Policy Considerations Presentation to the PPP Commission Quentin Palfrey July 15, 2013

Policy Considerations
Presentation to the PPP Commission
Quentin Palfrey
July 15, 2013
Jobs & Economic Development
• We aim to create a transportation system that
– enables economic development
– aids job creation
– helps reduce the costs of doing business
– attracts new investment to the Commonwealth
– makes it easier for employees & customers to get
where they need to go
Efficiency & Reliability
• We want to build a safe & reliable transportation
system where delays are minimized & travel
times are consistent.
• To meet our current & future transportation
needs, we must expand our transportation
capacity by managing existing corridors more
efficiently & making new capital investments.
• We also want to manage our transportation
assets so that we can extend their useful life &
maximize the benefits of our past investments.
Funding, Equity & Access
• Our transportation funding falls far below our
needs. It is imperative that we identify both new
funds & new efficiencies.
• The burden of any new investments must be fair
& appropriate.
• We should broaden our transportation network
services to serve more & different users in more
• We also need more & better access to our
transportation system for people with disabilities
and mobility challenges.
Environmental Protection
• We need a transportation system that is
environmentally sustainable.
• Pursuant to our GreenDOT initiative, that
means assessing the impact our projects have
on air & water quality, carbon impact,
wetlands protection & other priorities.
• We are also particularly cognizant of the
impact our decisions have on environmental
justice communities.
Smart Growth & Mode Shift
• We want to make transportation investments
that encourage the development of sustainable,
livable communities.
• Some of our policy choices seek to enable &
incentivize the use of high-occupancy / multipassenger vehicles.
• With so many different users competing for space
– bicyclists, pedestrians & vehicles - we must find
better ways to share our roadways through
engineering, education & enforcement.