and Market
Shares for Agricultural Suppliers: Source
Data $4.25
Farmer Protection Against Grain Elevator
Farmer-to-Consumer Marketing #1 An
Overview 25
Farmer-to-Consumer Marketing #2
Production and Marketing Costs 25
Farmer-to-Consumer Marketing #3
Merchandising, Pricing and Promotional
Strategies 25
Farmer-to-Consumer Marketing #4 Place of
Business and Product Quality 25
Farmer-to-Consumer Marketing #5
Personnel Management
Farmer-to-Consumer Marketing #6
Financial Management 25
Developing a Marketing Plan for Fresh
Produce 75
Marketing Fresh Apples and Pears in Bulk
Ocean Transportation Serving Pacific
Northwest Agriculture
Demand and Supply in the Oregon Grass
Seed Industry: An Economic Analysis
Portfolio Analysis of Contracting Strategies
for Farmer Marketing Cooperatives
The Korean Market for U.S. White Wheat
Are Farm Supply Cooperatives Meeting
Farmer Needs? A Survey of Farmers and
CI 702
EC 1012
EC 1017
EC 1097
EC 1335
EC 1336
EC 1337
EC 1338
Financial Adversity in Agriculture: An
Food Store Money Management
The Function and Scope of Financial Audits
and Auditors
Setting Farm Business Goals 25
Agricultural Labor Information: Oregon
Workers' Compensation Insurance
Federal Unemployment Ta (FUTA)
Oregon Employment Tax
Federal Income Tax Withholding
EC 1339
EC 1348
EC 1349
EC 1350
EC 1351
EC 1352
EC 1353
EC 1354
EC 1355
EC 1356
EC 1357
EM 8311
EM 8338
EM 8390
SB 666
WREP 104
WREP 107
WREP 108
Agricultural Labor Information: Oregon
Withholding Tax
Agricultural Labor Information: Fair Labor
Standards Act
Farm Labor Contractor Certification/Licensing
Social Security Tax
Self-Employment Tax
Agricultural Labor Information: How to
Use "Agricultural Labor Information" Publications
Intrastate/Interstate Clearance System
Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker
Protection Act
Agricultural Labor Information: Form 1-9,
Employment Eligibility Verification
Agricultural Labor Information: H2A Program
Clearance Orders
Agricultural Labor Information: Work-Day
Report, ESA-92
Using Microcomputers in Farm and Ranch
Management $4.00
Using FINPACK for Farm Financial Analysis and
Planning: Two Videotape Case Studies $17.00
Oregon Farm and Ranch Business and Production Record Book I: Financial Records &
Analysis $25.00
The Impact of Debt and Income Variation on the
Simulated Financial Performance of Large Pacific
Northwest Grass Seed-Grain Farms
How to Analyze an Investment in Farmland 75
Analyzing Agricultural Investments 75
Selection and Implementation Of a Farm Record
System 50
Financial Analysis of Proposed Farm Adjustments
with a Partial Budget 50
Introduction to Database Management Systems for
Agricultural Record Keeping $1.00
Selecting a Database Management System for
Agricultural Record Keeping 75
Business Management in Agriculture
EM 8339
EM 8340
EM 8341
EM 8342
EM 8343
EM 8344
EM 8345
EM 8346
EM 8347
EM 8348
EM 8382
EM 8383
EM 8384
Strategic Planning for Financial Success $1.00
Identifying Farm/Ranch and Family Goals $2.00
Selecting and Implementing a Farm Record
System $2.00
Preparing a Balance Sheet $1.75
Preparing an Income Statement $2.00
Analyzing Financial Performance $2.00
Preparing a Cash Flow Statement $1.75
Analyzing Business Adjustments: Whole-Farm
Budgeting $2.00
Analyzing Business Adjustments: Partial-Farm
Budgeting $2.00
Facilitator's Guidelines for Business Management
in Agriculture $5.00
Analyzing Land Investments $3.00
Farm Machinery and Equipment: Buy, Lease, or
Custom Hire? $1.50
Obtaining and Using Credit Effectively $2.00
EM 8385
EM 8386
Analyzing and Selecting Enterprises $2.50
Managing Risk $1.75
Pesticide Training Materials
EM 8392
EM 8403
WAEB 669
Pesticide Applicators Training Manual/
Animal $5.00
Pesticide Applicators Training Manual!
Aquatic Pest Control $5.00
Pesticide Applicators Training Manual/
Food Processing $5.00
Pesticide Applicators Training Manual/
Fumigation $5.00
Pesticide Applicators Training Manual/
Pest Control $5.00
Pesticide Applicators Training ManuaJl
Seed Treatment $5.00
Pesticide Applicators Training Manual/
Structural and Rodent $5.00
Pesticide Applicators Training ManuaL'
Plant $5.00
Applying Pesticides Correctly: A Guide for
Private and Commercial Applicators
Wood Preservation and Wood Products
Treatment Training Manual $1.00
Weed Control on Rights-of-Way 50
Wood Preservation Applicators
Manual $2.25
Plant Disease Identification & Control
(see also Gardening)
CI 647
EB 836
EC 1287
FS 185
PNW 190
SB 615
SB 623
SB 639
TB 106
TB 117
OSU Research on Field Burning
Dutch Elm Disease 25
Detecting and Controlling Eastern Filbert
Blight Anisogranima anomala
Preparation of Tank-Mix Bordeaux Mixture
Pacific Northwest Plant Disease Control
Handbook (revised annually) $15.00
Root-Knot Nematodes of the Pacific
Northwest 25
Management of Aphid-Borne Legume
Bibliography of Nematode Interactions with
Other Organisms in Plant Disease
Indexed Bibliography of NematodeResistance in Plants
Relation of Environment and Nutrition to
Plant Susceptibility to Bean Yellow Mosaic
Virus by Aphid Transmission
Epidemiology of Stripe Rust of Wheat,
EB 782
EC 761
EC 854
Judging Poultry and Eggs 25
Raising Small Flecks of Chickens 50
Brooding Chicks 50
EC 960
EC 1232
EM 8426
Feeding, Laying and Breeding Hens 25
Avoiding Drug Residues in Turkeys
Growing Broilers in Oregon
PNW 310
Domestic Rabbits: Diseases and Parasites $1.00
CI 680
EC 1006
Response of Bluebunch Wheatgrass to Drought
and Climatic Fluctuations: A Review
Effects of Grazing and Drought on Range
Grasses 50'
EC 1036
Developing Management Strategies for Your
EC 1037
Range PlantsFoundation of the Grazing
EC 1038
EC 1039
EC 1040
EC 1041
EC 1042
EC 1043
Range Plant Growth and Development
Range Ecology and ConditionTheir Relation to
Rating Your Range
Grazing to Maintain a Healthy Range
Using Forage Effectively for Beef Production
Range DevelopmentsA Key to Better Grazing
EC 1044
EC 1045
EC 1047
EC 1048
EC 1049
EC 1092
EC 1113
EC 1277
EM 8244
EM 8252
EM 8283
EM 8401
FG 22
PNW 73
PNW 200
SB 640
SB 642
SB 644
SB 659
Range ImprovementsWays to Increase Forage
Range Nutrition in Relation to Management
Range and Ranch PlanningImportance and Use
Range ManagementDealing with Drought
Range ManagementTransactions with Federal
Land Managers
Range and Pasture Management in Central and
Eastern Oregon 50
Monitoring Bureau of Land Management
Managing a Fee-Recreation Enterprise on Private
Lands $1.25
Costs and Benefits of BLM Range Improvements:
Private and Public Perspectives
Records and Their Importance for Public
Rangeland Livestock Operators
Costs Incurred by Permittees in Grazing Livestock
on Public Lands in Various Western States $3.00
Selected Bibliography of Riparian Zones!
