Math Econ 2 Presentation Advice David Ronayne


Math Econ 2 Presentation Advice

David Ronayne

General Presentation Advice


Time limit – 30 minutes

Continuity of discussion

Ability of audience – assume no-one will have read the paper


Show understanding

Teach us something

Explain why it is important (if you think it is)


Constraints vs Aims  Trade-off

General Presentation Advice

Public Speaking

Practice the presentation before doing it for real – make sure you get the timings for each speaker correct

Be confident and enthusiastic

Be loud enough

If you need them, use prompt cards, but do not stare at them the whole time!

Do not just read us the paper directly

Do not put too much information on a slide. Include a diagram or main bullet point or equation if illustrative, but you should be able to discuss and explain the concepts verbally.

Specific EC301/341 Advice

Nature of Academic Papers

Often many theorems and proofs

Normally only 1 or 2 aims and main ideas of a paper

Use your knowledge of EC220/1 and EC301/341 to estimate what the audience should know. Anything on top of this knowledge required to make your point, needs explaining.

Papers you are choosing from are famous, they made a significant contribution at the time of publication

Specific EC301/341 Advice

Your Presentation

Choose selectively what to present

Explanatory motivating example

A graph or diagram which conveys main message etc.

Main theorem

What you think are the next steps for further research

Do not mechanically copy out proofs. If you discuss proofs, then give the main intuition and/or any novel techniques they use.

Explain in your own words what you are presenting

Think of interesting questions i.e. if you think an assumption is unrealistic, what would happen if it were relaxed?

If one of us asks a question or makes a point it is absolutely ok to disagree!

Try to answer any questions from the audience

Specific EC301/341 Advice

Your Group

Heterogeneity of ability in public speaking and academic ability  delegate well

Report free-riding to the lecturer – Free-riders get 0.

Good Luck and have fun!