Insert establishment name Showcase for Excellence

Insert establishment name
Showcase for Excellence
Principal’s Board dinners
HMIE is committed to identifying and disseminating good practice more widely in
order to promote innovation and improvement. The college is invited to provide
details which may be included in the published inspection report.
Please briefly outline below features of practice in the college in which college staff,
young people/adult learners and parents take particular pride. Please feel free to
provide up to two examples of good practice which have a significant impact on
young people/adult learner’s learning. These may include innovative and creative
approaches across any aspect of the college’s work. Please keep a report on each
aspect of good practice to a maximum of 200 words. Each entry should have a
suitable heading to alert readers to content. The format should address the
What was the identified issue? What did college staff set out to do?
What was done?
What were the benefits to young people/adult learners as learners?
A member or members of the inspection team will wish to discuss entries with you,
staff and children/young people.
Excellence examples: Principal’s Board Dinners
The principal organises approximately six dinners per year to which all Board of
Management members are invited and which most attend. All dinners are preceded
by a presentation on a pertinent issue on an educational issue and Board members
have the opportunity to engage with staff who present their topics.
In the current year the topics for the dinners are: Working with the university sector;
Student support, engagement and involvement; Serving the skills needs of the
renewable and sustainability industries; Working with schools and the local
community; and Encouraging excellence and innovation in learning and teaching.
The presentations explain the benefits of engaging with partners such as
universities, the services offered by Learner Services and how learners are
encouraged to be involved in the wider community, dissemination of good practice
which demonstrate tangible impact for learners, and activities by college staff to
develop learning and teaching methods.
Insert establishment name
Board members have the opportunity to listen to presentation by staff with
responsibility for the issues in the college and then a question and answer session
and further discussion during dinner.
Members of the Board of Management find this an invaluable approach to having
important issues explained to them and then having opportunities to engage in wider
discussion. In this way they keep up-to-date with key aspects of the work of the