Predictive Modelling in Science and Engineering

Predictive Modelling in Science and Engineering
by Prof. Nicholas Zabaras
School of Engineering
University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL
[email protected]
The University of Warwick has undertaken an ambitious initiative for the establishment of a new
centre in predictive modelling (WCPM). This is part of the overall emphasis for placing Warwick at
the forefront of data science research. The new centre brings together departments and researchers
across the campus to develop a new approach to computational science where uncertainties in
properties, process conditions and models are quantified and propagated to allow us to compute our
confidence (probabilistic `error bars’) on the system responses and designs. In this talk, we will review
with some examples in materials modeling and heterogeneous media the new paradigm, the
scientific and computational challenges it poses, but also the significant impact that predictive
models can have in industrial and scientific applications.