Marjorie Bonello,

Marjorie Bonello, MSc (Lond.), SROT
Marjorie Bonello, MSc (Lond.) is an assistant lecturer within the Department of Occupational
Therapy at the Faculty of Health Sciences. She qualified as an Occupational Therapist in
1989 and obtained an MSc with Distinction from at the University of East London in 1998
the latter of which was focused on clinical education. She is currently reading for a PhD in
interprofessional education at the University of Brighton.
Ms Bonello has been a part-time lecturer at the University of Malta since 1995 and became a
resident academic in 2010. During these years, she has been instrumental in developing
students’ clinical practice both through undergraduate work and through the conduction of
continuous professional development courses for qualified occupational therapists. She is
also a lecturer on the multi-professional Clinical Education in Practice study-unit. Her other
lecturing commitments include upper-extremity rehabilitation exploring occupation-based
interventions for patients with upper extremity trauma and disability, and clinical skills
laboratories. Marjorie is a member on the Board of the Faculty of Health Sciences and a
member on the Board of Studies and Board of Examiners within the Occupational Therapy
M. Bonello worked in hand rehabilitation within the Health Sector for 10 years and was
instrumental in setting up occupational therapy services within this area. She also held the
post of a Policy Co-ordinator at the Ministry of Health for a number of years and was
involved in various innovation projects such as service audits, operational reviews, coordination of policy initiatives, EU programme management, gender mainstreaming in health
and dementia services development in Malta. She has also sat on several National Boards
and Committees.
Her research interests are primarily interprofessional education, clinical education, the
process of learning during practice and dementia studies. She is also interested in the
potential impact of national culture on innovation in health professional education especially
in European mini-states and other nations.
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