Transitioning to College with AT Resources to Explore

Exploring AT Tools
Learning Styles
Transitioning to College with AT
Resources to Explore
ADA Homepage for the Federal
U.S. Department of Education, Office of
Civil Rights
U.S. Department of Education IDEA
AT Network: Law & Advocacy
Students with Disabilities Preparing for
Post Secondary Education: Know Your
Rights and Responsibilities
Pacer Center ADA Q & A: Section 504 &
Postsecondary Education
Family Center on Technology & Disability:
Assistive Technology & the IEP
Diablo Valley College Learning Style
Organization Problems Inventory
Things I Need to Know About Myself and
Assistive Technology
Study Guides and Strategies: Exploring
Learning Styles
LD Pride: Learning Styles
Personal Choices: Finding Low and Mid
Tech Tools That Work for You
The Family Center on Technology and
Disability: Resource Database
Tech Matrix: A searchable database of AT
tools and resources to support learning
for students with disabilities
AT Network: Find It Now
Hey! Can I Try That? A Student Handbook
for Choosing and Using Assistive
Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative:
Assessing Students’ Needs for AT
Preparing for College
LD Online: Top Ten Things to Thing About
as You Prepare for Your Transition to
Student Resource Guide on Transition/
Student Transition Portfolio [includes
Transition Planning Checklist; My Desired
Post-School Outcomes; SelfDetermination and AT Management; AT
Emergency Plan]
Colorado State University: Access to
Postsecondary Education/Student Self –
Advocacy Module
I’m Determined (Virginia Department of
AT Tools for Transition
Rise Up: Plan and Prepare for College
(developed for residents of Mississippi, but
lots of applicable tools/resources for any
future student)
Tips for Students with Disabilities to
Increase College Success
George Washington University - Heath
Resource Center at the National Youth
Transitions Center: Online Clearinghouse
on Postsecondary Education for
Individuals with Disabilities
The College Board (SAT) and ACT
websites for information on the
accommodations available for students
with disabilities
UC Davis MIND Institute/Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities
AT Goes to College April 28, 2014
Jillian King, Placer County SELPA