Jean Monnet Module on Agenda-Setting in the European Union –... The EU Agenda in tackling the crime-terror complex

Jean Monnet Module on Agenda-Setting in the European Union – ASEU
The EU Agenda in tackling the crime-terror complex
Prof Daniela Irrera (University of Catania)
[email protected]
100-300 words
The seminar will analyse the EU contribution in tackling the crime-terror complex in the framework of the
multilateral response. The set of relations between terrorism and organised crime is seen as the strategic
alliance of two non-state actors, able to exploit illegal markets and influence policy-making at the global level.
This is a phenomenon challenging both states and international institutions, producing important
implications on politics and policies at the national and international level. In the broader context of
multilateralism, the EU is developing its own strategy which involves both internal and external security. The
use of military and civilian missions to foster rule of law, police and justice reform and SSR may constitute a
significant innovation
The presentation will be divided into three parts. In the first part, the nexus is analysed against the rise of
non-State actors, and in combination with additional threats, namely weak and failed States. In the second
one, the present set of strategies and approaches developed by the leading political actors is explored in the
conceptual framework of multilateral cooperation. In the last part, an analysis of the integrated strategy
developed by the EU will be based on the empirical evaluation of the impact of both ended and on-going
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