– Fashion Show Academic Challenge S2 German The Setting

Academic Challenge – Fashion Show
S2 German
The Setting
The manager of a German shop is interested to know what kind of clothes
Scottish people wear. She has contacted the school to ask the S2 German
class to prepare a fashion show, video record it and send it to her in
The Challenge
Working in groups of four or five, you are going to prepare a fashion show
with a written summary in German, to be sent to the manager of the shop.
Product Criteria
Form criteria
The fashion show should last between eight and twelve minutes.
The outfits can be as original as possible but should reflect Scottish
There must be a person within the group describing the outfits.
Any kind of visual, auditory or written display can be used for the
fashion show.
Content criteria
The fashion show must include:
 a brief description of the person wearing the outfit
 a detailed description of the outfit including clothes, colours and
The price of the clothing can be included in Euros.
Rule criteria
The whole fashion show must be conducted in German:
- correct adjective agreement
- correct pronunciation and intonation
- correct use of verbs.
Time: three periods, so the fashion show is going to take place on …
Co-operative working
Imagination in the outfits, setting, etc
Written and speaking skills
Specific Observable Behaviours
Each student in the group completes a task assigned.
Each student has to value other students’ ideas.