S5.4 W. H. Ruan , Y. F. Huang , M. Q. Zhang

Graphene based polymer nanocomposites used as electrolyte for
electric double layer capacitors
W. H. Ruan1, Y. F. Huang1,2, M. Q. Zhang1, P. F. Wu1,2
Materials Science Institute, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Sun Yat-sen
University, Guangzhou 510275, China (cesrwh@mail.sysu.edu.cn)
Key Laboratory for Polymeric Composite and Functional Materials of Ministry of Education,
DSAPM Lab, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou 510275, China
To develop a new type of polymer electrolyte for energy storage device, cross-linked graphene
oxide/polyvinyl alcohol (GO-B-PVA) nanocomposite were prepared by freeze-thaw/boron
cross-linking method. Structure, thermal properties and mechanical properties of GO-B-PVA
were explored. Then the gel electrolytes saturated with KOH solution were assembled into
electric double layer capacitors (EDLCs). The electrochemical properties of EDLCs using GOB-PVA/KOH were investigated, and compared with those using non-cross-linked GO-PVA/
KOH gel or KOH solution electrolyte. FTIR shows that boron cross-links are introduced into
GO-PVA, while the boronic structure inserted into agglomerated GO sheets is demonstrated
by DMA analysis. The synergy effect of the GO and the boron crosslinking benefits for ionic
conductivity due to unblocking of the ion channels, and for improvement of thermal stability
and mechanical properties of the electrolytes. Higher specific capacitance and better cycle
stability of EDLCs are obtained by using the GO-B-PVA/KOH electrolyte, especially the one
at higher GO content. The nanocomposite gel electrolytes with excellent electrochemical
properties and solid-like character are candidates for the industrial application in highperformance flexible solid-state EDLCs.
Keywords: Polymer nanocomposite; Graphene oxide; Electrolyte; Electric double layer
capacitors (EDLCs)
Short Biography
Professor Wenhong Ruan received her PhD degree from Sichuan University, China and
now works in Zhongshan University, China. Professor Ruan is mainly interested in
polymer blending and modification, polymer nanocomposites and polymeric functional
materials. She has published over 100 journal papers and holds 30 patents. Including
works about reinforcing and toughening effects on polymer nanocomposites, such as
“Keys to Toughening of Non-layered Nanoparticles/Polymer Composites” published in
“Advanced Materials” and “A strategy for significant improvement of strength of semicrystalline polymers with the aid of nanoparticles” published in “Journal of Materials
Chemistry”. Among her many professional accolades, Professor Ruan won the 2007
and 2009 prize for her works on polymer nanocomposites awarded by the Ministry of
Education of China and Guangdong province, respectively .
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