A. Organizing Staff

V. Recovery
A.Organizing Staff
2.Tips for Team Leaders
A. Organizing Staff
2. Tips for Team Leaders
a. Team Leaders have three general responsibilities
Other team members
ii. Self
iii. Collections
b. Team Leaders need to
Exhibit positive leadership
ii. Monitor the well-being of the team, and ask others to monitor you
iii. Define the common goals of the team
iv. Establish a tone for comfortable communications
Assign critical jobs to team members
vi. Constantly ask “what if?”, “who?”, “how?”
vii. Remember that chaos is normal
viii. Delegate
ix. Offer honest praise and appreciation
Concede points unless you truly believe items or people are in danger
xi. Ensure that thorough documentation is being carried out
xii. Curtail all criticism, negative remarks and cynicism
xiii. Maintain a sense of humor!
Adapted from a Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners handout