LOCATION, Location, Location

LOCATION, Location, Location
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You have learned a lot of information over the past few weeks in reading the novel The Cay, participating in food tests in science,
weighing items in math, and learning about World War II in Social Studies. Today, you will find different Geocaches and answer
questions about the things you have learned. You will be using the GPS to find each of the 4 waypoints. Follow the directions below
to find each.
When you get to the waypoint, read the question and write the answer in your geocaching activity notebook. Make sure you find all 4.
Directions for using the GPS:
Finding the Waypoints
1) Press down on the toggle button. A drop down menu will appear. Move the toggle button up
and down, side to side until you highlight ‘main menu.’
2) Toggle to the icon for Find. Press down on toggle and select Waypoints from the drop down
menu by name
3) Use the toggle to enter the 3 digit Waypoint from the clue, toggle to ‘OK’ and press down on
4) Select the 3 digit Waypoint from the list.
5) The Waypoint Flag will appear in the display on the screen.
6) “Goto” is highlighted. Press down on the toggle. A compass will appear on the screen.
7) Walk in the direction of the arrow. As you approach the ‘cache,’ the statement “approaching
location” will display at the bottom of the screen. Start looking for a container.
8) Answer the question in your activity notebook.
9) On the bottom of the question, there is a new waypoint. To enter a new Waypoint Name, click
on the Page button (the top button on the right side of the GPS) two times. The main menu
will appear. Click on Find and repeat steps 2-8 until all clues are found.