Wetlands $5.75
Native Meadows (Eastern OregonEast of
Pacific Northwest Range: Its Nature and Use 75
Rangelands in Dry Years 25
A Bibliography of Bitterbrush (Purshia tridentata
(Pursh) D.C.); Annotated from 1967 to 1978
Taxonomy and Ecology of Sagebrush in Oregon
Medusahead (Taeniatherwn asperwn Nevski): A
Review and Annotated Bibliography
Adjusting and Forecasting Herbage Yields in the
Intennountain Big Sagebrush Region of the Steppe
SB 663
Changes in Protected and Grazed
Sagebrush-Grass in Eastern Oregon.
to 1974
SB 669
SB 671
SB 673
TB 80
TB 147
The Ecology and Management of Blue
Bunch Wheatgrass (Agropyron Spicatum): A
Range Research Areas in the Western
United States $2.00
Supplement to SB 659: Adjusting and
Forecasting Herbage Yields in the
Intermountain Big Sagebrush Region of the
Steppe Province
Overstory-Understory Grass Seedlings on
Sagebrush-Bunchgrass Range
Ecology and Plant Communities of the
Riparian Area Associated with Catherine
Creek in Northeastern Oregon
Sheep and Goats
Evaluation of Border Leicester and Targhee
Crossbred Ewes for the Pacific Coastal
Dairy Goats for Family Milk Supply 25
EC 866
Dairy Goat Housing and Care 25
EC 867
Management Considerations for Accelerated
EC 964
Lambing in Western Oregon 50
Adoption Crates for Grafting Orphaned
EC 1001
Lambs 25
Sheep Barn Planning 25g
EC 1088
Introducing Livestock-Guarding Dogs 50
EC 1224
Raising and Training a Livestock-Guarding
EC 1238
Dog 75
An Improved and Safer Technique for
EM 8393
Castration of Feeder Lambs 50
Estimation of Combining Abilities From a
TB 105
Diallel Cross of Three Inbred Lines of
Suffolk Sheep
The Effects of Age at First Lambing on
TB 138
Production and Longevity of Columbia and
Targhee Ewes
WRAES 106 Ewe and Lamb Trailer
Diseases of Dairy Goats 75
Protecting Dairy Goats from Poisonous
Plants 25
CI 674
Small and Part-time Farming
CI 669
Public Support for Small Farm Research in
EC 918
EC 919
Country LivingAre You Sure? 25
Can You Earn Your Living on a Small
CI 687
ER 835
BC 628
Sandy Soil and Soil Compaction
Soil Evaluation for Subsurface Sewage
Disposal 50
How to Take a Soil Sample...and Why
EC 1105
Agricultural Productivity Ratings for Soils of the
Willamette Valley $3.00
EM 8240
Conservation Tillage for Dryland Wheat
EM 8250
Costs of Alternative Tillage Practices in
the Western Region of the Willamette Valley 75
FS 249
Land Application of Sewage Sludge
FS 281
Manure Management Practices to Reduce Water
MANUAL 6 Manual for Judging Oregon Soils $7.50
MANUAL 8 Guide to Soil Suitability and Site Selection in
Beneficial Use of Sewage Sludge
PNW 275
No-Till and Minimum Tillage: Effective
Conservation Farming Systems 50
PNW 276
Current Nutrient Status Of Soils in Idaho, Oregon
and Washington 50
PNW 283
Fertilizer Band Location For Cereal Root
Access 50
PNW 297
Uniform Combine Residue Distribution for
Successful No-Till and Minimum Tillage
Systems 50
SB 629
Capillary Flow in Agricultural Drainage
SB 667
Marginal Analysis of Soil Loss Control on the
Mission-Lapwai Watershed, Idaho
SB 675
Long-Term Management Effects on Soil
Productivity and Crop Yield in Semi-Arid Regions
of Eastern Oregon
TB 89
A Soil-Geomorphic Study in the Oregon Coast
TB 104
Effect of Dispersion Techniques on Mechanical
Analysis of Oregon Soils
TB 109
Engineering Aspects of Soil Heat Extraction
TILLAGE PNW Conservation Tilage Handbook $20.00
Principles of Soil Sampling 25
Weed Identification and Control
(see also Crops)
CI 665
Control of Tansy Ragwort in Western Oregon
Pastures with 2,4-D
CI 686
Economics of Spraying Big Sagebrush
Communities of Eastern Oregon
EC 811
Herbicides for Annual Weed Control in Wheat in
Eastern Oregon 50
EC 1288
Problem Thistles of Oregon
FS 252
Transfer of Cinnabar Moth Larvae
FS 267
Controlling Weeds in Alfalfa
FS WEEDS Set of Weed Information Sheets (includes
PNW 102, 104-175,256) $1.50
IDCI 855
Creeping Beilfiower 25
PNW 102
Death Weed or Poverty Weed
PNW 104
Death Camas
PNW 105
PNW 108
Poison Oak and Ivy 25
PNW 109
Water Hemlock 25
PNW 115
Field Bindweed (Morning Glory)
PNW 116
Hoary Cress-White Top
PNW 117 Common and False Dandelion 25
PNW 133
PNW 134
PNW 135
PNW 175
PNW 210
PNW 224
PNW 255
PNW 256
PNW 329
PNW 348
TB 107
Longspine Sandbur
Yellow Toadflax and Daimatian
Toadflax 25
Tansy Ragwort
Pasture Management for Control of Tansy
Aquatic Vegetation Management and
Control 50
Tank-Mixing Herbicides 25
Jointed Goatgrass 50
Weed Control Guide for the Conservation
Reserve Program 50
Identification of Marijuana $1.00
Distribution, Growth Habits, and Control of
German Velvetgrass in Western Oregon
Pacific Northwest Weed Control Handbook
(revised annually) $15.00
Wines and Winemaking
CI 701
EM 8264
EM 8270
FS 297
Production, Maturity, and Wine
Composition of Winegrape Varieties in
Western Oregon
The Oregon Wine Industry: Historical
Perspectives and the Current Production and
Cost Situation $1.50
The Oregon Wine Industry: Considerations
for Developing a Marketing Plan $1.75
Basic Home Winemaking
. II
Impact Analysis
EC 1166
Sectoral Output Multipliers for Rural
Counties $1.00
Evaluating Fiscal Impact Studies:
Community Guidelines 50
Economic Multipliers: Can a Rural
Community Use Them? 50t
Growth Impacts on Public Service
Expenditures: Some Questions For the
Community 50
Assessing Fiscal Impact of Rural
Growth 50
What Does the Impact Statement Say About
Economic Impacts? 50
EC 808
EC 1152
TB 145
Parliamentary ProcedureTeach
Yourself $2.25
The Social Action Process: How Change
Takes Place
The Volunteer Teacher
Quantified Evaluation for Decisions
CI 676
EC 958
Who Owns the Rural Land in Oregon?
