Session 12: Advanced techniques in trigonometry

UCL Online STEP and AEA Preparation Sessions
Session 12: Advanced techniques in trigonometry
Recalling the graphs of trigonometric functions and being able to use trigonometric
identities fluently is very important in mathematical problem-solving. Can you see
cos(2 x)  cos4 x  sin 4 x ?
Solving problems in STEP and AEA involving trigonometry requires a high degree of
fluency with identities and relationships. Many will be familiar from work in A level
Mathematics but some may be less familiar. For example
sin 2 
2 tan 
1  tan 2 
Equations involving trigonometric equations such as sin x = cos y will be considered
as well as the use of trigonometry in integration and differentiation.
Example problem
   tan 
Solve the equation tan   