EDITORIAL Renaissance Journal

The June 2004 issue of Renaissance Journal is spearheaded by Jean Wilson’s
article, ‘Why Fotheringhay? The Location of the Trial and Execution of Mary
Queen of Scots’, which presents important new research on the burial of
Mary Queen of Scots and the choice of Fotheringhay Castle. Alongside
Professor Wilson’s article is a review essay by Professor Lawrence Manley, a
discussion of Lukas Erne’s recent book Shakespeare as Literary Dramatist (CUP,
2003) in the context of contemporary performance. Book reviews on a variety
of topics have been submitted, ranging from Renaissance sport and leisure to
the different forms of scholarly collected editions, from discussions of the
Pazzi Conspiracy to the function of images in Erasmus and Rabelais, and
from the interrelation of gender discourse and theatre history to female
painters in early modern Bologna. In addition, during the first half of 2004,
several conferences and study-days have been organized in connection with
the AHRB Centre, on the Elizabethan Progresses, Italian Medical Elites, and
the Landed Nobility and the City in Renaissance Europe: reports of these
events are featured in this issue.
We welcome offers of articles and book reviews from readers, and appreciate
suggestions of themes for future issues of the Journal. If you would like to
write for Renaissance Journal, or recommend particular books for review, please
contact the editors at the address provided. We hope you have an enjoyable
and productive summer.
Dr Jayne Archer
Dr Sarah Knight