CCASSC Action Minutes July 8-9, 2010

CCASSC Action Minutes
July 8-9, 2010
A correction needs to be made in the February 25-26, 2010 CCASSC action minutes to eliminate the
reference to “cost shifts” in item #1 and change it to “resulting impact on Department of Social Services
ACTION: D. Foster will make the correction
Future CCASSC meeting dates were established
ACTION: Future dates and locations are September 9-10, 2010 (Shell Beach); November 4-5, 2010 (Shell
Beach); February 17-18, 2011 (Location TBD); June 2-3, 2011 (Location TBD)
CSU Stanislaus and several CCASSC directors are involved with planning a 2/24/11 conference with
“Poverty Reduction” as the theme.
ACTION: A CCASSC staff representative will join the planning committee to link CCASSC’s poverty
reduction efforts with this event.
Ken Jensen advised that Santa Barbara County has developed a MOU on data sharing with other county
ACTION: Ken will provide David with a copy for dissemination to all members.
As a result of the general discussion among CCASSC members regarding the Safe Care Home Visitation
Project, there was interest in receiving a comparison chart/matrix of several popular home visitation
ACTION: David will provide a comparison chart by the next CCASSC meeting.
Discussion regarding the methodology used by CDSS to re-allocate the CWS/CMS New User training funds
to support regional training delivery. It was unanimously agreed that the methodology was flawed and a
letter should be sent to Greg Rose to register CCASSC concerns.
ACTION: D. Foster will draft a letter. Mary Sawicki and Kelly Woodard will finalize and send to Greg
Rose on behalf of all CCASSC directors.
David Chenot and Sherrill Clark both presented excellent material on workforce issues via power point.
ACTION: David Foster will email members the power point slides and additional material.
General discussion regarding CCASSC data needs for the future. It was agreed that we will work towards
producing data/information reports that use a combination of narrative/graphs/composites that highlight
Central Region County needs. These items can be helpful with Board of Supervisors/community
ACTION: Patty, Sal and David will meet and come up with a plan to address the needs described above.