Appendix A : Job Classification / Title OPENING THE INTERVIEW

Appendix A : Job Classification / Title
Public Affairs / Communication Specialist
Tell me about yourself.
How did you hear about this position?
What do you know about this position/organization?
Experience, skills and knowledge
Please describe your present responsibilities as a [job
Do you have any contacts with the Fresno media? Give
What kind of Fresno contacts do you have that you feel
will benefit our organization?
Have you had or do you have any publications in
newspapers or magazines? Give examples.
Have you ever worked in the Fresno Media? When? For
whom? For how long?
How extensive are your writing skills for editorials and
letters? Give examples of what you’ve done.
Do you have any type of budget experience? How much and
what have you done?
What type of festivals have you worked with that are
similar to Summer Arts? What were your responsibilities?
What skills, knowledge, or experience do you have that
you think would make you a stronger candidate than other
applicants for this position?
If I were to call your current/last supervisor, what do
you think he/she would say your professional or work
related strengths and weaknesses are?
responsibilities? What do/did you like? Dislike? Why?
What software programs are you proficient with, and what
types of projects have you used them for?
How would you handle working in a high paced work
Are you able to travel as required by this position?
Assessing career objectives
What do you want from your next job that you are not
currently getting?
What interests you most about this position? What kinds
of challenges do you enjoy and expect from this position?
Why are you interested in leaving your current employer?
What are your long-term professional goals?
How do you see this position fitting in with your
professional goals?
This is a temporary position.
Interpersonal skills/getting along with others
Describe your ideal supervisor.
Describe your ideal co-worker.
• What kind of people do you enjoy working with?
• What kind of people do you find it difficult to work
with? How do you handle the situation?
What would you like to know about our organization?
Reference checks are an integral part of our process.
May we contact your current/past supervisors? (Get list
of references if you haven’t already.)