TDDI07 Lab Report Lab 2 Student Name:

TDDI07 Lab Report
Lab 2
Student Name:
Lab questions
1) Regarding the sending and reception of messages:
Which command is used to request the sending of a message?
Which event notifies that the sending of a message is completed?
Which event delivers received messages?
Which component should implement the events mentioned in the
previous questions? Is it the component that uses or the
component that provides (implements) respective interface?
e) You just received a message. What your event handler should
return? What will TinyOS do with the value you return?
f) You just sent a message. When is it safe to use the message buffer
again? Hint: There are two possible scenarios depending on
success or failure of send.
2) With the knowledge acquired from the previous lab about nesC
a) How can you generate a debug message?
b) How do you change the address of a mote?
c) How can you make the timer repeat at regular intervals? And at
irregular intervals?
Application operation
How does the application work? Explain it here.
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