Planning, Zoning and Property Tax Assessment:
How Are They Related? 25
EC 963
Community Growth ManagenientPerforrnance
EC 973
Community Growth ManagementIntroduction to
EC 975
Growth Management 50
Reducing Public Costs of Residential
Developments 50
EC 978
Community Growth ManagementSix Case
Zoning 50
Examples 75
EC 1026
Community Growth ManagementInfluencing the
Sequence of Development 75
EC 1027
TB 133
WREP 111
WREP 116
Community Growth ManagementInfluencing the
Rate of Population Growth 75
The Demand for Non-Unique Outdoor
Recreational Services: Methodological Issues
Minimizing Public Costs of Residential
Growth 50
Coping with Rapid Growth: A Community
Perspective 50
Coping With GrowthIncoming Population:
Where Will The People Live?
The Potential for High Technology Manufacturing
in Nonmetropolitan Areas $1.50
Local Economic Impacts of High Technology
Manufacturing in the Nonmetropolitan West $1.50
Community-Based Small Business Start-Up
Funds $1.00
High Tech Entrepreneurs in the Nonmetro West:
Who is Starting What? $1.50
Public Policy, Government and Taxes
CI 675
An Evaluation of Expected Private Losses from
Selected Public Policies for Reducing Open Field
Burning, Willamette Valley, Oregon
EC 971
Oregon Port CommissionersThe Job and How to
EC 976
Oregon Port CommissionersSuggestions for
EC 979
Oregon's Smaller PortsWhat They Do and How
Effective Port Management 25
EC 1216
EC 1269
EC 1329
EC 1346
EC 1347
They Are Financed 25
Oregon's Tax System in Context
A New Tax Base For Your Local Government?
Oregon School Funding: Assessing the
Options 75
The State of Oregon Scenic Waterways Program:
Questions and Answers, Map and Locator
Federally Designated Wild and Scenic Rivers in
The Public Policy Process: Its Role In Community
Outlook for U.S. Agriculture Under
Alternative Macroeconomics Policy
Scenarios 50
The Tax Reform Act of 1986 $1.50
WREP 102
WREP 106
Regional Economics
Income, Employment and Expenditure
Patterns in a Timber-Based Economy:
Douglas County, Oregon 1975
Business Interrelationships of the Tillarnook
County Economy: A Study for Analysis of
Economic Change
Impact of a Major Economic Change on a
Rural Coastal Economy: A Large Aluminum
Plant in Clatsop County, Oregon
The Relationship Between Education and
Income: An Economic Analysis
Growth, Diversification, and Cyclical
Instability in the Oregon Economy,
CI 664
CI 672
SB 614
SB 622
SB 712
Small Business
Your Business Decision to Buy a
Microcomputer System 75ct
Managing A New Business: A Beginner's
Guide to Financial Concepts and
Tools $1.00
Government Requirements for New and
Existing Businesses in Oregon $1.00
Establishing and Operating an Early
Childhood Education Program in
Oregon $3.50
BC 1205
BC 1222
BC 1223
EM 8321
EC 865
EC 931
EC 1014
EC 1015
EC 1022
BC 1025
EC 1096
EC 1112
EC 1163
EC 1164
EC 1169
EC 1177
BC 1204
BC 1240
EC 1241
EC 1261
BC 1265
Energy Saving HomesA Checklist
Home Insulation 25
Fuel Alcohol Production and Utilization 25
Attic Ventilation for Summer Cooling
Improving Fireplace Efficiency
Energy Planner
Micro-Hydropower: Oregon Development
Guide 75
Weather Stripping and Caullcing Homes 25g
Measuring Wind Speeds for Small Turbine
Heating Household Water With A Wood
Earth-Sheltered Housing 25
The Sun and Your Home Furnishings
Combustion Appliances in Energy-Efficient
How To Build Storm Windows
Do-It-Yourself Insulated Window Shutters
Landscaping to Cut Fuel Costs
Sizing Wood Stoves In Oregon
EC 1286
EM 8363
EM 8364
EM 8365
EM 8366
FS 295
FS 300
PNW 262
Finding and Fixing Hidden Air Leaks
Bin Data Sites in Oregon (hourly temperature
data) $14.00
Bin Data Sites in Washington (hourly temperature
data) $13.25
Bin Data Sites in Idaho (hourly temperature
data) $9.75
Bin Data Sites in Montana (hourly temperature
data) $13.00
Selecting A Designer or Architect for Your
Energy-Efficient Home
Kerosene Space Heaters
Moisture and Home Energy Conservation
Heat Pumps for Homes: A Guide for Decisions
Residential Evaporative Air Conditioning Design
Residential Energy Usage Curtailment
Standby Equipment for Electric Power
ENERGY Selecting Power Equipment to Save
(for Christmas tree information, see Agriculture
EM 8220
Average Annual Precipitation in Southwest
Oregon $1.25
EM 8226
Average Dry-Season Precipitation in Southwest
Oregon. May Through September $1.25
FS 279
How to Avoid Beetle-Infested Firewood
WOOD WB Woodland Workbook (a collection of 46
publications in a 3-ring binder with printed chapter
