Cynthia Scerri is a Senior ... and is currently managing the ...

Cynthia Scerri is a Senior Principal Occupational Therapist who graduated in 1988
and is currently managing the OT departments at Zammit Clapp Hospital and Karin
Grech Hospital as well as the outpatient OT service at St Luke’s Hospital. She has
specialized in the care of older persons and has a post-graduate diploma and a
master’s degree in Gerontology and Geriatrics. The research for the completion of
these studies included ‘Alzheimer’s Disease: The Model of Human Occupation as an
alternative Occupational Therapy Treatment Approach’ and ‘Effectiveness of
Occupational Therapy in the Rehabilitation of Elderly Patients who have undergone
Hip Surgery.’ She has written a couple of articles in The Times of Malta and the
Malta Journal of Occupational Therapy and has presented papers at various local
conferences. She has also carried out clinical audits of the memory programme and
home visit service offered at Zammit Clapp Hospital. Ms Scerri is chairperson of the
Patient Education Material Committee, advisor on the Standardized Assessments
Committee, member of the Heads of Department, Leadership and OT Managers’
Committees. She held the position of treasurer for several years in the Malta
Association of Occupational Therapists. Ms Scerri is an assistant lecturer in the
Occupational Therapy Division of the Institute of Health care teaching OT students.
She also gives lectures during the INIA courses, the James Madision University
(USA) seminars and dos in-service training of hospital staff during induction
programmes and continuing educational programmes. Her special interest in neurorehabilitation including dementia care services.