Information Cyberinfrastructure Databasing

Information Cyberinfrastructure
Group focus
• Support group activities in:
– Communications
– Computing
– Storage
• Key Players
V. Frost-KU: Networking/Communications
Erik Perrins-KU: Communications
Dan Andresen-KSU: high performance scientific computing
Shiva Mohandass-KSU: Geodatabases
Rick Chubb-KSU: GIS Applications
Eric Bernard –KSU: GIS
• Joshua Campbell-KU: GIS and Remote Sensing specialist
• Balachandra Kumaraswamy-KU: Communications and Networks
IT/GIS Services
Efforts are focused in the following areas:
– Designing an interactive web-mapping application for K-State
herbarium and insect collection data (Kansas Biomapper)
– Designing Geodatabases for plant, insect and aquatic data
– Creating spatial analysis tools to delineate and characterize
hydrologic features
– Generating GIS web-services that can be shared among
ecoforecasting researchers
– Consolidating GIS related work among ecoforecasting groups
• Provide a GIS data sharing mechanism for ecoforecasting
IT/GIS Services - Progress
Interactive web-mapping application is ready.
– However, only < 10% collection data is available at present for GIS.
Geodatabases for Kansas plant and insect collections are complete
– Geodatabase design for aquatic datasets is in progress.
An extendable spatial analysis tool for capturing watershed information
is available for use.
Several GIS web-service endpoints will become available by the end of
August ‘07.
– Web-services will mainly cover areas of hydrology, and museum
collection records
Data collections and Databases
Internet Map Applications
Map Viewers
Metadata Catalog
Data collections and Databases
GIS Data Viewer for the Kansas River Watershed Ecological Model
Organize KBS database(s) for dissemination
Utilize web-based GIS technology for data dissemination, metadata services,
and interactive mapping applications
– Software packages include ArcGIS Server, ArcIMS, MapServer and Open
Vision for terrestrial communications infrastructure to
measure ecological properties
Flux tower to
central plains data repository
Planned Proof of Concept:
Flux tower to server
e li
Environmental study site
Nelson Environmental Study Area
• Field internet access
Upload Speed: up to 500 kbps
Download Speed: up to 2 Mbps
Initial Measurements:
Upload Speed: Transfer large (10.7 MB) ZIP file Æ 477.6 kb/s
Speed test from
Download Speed: 1.84 Mb/s,
Upload Speed: 377 kbps
Latency: avg. delay ~800 ms: max delay of 1060 ms: min delay of 647 ms
Cost (one-time) = $600: Monthly $200 per month