dividers; includes many of the titles listed below)
$38.50 plus $3.00 shipping and handling on singlecopy orders
Forest Business Management
EC 1136
EC 1146
EC 1147
EC 1148
EC 1150
EC 1151
EC 1187
EC 1192
EC 1276
Forest Property Taxation in Western
Oregon 50
Forestry Financial Analysis I: An Introduction for
Landowners 50
Forestry Financial Analysis II: Worksheets for
How-to-Do-It $2.00
Forestry Financial Analysis ifi: How to Compare
Two (or More) Investments $1.50
Forest Property Taxation in Eastern
Oregon 75
Oregon's Forest Products Harvest Tax 50
Record Keeping: A How-to-Do-It Guide for Small
Woodland Owners $1.00
Contracts for Woodland Owners and Christmas
Tree Growers $1.00
Financing Forestry in the Pacific Northwest $1.00
Forest Issues
EC 1200
Forestry Issues and Public Policy: An
Action Guide for Woodland Owners $1.00
Forest Measurement
EC 1127
EC 1128
EC 1129
EC 1190
PNW 31
Measuring Timber Products Harvested From
Your Woodland $1.75
Estimating Site Productivity on Your
Woodland 75
Tools for Measuring Your Forest 50
Stand Volume and Growth: Getting the
Numbers $1.75
Measuring Trees 75
Forest Protection
EC 1253
EC 1255
EM 8315
An Introduction to Forest Protection $1.00
Controlling Pocket Gopher Damage to
Conifer Seedlings 50
The Gypsy Moth in Oregon: Potential
Effects and Management Options
ER 697
ER 785
Trees to Know in Oregon $1.00
Ferns to Know in Oregon 50
Kinds of Assistance
EC 1119
EC 1120
EC 1154
EC 1155
Cost Sharing and Woodland Management 25
Technical Assistance in Forestry 25
Educational Assistance for Woodland
Owners 25
Glossary of Woodland Words $1.25
ER 827
EC 858
EC 859
EC 885
EC 956
EC 1110
EC 1118
EC 1124
EC 1135
EC 1137
EC 1139
EC 1140
EC 1165
EC 1184
The Impact of Timber Harvest on Soil and
Water Resources 50
Timber Harvesting Options
Rocking Woodland Roads 25
Control Erosion on Forest Roads 75
Logging Woodland Properties 50
Designated Skid Trails Minimize Soil
Compaction 25
Planning Woodland Roads 25
Felling and Bucking Techniques for
Woodland Owners 75
Road Construction on Woodland
Properties 75
Designing Woodland Roads $1.75
Maintaining Woodland Roads 75
Hauling Logs from Woodland Properties 50
Designing Double-Tree Intennediate
Supports for Multispan Skyline Logging 750
Increasing Values Through Bucking
Practice: Manufacturing Logs $1.25
PNW 195
PNW 209
PNW 217
Impacts of Forest Practices on Surface Erosion 5O
Slope Stability on Forest Land 75
Compaction of Forest Soils 75
Management Planning
EC 1125
EC 1126
EC 1194
Management Planning for Woodland Owners:
Why and How 75
Management Planning for Woodland Owners: An
Example 75
Oregon's Forest Practice Rules $1.00
Marketing Forest Products
BC 1130
BC 1141
Developing a Marketing Strategy for Woodland
Owners: Initial Considerations 75
Log Exports and the Private Woodland Owner: An
Overview of Operations and Markets 75
Multiple Use
BC 798
BC 1099
BC 1109
EC 1114
EC 1122
EC 1143
Forest Grazing
Christmas Trees in the Small Woodland 50
Soil Compaction on Woodland Properties 50
Agro-Forestry: Growing Trees, Forage, and
Livestock Together 25
Enhancing Wildlife on Private Woodlands 75
Soil and Water Conservation: An Introduction for
Woodland Owners 25
EB 834
Economic Aspects of Reforestation Planning on
Woodland Properties 50
EC 1050
Certified Tree Seeds and Seedlings 25
EC 1095
Seedling Care and Handling 25
EC 1101
Certification of Tree Seed 50
EC 1121
Transplanting Wildings 50
EC 1188
Site Preparation: An Introduction for the Woodland
Owner $1.00
EC 1196
Selecting and Buying Quality Seedlings $1.50
EC 1201
Understanding and Controlling Deer Damage in
Young Plantations $1.75
EM 8241
Reforestation Planning Guide: Helping Insure
Reforestation Success for Woodland Owners $2.50
EM 8247
Mycorrhizae: A Hidden Benefactor to Forest
Trees 50
MANUAL 7 Regenerating Oregon's Forests $14.00
PNW 96
Raising Forest Tree Seedlings at Home 25
Stand Management
EC 820
How to Recognize Frost Damage in Forest
Trees...and What to Do About It 25
BC 1085
Mountain Pine Bark BeetleProtecting Individual
EC 1100
EC 1106
EC 1131
High Value Pine Trees
Mountain Pine Bark Beetle Questions and Answers
Thinning to Prevent Mountain Pine Beetles in
Lodgepole and Ponderosa Pine 50
Managing Woodlands in the Coastal Fog Belt 50
EC 1132
EC 1133
BC 1134
BC 1183
BC 1186
BC 1189
BC 1193
BC 1197
BC 1198
FS 164
FS 214
PNW 33
PNW 97
PNW 119
PNW 149
TB 79
TB 86
TB 87
TB 94
TB 95
TB 103
Thinning Systems for Western Oregon
