“Treasure Island” - Learning Game suggestions Learners could: 

“Treasure Island” - Learning Game suggestions
Learners could:
 Create a game based on a board game with whose
rules they are already familiar e.g. “Guess Who?” in
which learners would ask questions in order to
guess which character is hidden by asking
questions e.g. This character was very nervous
when staying at the Admiral Benbow Inn.
 Create an online game
 Create a set of text-based questions/clues for
geocaching; create pirate artefacts to collect from
each location
 Learners create a treasure chest (tea-bag box
works well if curved card lid added). Pupils decide
on content: pieces of eight, map, black spot, ship,
pictures of characters, technical words/vocabulary.
Learners draw an artefact from the chest and have
to speak for two minutes, relating the artefact to the
novel. Stopping before the time means walking the