A cappella voices:
AU wishes, AU wishes, AU wishes,
AU wishes. . . (singing)
Akbar Ahmed:
My wish is that you take a moment this holiday and think
of how you can build bridges and friendships between
different villages, cultures, and communities.
Christine Thompson:
A D.C. representative in Congress.
Julia Berk, Alex Priest:
We wish the world would tweet in perfect harmony.
Derrick Cogburn:
That everybody in the world knows what
a collaboratory is.
Jordan Borucki, Vlad Moldoveanu, Wayne Simon:
Going to the Big Dance!
Sara Jacobs:
The eradication of poverty and hunger.
Matthew Nisbet:
That America can come together for a sustainable future.
Ann Kerwin, Gregory Wright, Jessica Lubell:
May all your green dreams come true!
Scott Berman, Jennifer Jones, Ellie Van Bever:
More clean energy on campus.
Louis Goodman:
I’m good.
Emily Curley:
Travel green.
Christopher O’Brien:
And offset your transportation emissions with
renewable energy.
Tarjei Helland:
I wish somebody could proof my thesis for me.
Oyvind Ofstad:
No way, man.
Yohana Desta:
That I survive finals.
Meredith West, Gwen Ledford:
More sleep!!
Alex Lugovina, Carleigh Morba:
Go Eagles!!
Marika Ruggiero, Lauren Frager, Jenna Walsh:
Great Hanukkah with my new friends and sisters.
Will Hubbard:
I wish for the safety of our troops abroad, and their
families back home.
Ritanch Hans:
I really wish I had a girlfriend.
Sandy Dhaliwal:
Katie Hanson:
I wish I had more friends.
Ritanch Hans, Sandy Dhaliwal:
Penny Pagano:
We wish for more neighbors to join us for classes,
concerts and a cup of coffee.
Sharon Alston:
Welcoming 1500 new Wonk wannabes to AU.
Sylvia Brookoff:
For everyone to have lots of chocolate.
Tonei Glavinic:
Civil Rights.
Diana Chen:
Jobs for grads.
Lauren Durden, Melissa Chang:
To study abroad with my best friend.
Peter Brusoe:
To finish my dissertation.
Kayleigh Marshall:
I hope I get into law school. (ASL)
Scott Bass:
That we as a nation reinvest in our public schools.
Sarah Irvine Belson:
That every child has a great teacher and a great school.
Magdalena Tekiel, Barry Goldberg,
Vanessa Annoni, Bianca Richardson:
More victories in 2011!!
Andrew Munson, Taylor Saia,
John Scianimanico, Andrew MacCracken:
In 2011, we wish AU would be on its way to being
carbon free. (Sound…bom bom).
Bill Mayer:
If knowledge is power, we need more outlets.
Jacques Domenge:
That all of our students find fulfillment in their careers.
Yating Wan:
Happy New Year! (Mandarin Chinese)
Dora Oduor:
Happy greeting for Christmas. (Kiswahili)
Mohamed Hassan:
Have a good year and be well. (Arabic)
Gaina Dubuisson:
We wish you a happy new year. (Haitian Creole)
Fanta Aw:
We wish you a happy new year, our best wishes. (French)
Molly Riddles, Kayla Monks, Hannah Murphy:
Another snowmageddon.
Derrick Souder, Carlos Rivera:
No way!!
Carlos Sanabria, Patrick Ledesma:
Ow!!! Who’s throwing snow balls?
Justin LaRocca:
A metro that comes on time.
Christian Kingston:
A Merry Christmas for everyone.
Torrey Androski:
Looking forward to seeing fellow alumni at an
event near you.
Devon Gessert:
And on campus.
Jeff Sine:
My wish is to be back at AU; 6th floor McDowell Hall.
Gary Abramson:
Not if we have to live in triples!
Nicole Wheatley:
For alumni to know how much we appreciate
their support.
Clawed Z. Eagle:
A Mrs. Clawed.
Nathan Bronstein:
That everyone has a safe vacation, and when they return,
American continues to be their home away from home.
David Jaffe:
Take care of yourselves this holiday.
William LeoGrande:
I wish for peace on earth and peace in Washington,
which may be tougher. Tea anyone?
Neil Kerwin:
What we really want to wish you is…