Douglas-fir Stands: What Is Best for
You? 50
Mapping and Managing Poorly Stocked
Douglas-fir Stands 75
Growing and Harvesting Douglas-fir
Poles 50
Managing Hardwood Stands for Timber
Production 75t
Converting Western Oregon Red Alder
Stands to Productive Conifer Forests $1.00
Using Precommercial Thinning to Enhance
Woodland Productivity $1.00
Using Knobcone x Monterey Hybrid Pine in
Western Oregon $1.00
Managing Red Alder 75
Growing Eucalypts in Western Oregon 75
Douglas-fir Needle Midges
Douglas-fir Tussock Moth Control by the
Trees Against the Wind 75
Plant Your Trees Right 25
Most Profitable Cuuing Age for Douglasfir 25
SalvageIts Role in Forest Management
Clearcutting in the Douglas-fir Region of the
Pacific Northwest
Thinning: An Important Timber
Management Tool 50
Predators and Parasites of the Douglas-fir
Beetle; Description and Identification of the
Immature Stages
Predators of the Douglas-fir Beetle of
Western Oregon
Flight Patterns of Bark and Timber Beetles
Associated with Coniferous Forests of
Western Oregon
Studies of the Olfactory Behavior of the
Douglas-fir Beetle, Dendroctonus
pseudotsugae Hopkins
The Flight and Olfactory Behavior of
Checkered Beetles (Coleoptera:Cleridae)
Predatory on the Douglas-fir Beetle
Effects of Forest and Grazing Practices on
Mixed Coniferous Forests of Northeastern
Wood Processing
BB 833
EC 1250
Air Drying Lumber 50
Acquiring and Using a Portable Sawmill $1.75
(see also Families and Children)
EC 1221
EC 1243
Families and Aging: A Guide to Legal
Concerns $1.25
When Death Comes: Funerals & Alternative
Arrangements $1.25
DeathA Family Crisis 25
PNW 88
Growing Older: Sensory Changes 500
PNW 196
PNW 196-S Avanzando en Edad: Cambios Sensorios (Growing
Older: Sensory Changes)
Aging Parents: Helping When Health Fails 50
PNW 246
Helping Memory-Impaired Elders 5O
PNW 314
Coping With Caregiving: How to Manage Stress
PNW 315
when Caring for Elderly Relatives 750
Living Arrangements in Later Life $1.00
PNW 318
Alcohol Problems in Later Life 75
PNW 342
Helping Your Older Family Member Handle
PNW 344
Finances 50
Financing Health Care in Later Life $1.00
PNW 345
pepression in Later Life: Recognition and
PNW 347
Treatment $1.50
Clothing and Textiles
Clothing Appearance
EB 837
EB 838
EC 1220
EC 1285
Create the Look You LikeWith Texture 25
Create the Look You LikeWith Line 250
Looking Your Professional Best 750
Fashion: Analysis and Adoption 50
Clothing Care
EC 1279
EC 1280
EC 1281
EC 1282
EC 1283
EC 1284
PNW 166
Today's Clothing Care: Garment Labels!l'he
Consumer's Information Source 500
Today's Clothing Care: Dyeing and Colorfastness
in Fabrics 50
Today's Clothing Care: Fibers and Fabrics
Update 50
Today's Clothing Care: Professional Clothing Care
Services 500
Today's Clothing Care: Laundry Detergents and
Soaps 50
Today's Clothing Care: Selecting and Using
Laundry Aids 50
Removing Stains From Fabrics 25
Clothing Construction
EC 891
EC 891-S
EC 892
EC 893
EC 894
EC 895
How to Recycle Clothing by Restyling and Making
Como Renovar Ropa con Rehacer o con Cambiar
el Estilo (How to Recycle Clothing by Restyling
and Making Over)
Decisions About Recycling Clothing
Sewing EquipmentWhat Do You Need?
Basic Handsewing Stitches
Cutting Skills for Garment Construction
EC 922
EC 923
EC 924
EC 933
EC 940
EC 944
EC 980
EC 981
EC 985
EC 1111
EC 1161
BC 1218
BC 1266
FS 233
PNW 187
PNW 192
PNW 193
PNW 197
Plain Seams and Seam Finishing
Ease and Gathers
Darts 250
Hems 25
ZippersCentered and Lapped Applications25Ø
Facings and Enclosed Seams 25
Set-in Sleeves 25
Topstitched Seams 250
Complex Seams for Woven Fabrics 25
Choosing Colors to Wear 50
Repairing Outerwear Garments 50
Tailoring Women's Fashions With Fusible
Interfacing $2.00
Sewing for Profit $1.25
Making Pressing Pads
Sewing with Stripes, Checks, and Plaids 500
Interfacings 25
Sewing Machine Selection 25
Quality Standards in Clothing Construction 250
Pressing Pointers 25
Clothing for People with Physical
Handicaps 75
Clothing Selection
BC 1160
BC 1245
EC 1246
PNW 284
PNW 301
PNW 302
PNW 303
PNW 304
PNW 305
PNW 306
Caring for Outerwear Garments
Insulated Coats and Jackets for Men and
Women $1.25
Rainwear for Men and Women $1.00
International Clothing Care Symbols 25
Actionwear: Clothing for Fitness/Choosing a
Sport Bra 25
Actionwear: Clothing for Fitness/Bicycle
Wear 250
Actionwear: Clothing for Fitness/Running
and Jogging 250
Actionwear: Clothing for Fitness/Socks 250
Actionwear: Clothing for Fitness/Swim.
