“I can …” Booklet
This is an example of emerging practice and highlights one suggested approach in
using assessment within an inter-disciplinary project. This booklet was developed to
use with the learners and allow them to traffic light their progress against agreed
success criteria. The comment spaces allows the learner to either write or draw their
learning to date and then for the teacher to make comment. This can then be shared
with parents at a later date.
Reflective Questions:
Think about your own planning, In what way could you use this format in your
Do your methods for gathering evidence cater for all learning styles?
How do you share evidence with parents throughout the course of the learning
As I explore stories, images, music and poems, I am becoming familiar with the beliefs of world religions I am learning about.
I am becoming aware of the importance of celebrations, festivals and customs in religious people’s lives.
I am developing respect for others and my understanding of their beliefs and values.
Through exploring stories from world religions, I can describe some of their key beliefs.
I am discovering how followers of world religions demonstrate their beliefs through prayer/meditation, worship and special ceremonies.
I am developing an awareness of the ways in which followers of world religions celebrate different times of year and can relate these to my own life and community.
I am aware that, by
celebrating Sukkot,
Jewish people are
thanking God for
gathering their harvest.
I am aware that Sukkot
is a joyful celebration
shared by the whole
Teacher comment/action required
I can discuss a joyful
celebration that I have
taken part in.
I can explain why there
is no closed roof on a
sukkah, and illustrate
Child’s comment / evidence
I can discuss the
meaning of the lulav and
the etrog during the
festival of Sukkot.