Context: Making Musical Instruments for the Performance (Shakers)

Context: Making Musical Instruments for the Performance (Shakers)
To gain an understanding of measure (amounts/weight)
Learning Intention
Success Criteria
(Breakdown of Tasks)
To understand that different
amounts/ materials will
alter the sound of the
Child understands that heavy
items e.g. stones makes a
different sound from lighter
items such as rice/lentils and
that some materials make a
sound/others will not e.g.
To use balancing scales to
weigh different amounts
Child is able to recognise
which side of the scale
contains the heaviest/lightest
To know how to balance
the scales using different
Child demonstrates this by
experimenting with objects to
make it balance
To understand the language
of measure
Child can point to the marks
on the scale and is gaining an
awareness that each mark
represents a unit of