wear 250
Actionwear: Clothing for Fitness/
Visibility 25
EC 897
EC 946
BC 1179
The Structure of Woven, Knit, and Other
Analyzing the Color, Design and Texture of
Fabric 25
Today's Fashion Fabrics 250
Families and Children
EC 990
BC 991
EC 992
BC 993
(see also Aging)
In the Middle Years: Facing Adulthood 25
Learning is Child's Play (Introduction)
Learning is Child's Play (Attribute Blocks)
Learning is Child's Play (Comparison
EC 994
EC 995
EC 996
BC 997
EC 998
BC 999
BC 1000
EC 1019
EC 1020
BC 1056
Learning is Child's Play (Color Blocks)
Learning is Child's Play (Number Puzzle)
Learning is Child's Play (Learning Squares)
Learning is Child's Play (Color Lotto)
Learning is Child's Play (Matching Board)
Learning is Child's Play (Feelie Bag)
Learning is Child's Play (Sound Cans)
In the Middle Years: Turning Points 25
In the Middle Years: Sexual Fulfillment 25
In the Middle Years: Changing and Grow-
BC 1289
BC 1290
BC 1291
BC 1292
EC 1293
BC 1294
EC 1295
BC 1296
BC 1297
BC 1298
BC 1299
BC 1300
BC 1301
BC 1311
BC 1312
EC 1313
BC 1314
BC 1315
BC 1316
EC 1317
EC 1318
BC 1319
BC 1320
Helping Children Grow: Using Discipline
Helping Children Grow: The Causes and
Prevention of Child Abuse
Helping Children Grow: Listening to Your
Helping Children Grow: Starting Healthy Eating
Helping Children Grow: Developing Personal
Helping Children Grow: Attachment and
Helping Children Grow: Managing Children's TV
Helping Children Grow: Dealing With Problem
Helping Children Grow: Learning Through Play
and Fantasy
Helping Children Grow: Children's Individuality
Helping Children Grow: Knowing Your Children
Helping Children Grow: Learning to Cope With
Helping Children Grow: Providing Early
Helping Children Grow: Promoting Creativity
Helping Children Grow: Handling Children's Fears
Helping Children Grow: Finding Community
Helping Children Grow: Becoming a Stepparent
Helping Children Grow: Mastering Life's Tasks
Helping Children Grow: Managing Sibling Rivalry
Helping Children Grow: Developing Social Skills
Helping Children Grow: Finding Your Parenting
Helping Children Grow: Making Children Feel
Helping Children Grow: Preparing for
EC 1321
EC 1322
EC 1323
EC 1324
BC 1325
BC 1326
Helping Children Grow: Encouraging Competence
Helping Children Grow: The Challenged Child
Helping Children Grow: Coping With Illness and
Helping Children Grow: Teaching Children
Helping Children Grow: Teaching Children Values
Helping Children Grow: Children's Peer Groups
EC 1327
FS 313
PNW 64
PNW 64-S
PNW 83
PNW 127
PNW 242
PNW 279
Helping Children Grow: Preparing Children
for School
Estate Planning: Families with Minor
Child Guidance Techniques 75
Metodos en Ia Guia del Nino (Child
Guidance Techniques)
Helping Children Develop Responsibility
The Family Council
Thriving on Stress 25
Especially for ParentsUnderstanding
Babies and Toddlers 25
PNW 280
Especially for ParentsUnderstanding
Three to Six-Year-Olds 25
PNW 281
Especially for ParentsDisciplining
PNW 294
Preschoolers 25
Moving with Kids 50
Family Finance (see also Food Buying)
EB 839
BC 1059
BC 1083
BC 1225
EC 1229
EC 1230
EC 1234
EC 1242
EC 1267
BC 1270
BC 1302
PNW 237
PNW 258
Your Will 25
What To Do When You Lose Your Job
Ordering Merchandise by Mail
Financial Planners: Do You Need One? 50
Financial Planning: How to Prepare an
Income/Expense Statement 50
Financial Planning: How to Prepare a Net
Worth Statement 50
Do You Know Your Valuable Papers?
Making Financial Decisions When Divorce
Occurs: An Oregon Guide $2.25
Financial PlanningfFamily Goals
Your Saving/Spending Plan
Organizing Your Family Records 75
A Guide to Budgeting for the Family 50
Budgeting for the Young Couple 25
Foods and Nutrition
(see also MarineSeafood Preparation)
Fish and Game Preparation
EB 790
EB 800
EB 819
EC 1176
SG 61
Game Foods 25
Treats with Venison 25
Boning Out Your Deer 5O
You and Your Wild Game $2.50
Smelt Aboundingi Dip Net to Dish 25
Food Buying (see also Family Finance)
Corvallis Food Shopping Survey,
CI 670
Summer 1977
Compare Cost Per Serving To Stretch Your
EB 803
Food Dollars 50
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Availability in
BC 696
We Want You to Know About Nutrition
EC 911
Labels on Food
Shopper's Survival Kit
EC 984
Food Preparation
EB 828
BC 1248
FS 226
FS 227
PNW 45
PNW 54
PNW 250
Cooking for One in the Senior Years
Preparing Food at High Altitudes 50
Making American-Type Cheese at Home
Making Soft Cheeses at Home
Choosing and Using Western Vegetables 5O
Good Eating with Beef
You Can Prevent Food Poisoning 5O
Food Preservation and Storage
EC 889
FS 146
FS 230
FS 232
PNW 172
PNW 183
PNW 199
PNW 214
PNW 2%
PNW 300
WREP 112
WREP 113
WREP 114
Drying Fruits and Vegetables at Home 25
Home Drying of Prunes, Filberts, and Walnuts
Storing Pumpkin and Winter Squash at Home
Making Dried Fruit Leather
Canning Vegetables 25çt
Fish Pickling for Home Use
Canning Fruits 25
Freezing Fruits and Vegetables 25
Freezing Prepared Foods 25
Canning Tomatoes and Tomato Products 25
Envasado de Tomates y Productos con Tomate
(Canning Tomatoes and Tomato Products)
Envasado de Hortalizas (Canning Vegetables)
Envasado de Frutas (Canning Fruits)
EB 823
BC 776-S
EC 809
BC 1057
EC 1138
BC 1156
BC 1167
Family FoodFruit and Vegetables
Enfoque en Nutricion Informacion de Cocina
(Focus on Nutrition Cooking Information)
Nutritive Value of Native Foods of Warm Springs
Indians 50
Don't Let Your Diet Let You Down
SodiumThink About It 25
Altering Recipes for Health 25
Nutrition in the Fast Lane
Home Health and Safety
FS 312
How to Prevent Lead Contamination in Food and
Household Equipment
EC 855
BC 927
BC 928
BC 929
BC 932
EC 949
BC 982
EC 1058
BC 1082
How to Build a Portable Electric Food Dehydrator5O
Facts About Blenders
Facts About Drip-filter Coffee Makers
Facts About Vacuum Cleaners 25
Facts About Toasters and Toaster Ovens
Laundry Techniques to Save Energy
Facts About Dishwashers
Energy GuideA Tool for Appliance Shoppers
Facts About Equipping a Kitchen
Housing and Home Furnishings
BC 804
EC 1174
Storage Accessories on a Low Cost
Budget 25
How to Prevent and Remove Mildew in the
Home 50
EC 1178
EC 1209
EC 1271
FS 236
FS 301
IDCI 250
PNW 141
PNW 144
PNW 145
PNW 153
PNW 162
Solving Hard Water Problems 50
Selecting and Using Home Cleaning
Products 25
Care and Maintenance of Wood Shingle and
Shake Roofs 75
Planning Kitchen Area Wiring
Smoke DetectorsFire Alarms for Your
Refinishing Wood Furniture
Be an Aware ShopperRugs and Carpets
Be An Aware ShopperDraperies and
Furniture Restoration 50
Storage for New or Remodeled Homes 25
Storage for Kids Stuff
Kitchen Lighting
Vacation Home Services and Utilities
Limited Space Living
Home Buyer's Guide: A Checklist
Vacation and Leisure Home Design Ideas
(27 plans)
-Business and Economics
CI 627
EC 965
EM 8278
EM 8332
EM 8389
EM 8395
EM 8399
EM 8409
EM 8414
EM 8415
FS 294
PNW 230
Ps 15
SG 19
SG 29
SG 34
SG 48
Economics of the Dungeness Crab Industry
Oregon's Seafood IndustryIts Importance
to Oregon's Economy 50
The Port of Beaver: A Case Study of Port
Management $1.75
Limited Entry: A Fishing Industry
Information Exchange $8.00
Beaver Seafoods: A Case Study of Seafood
Processing Management $1.50
Your Port and the Local Economy
Your Port and Economic Growth
Your Port: Activities, Finance and
Waterfront Revitalization for Small
Cities $16.00
Waterfront Revitalization for Small Cities:
Oregon Supplement $5.00
Growing Catfish in OregonDoes It Pay?
