Alastair Hall (University of Manchester) Current Research

Alastair Hall (University of Manchester)
Current Research
 Info-metric approaches to inference about the parameters of economic and statistical
models based on the information in moment conditions.
 Applications of info-metric methods to economic models examining issues related to
monetary policy, health expenditures by the UK government, and the returns to
Recent Publications
 Testing for Structural Instability in Moment Restriction Models: an Info-metric
Approach, Econometric Reviews, forthcoming in 2014 (with A. Hall, Y. Li, C. Orme and
A. Sinko)
 Inference in the Prescence of Redundant Moment Conditions and the Impact of
Government health Expenditure on Health Outcomes in England, Econometric Reviews,
forthcoming in 2014 (with M. Andrews, O. Elamin, A. Hall, K. Kyriakoulis and M.
Other Updates
 Attended the Econometrics Section of the Agricultural and Applied Economics
Association Conference (Joint with CAES), Washington DC, August 2013.
 Attended the Conference on Indirect Estimation Methods in Finance and Economics,
Abbey Hegne, Allensbach, Germany, May 2014.
 E.J. Hannan Lecture, Australasian Meeting of the Econometric Society, Tasmania,
Australia, July 2014.