Summer International Internships SIS Study Abroad 2016: Jordan 1. Organization:

Summer International Internships
SIS Study Abroad 2016: Jordan
1. Organization: Jordanian Interfaith Coexistence Research Center
The Jordanian Interfaith Coexistence Research Center (JICRC) is an
interfaith organization that was established in 2003. It is concerned with the
sensitive and vital issue of coexistence in the world in general and within the
Middle East region in particular. One of the JICRC's primary objectives is to
provide advice and assistance to governments, organizations and individual
decision-makers regarding the issue of peace building based on religious
beliefs, using fourteen centuries of peaceful interfaith coexistence in Jordan
and human rights principles as models for building a better political, social,
economic, cultural, and security environment.
Amman, Jordan
We intend for interns to be involved in developing our new website that will
serve as a central hub for local, regional, and international interfaith news,
academic papers, and guest blog posts. We are likewise in the midst of
launching our project, "Journalists for Coexistence," to shift paradigms in the
representation of interfaith relations in the media. We are designing an interregional and interfaith curriculum with similar goals for educational institutes.
Our ongoing Jordanian Pilgrimage Project aims to promote and connect
Jordan's holy sites with churches around the world. JICRC is highly
concerned with the issue of Arab Christian emigration from the region and
interested interns will play a key role in spearheading the Center's response to
the growing problem. In terms of Islamic affairs, we are aiming to revitalize
our "Imams for Coexistence" project to give religious leaders the tools to
engage with human dignity values of human rights, democracy, and women's
empowerment. Qualified interns will assist in a research projecton the role of
imams and Shari'ah judges in spreading the culture of the respect of human
dignity in Jordan. Lastly, we are strengthening our partnership with Global
Dignity and supporting its mission by coordinating events for the Global
Dignity Day this fall. In addition to assisting in the daily operations of the
center, interns would be assigned to specific projects to further the Center's
vision for interfaith coexistence in Jordan, and abroad such as developing
media outreach and interfaith exchange programs. Additionally, it is our goal
to familiarize interns with Jordanian culture and Arabic language in ways that
truly allow them to connect with religious communities.
Content Area:
International education, peace and conflict resolution, cross-cultural
communication/intercultural relations, higher education.
Intern Preferences: The ideal intern will have a familiarity with Middle Eastern affairs, especially
Arab Christianity and Islam. Each intern should have basic Arabic skills and
a keen interest in developing them further.
Times and Dates:
Saturday – Thursday, 24 hours/week
Contact Info:
Tel: +962 6 4623057
Fax: +962 6 4629011
P. O. Box: 811633 Amman 11181 Jordan
email1:[email protected]
email2:[email protected]
2. Organization: Arab Institute for Security Studies
The Arab Institute for Security Studies is a regional organization located in
Amman (Jordan). Established in 1995, the Institute carries out its activities in
association with a number of local, regional and International agencies,
including the United Nations, League of Arab States and other bodies. The
Institute operates under Royal patronage with an International board made
of highly qualified members.
The Arab Institute for Security Studies is committed to sustaining world
peace, contributing to peaceful relations amongst people of the world and
maintaining global security. The Institute addresses conditions necessary to
promote peace and stability regionally and internationally in accordance with
the principles of the United Nations. The Institute seeks to provide accurate
and efficient diagnosis of the security situation and provide
recommendations on some of the pressing issues.
Amman, Jordan
Content Area:
Weapons of Mass Destruction-Free Zone (WMDFZ) in the Middle East,
Arab-Israeli conflict- monitoring extremism in the region
Intern Preferences: Good background of U.S. congress, previous internship experience,
knowledge of Arabic preferred
Times and Dates:
Sunday to Thursday from 9:00- 3:00
Contact Info:
[email protected]
Dr. Ayman Khalil - Director