Waterway User Fees and Wheat
Transportation in the Pacific Northwest 25
The Fishing Industry and Pacific Coastal
Communities: Understanding the
Assessment of Economic Impacts $1.75
Organizing and Operating a Fishing Cooperative 25
How to Calculate Profit in a Fishing
Analyzing a New Marine Business 75
What Are Salmon Worth? 25
SG 59
SG 71
SG 72
SG 74
SG 79
Making Good Use of Your MoneyMarine
Business Management
Microcomputers and Programmable Calculators 25
Obtaining Permits for Waterway Development 75
Fisherman-to-Consumer Marketing: State and
Local Regulations in Oregon
Parasites in Marine Fishes: Questions and Answers
for Seafood Retailers
Engineering and Technology
CA TROLL Recommended Procedures for Handling TrollEM 8249
EM 8427
PS 13
SB 613
SG 23
SG 41
SG 42
SG 43
SG 46
SG 49
SG 54
SG 55
SG 67
SG 77
SG 78
SG 83
Caught Salmon 50
Proceedings of the West Coast Squid Symposium $6.00
Using the Rolling Period Test to Estimate Fishing
Vessel Stability $1.00
Storage Batteries for Boats 25
An Effective Combination Trawl for West Coast
Draggers: Atlantic-Western Trawis
Preventing Decay in Wood Boats 25
Radar Reflectors for Boats 25tt
Using Multimeters on Boats
Outhoard Motor Maintenance Tips
Cathodic Protection for Boats in Saltwater 25
Recognizing and Controlling Marine Wood
Borers 25
How to Get the Most Out of Loran-C 25
Control of Wood Rot in Waterfront Structures 50
Onboard Freezing Systems: Some Options for the
Small Vessel 50
Use Engine Oil AnalysisTo Extend the Life of
Your Engine!
Understanding and Controlling Crevice Corrosion
in Stainless Steel 50
Net Mending and Patching 50
Marine Safety
PS 14
SG 2
SG 3
SG 26
SG 27
SG 33
SG 44
SG 51
SG 64
Boating in Oregon Coastal Waters $1.00
Rip Currents (poster)
Join the Wake Watchers (poster)
So You're Going To The Beach
Getting Hurt on the Winter Beach (poster)
Watch Your Step (poster)
Six Ways to Sink Your Boat
Marine Fires: Preventing Them; Fighting Them
Enjoy the Beaches in Safety
Vessel Alarms: Your Safety Patrol
Controlling Fires on Pleasure Boats
Natural Resources
EM 8330
EM 8349
EM 8402
Proceedings: Sharks An Inquiry into Behavior,
Biology, Fisheries and Use $10.00
Sharks of Oregon (poster) $2.00
Chinook Salmon Populations in Oregon Coastal
River Basins: Descriptions of Life Histories
and Assessment of Recent Trends in Run
Lengths $15.00
PNW 212
PNW 249
SG $
SG 9
SG 25
SG 35
SG 45
SG 63
SG 69
The Columbia-Snake: Challenges for
Multiple-Use River Management 25
Who Controls the Water? Managing the
Columbia-Snake System 75
Continental Shelf Sediment off Oregon 500
Phytoplankton, Grass of the Sea 25
Understanding Tides 500
Oregon's Ever-Changing Coastline 500
Today's Youth in Tomorrow's Sea 50
Intertidal Salt Marshes of Oregon 50
Seal Pups Rest on ShoreDo Not Disturb
Them! (poster)
EC 939
FS 152
Catching Crayfish for Fun and Profit 25
Preparing Cluster Egg Baits From Salmon
and Steelhead Roe
MANUAL 4 Field Guide to Common Marine and Bay
Fishes of Oregon $1.25
SG 14
Bottomfishing off Oregon
SG 28
Oregon's Captivating Clams 50
Gray Whales
Watching Whales
SG 53
SG 68
A Guide to Oregon's Commercial Fishing
Vessels 75
How to Identify A Soft-Shell Crab
SG 76
SG 80
Coos Bay Estuary Public Access Guide 250
SG 81
Gyotaku: Japanese Fish Printing 50
SG 84
Yaquina Bay Estuary Public Access
Guide 50
Seafood Preparation
(see also HomeFoods and Nutrition)
PNW 238
SG 70
Smoking Fish At HomeSafely 25
Building a Small Crab Cooker for Home
Use 250
Seafood Technology
SG 21
SG 22
SG 32
SG 65
SG 82
Cleaning and Sanitizing Agents for Seafood
Processing Plants 250
Preparation of Salt Brines for the Fishing
Industry 25
Life Begins at 40 F: How to Use a SeafoodHandler's Thermometer 25
Improving the Quality of Commercially
Processed Dungeness Crab
Albacore TunaA Quality Guide For Offthe-Dock Purchasers 25
EM 8307
EM 8308
EM 8310
EM 8396
EM 8228
EM 8271
EM 8417
VTP 001
VTP 002
ALFACHAR Computer Software (allows the user
to defme selection criteria relating to brand, year of
release, winter hardiness, disease resistance, and
insect resistance from a database of about 400
varieties of alfalfa) $25.00 plus $3.00 shipping and
handling on single-copy orders
PLANTEMP Computer Software (predicts wheat
plant development and ground cover by wheat
plants in their vegetative stage) $25.00 plus $3.00
shipping and handling on single-copy orders
WOOLPRO Computer Software (simplifies record
keeping associated with operation of a wool pool)
$25.00 plus $3.00 shipping and handling on singlecopy orders
HAYVAL Computer Software (evaluates the
winter feeding needs of beef, sheep, and horses)
$25.00 plus $3.00 shipping and handling on singlecopy orders
Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station (explains
the purpose and organization of the Oregon
Agricultural Experiment Station)
A User's Guide to the OSU Extension Service
(explains how Oregon State University extends its
OSU Extension Service Energy Program (explains
how the Energy Program helps Oregonians save
Extension Sea Grant at Oregon State University
Budding and Grafting Fruit Trees $37.00 plus
$3.00 shipping and handling on single-copy orders
A Grower's Guide to Pruning Highbush
Blueberries $27.00 plus $3.00 shipping and
handling on single-copy orders
Publications Order Form
To: Publications Orders
Agricultural Communications
Oregon State University
Administrative Services A422
Corvallis, Oregon 97331-2119
Series #
Total enclosed
*When you order priced publications, please add 25 for shipping
and handling for orders up to $2.50. For orders between $2.50
and $100, add 15% shipping and handling. For orders of $100 or
more, please call Agricultural Communications for a quote on
reduced shipping and handling rates.
