Goal-Setting Pizza & Personality: October 6, 2015 Personal Branding

Pizza & Personality:
October 6, 2015
Personal Branding
Presented By:
Scott Busiel
Workshop Objectives
• Understand the theory behind SMART goals
and how to create your own
• Consider the resources available to you in
your goal-setting
• Develop short-term career goals and an
individualized plan for accomplishing these
Goal-Setting Process
Before Setting Goals
• Identify your networks and support systems
for particular goals
• Realize that things will get in your way to
accomplishing goals
• Accept change as a part of living
• Create goals that are realistic
• Make goal-setting a habit
The Habit
• S – Specific: Provide details to make it easier
to track your goals.
• M – Measurable: Consider how you will
measure your progress.
• A – Attainable: A goal should stretch you, but
it shouldn’t be out of your reach.
• R – Realistic: Do-able. Do you have the time
to commit to this goal?
• T – Timely: Create a timeframe
for the goal.
SMART Goal Prep
The first step is to determine your "SMART" goal. It
is important that your goal starts with a strong verb!
• Build 3 months emergency savings fund to
$10,000. This is a good example of a SMART goal
because it is specific and you can measure your
SMART Goal Prep
SMART Goal Prep
Ask yourself…
• Who can help me achieve this particular
SMART Goal Prep
• Obstacles that may hinder your progress
• Adjustments that could be made to still
reach your goal
• How you plan to reward yourself after
reaching different milestones
Short-Term Planning
• Short-term planning is thinking about now
through the next 3 years
• Important Considerations:
• Development of realistic goals
• Career barriers
• Specific industry of focus
• Skills you want to develop
Long-Term Planning
• Long-term planning is thinking at least 3-5
years down the road
• Important Considerations:
• Workplace trends
• How your core values & skills integrate
with those of companies
A Little Reflection
We will walk through the worksheet and do a
bit of SMART goal-setting
How Career Services Helps
• Individualized counseling by major AND
• Future personal branding workshops
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