Oregon State University County Extension
Offices and Branch Experiment Stations
BAKER-2610 Grove Street, Baker City 97814, Ph. 523-6418
BENTON-2720 N.W. Polk, Corvallis 97330, Ph. 757-6750
CLACKAMAS-200 Warner-Milne Rd., Oregon City 97045, Ph. 655-8631
-North Willamette Research and Extension Center, 15210 N.E. Miley Rd.,
Aurora 97002, Ph. 678-1264
CLATSOP-2050 Marine Dr., P.O. Box 207, Astoria 97103, Ph. 325-8573
COLUMBIA-Courthouse, St. Helens 97051, Ph. 397-3462
COOS-Coos Co. Coquille Annex, 290 North Central, Coquille 97423,
Ph. 396-3121, Ext. 242
CROOK-Courthouse, Prineville 97754, Ph. 447-6228
CURRY-950 S. Ellensburg, P.O. Box 488, Gold Beach 97444, Ph. 247-6672
DESCHU1'ES-1421 S. Hwy 97, P.O. Box 756, Redmond 97756. Ph. 548-6088
-Juvenile Justice Center, 1128 N.W. Harriman. Bend 97701, Ph. 388-6436
-Central Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station, 1556 S.E. 1st St..
P.O. Box 246, Redmond 97756, Ph. 548-3340
DOUGLAS-1134 SE. Douglas Ave.. P.O. Box 1165, Roseburg 97470,
Ph. 672-4461
GILUAM-Cowthouse. P.O. Box 707. Condon 97823, Ph. 384-2271
GRANT-Courthouse. P.O. Box 69, Canyon City 97820, Ph. 575-1911
HARNEY-Courthouse, 450 N. Buena Vista, Burns 97720, Ph. 573-2506
-Eastern Oregon AgriculturalResearch Center, HC-71,4.51 Hwy 205,
Burns 97720, Ph. 573-2064
HOOD RIVER-2990 Exp. Station Dr.. Hood River 97031. Ph. 386-3343
-Mid-Columbia Agricultural Research and Extension Center, 3005
Experiment Station Dr.. Hood River 97031, Ph. 386-2030
JACKSON-1301 Maple Grove Dr.. Medford 97501. Ph. 776-7371
-Southern Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station. 569 Hanley Rd.,
Medfoni 97502, Ph. 772-5165
JEFFERSON-530D St., Madras 97741, Ph. 475-3808
-1134 Psiute St.. P.O. Box 430, Warm Springs 97761, Ph. 553-3238
JOSEPI4INE-215 Ringuette St., Grants Pass 97527. Ph. 476-6613
KLAMATH-3328 Vandenberg Rd., Klamath Falls 97603, Ph. 883-7131
-Klamath Agricultural Experiment Station, 6941 Washburn Way.
Klamath Fails 97603, Ph. 883-4590
LAKE-Courthouse. Lakeview 97630, Ph. 947-6054
LANE-950 W. 13th Ave., Eugene 97402, Ph. 687-4243
UNCOLN-29 S.E. Second St., Newport 97365. Ph. 265-6611, Ext. 207
-Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station. Hatfield Marine Science
Center, Newport 97365, Ph. 867-3011
LINN-4th & Lyons, P.O. Box 765, Albany 97321, Ph. 967-3871
MALHEUR-710S.W. Fifth Ave., Ontario9l9l4,Ph. 881-1417
-Mallseur Agricultural Experiment Station. 595 Onion Ave..
Ontano 97914. Ph. 889-2174
MARION-3 180 Center St. N.E.. Room 160, Salem 97301. Ph. 588-5301
MORROW-Giilham & Bisbee Bldg. P.O. Box 397, Heppner 97836. Ph. 676-9642
MULTNOMAII-211 S.E 80th, Portland 97215. Ph. 254-1500
-Energy Program, 1530 S.W. Taylor. Portland 97205, Ph. 241-9172
POLK-Academy Bldg. 182 S.W. Academy St., Suite 202, P.O. Box 640, Dallas
97338. Ph. 623-8395
SHERMAN-Courthouse, P.O. Box 385. Morn 97039, Ph. 565-3230
TIILAMOOK-2204 Fourth St., Tillamo 97141. Ph. 842-3433
UMATIILA-721 S.E. 3rd, Suite 3, Pendleton 97801, Ph. 276-7111, Ext. 235
-Umatilla Indian Reservation, P.O. Box 638, Pendleton 97801,
Ph. 276-8120
-418 N. Main St., P.O. Box E, Milton-Freewater 97862, Ph. 938-5597
-Columbia BasinAgriculturalResearchCenter (Pendleton), Hwy 11/
Crawford Hollow Rd., P.O. Box 370, Pendleton 97801. Ph. 276-5721
-HermistonAgricultural Research and Extension Center, HinkleRd.
P.O. Box 105, Hermiston 97838, Ph. 567-6337
UNION-10507 N. McAlister Rd., La Grande 97850, Ph. 963-1010
WAILOWA-Cowthouse, P.O. Box 280, Enterprise 97828. Ph. 426-3143
WASCO -207 Courthouse Annex A, 400 E. 5th, The Dalles 97058, Ph. 296-5494
WASHINGTON-2448 S.E. Tualatin Valley Higrway. Courthouse, 1-lillsboro
97124, Ph. 681-7009
WHEELER-Courthouse, P.O. Box 407, Fossil 97830, Ph. 763-4115
YAMHILL.-2050 Lafayette Ave., McMinnville 97128. Ph. 434-7517
Extension Service, Oregon State University, Corvallis, O.E.
Smith, director. This publication was produced and distributed in
furtherance of the Acts of Congress of May 8 and June 30, 1914.
Extension work is a cooperative program of Oregon State
University, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and Oregon
Oregon State University Extension Service offers educational
programs, activities, and materials without regard to race, color,
national origin, sex, age, or disability as required by Title VI of
the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education
Amendments of 1972, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act
of 1973. Oregon State University Extension Service is an Equal
Opportunity Employer.