Fundraising Ideas 2015
Many recognized student organizations choose to supplement their budget with
fundraising. Before undertaking any fundraising activity, speak with your SA Advisor.
Many types of fundraising activities require contracts, vending approval forms, licenses
or permits, as well as additional help with planning. Fundraising can be a huge benefit
to your organizations, and it is important to be ethical as you represent your
organization, the cause you are raising money for, and your affiliation with the
University. Below are some ideas for your organization to consider for fundraising.
Membership Dues or Fees
Make sure that any dues you charge organization members are fair and comply with
the university’s non-discrimination policy and are clearly codified in your
organization’s governing documents.
Admission Charges/Suggested Donations
This is an excellent way to cover event expenses. Work with Student Activities to devise
a system for ticket distribution and money collection; the monitoring of both processes
is essential. All receipts/revenue must be deposited in your university account within
24 hours of an event (or, for weekend events, on the following Monday). You can
reserve a cashbox through Student Activities (Funds Collections Request Form).
Sales of Goods or Services
Bike washes, candy sales (as long as it is individually prepackaged after being
professionally produced), flower sales, and singing telegrams are examples of ideas that
are acceptable. If you plan to sell any goods or services on campus, you will need to talk
to your Student Activities Advisor as vending permits may be required.
Sponsoring Sales/Marketing Groups on Campus
Student groups may sponsor an outside vendor to come to campus in order to sell items
or market their products. Typically sponsoring student organizations will receive either
a portion of the vendor’s profits, or a set minimum fee from the vendor. A Vending
Approval Form (obtained from the University Center) must be completed and
submitted to Student Activities with the Space Request. The application/Space Request
must be submitted at least three weeks prior to when you would like the vendor to
come to campus. The vendors cannot conflict with any pre-existing business
arrangements/contracts that the university already has. If you have any questions,
contact Student Activities.
Fundraising Ideas 2015
A drawing or other random method of distributing prizes may be used for fund-raising
only if a permit is obtained from the DC Lottery and Charitable Games Control Board.
Work with your Student Activities Advisor to obtain the application materials. Please
understand that this process can take up to a month to approve.
All student organizations fall under the university’s 501(c)(3) tax status and thus any
student organization who wishes to solicit donations of money or in-kind services must
work directly with Student Activities as their liaison to the Office of Development.
(See Club Financials AU Tax Status Information)
Other simple ideas
Used book sale, garage sale, balloon sale, marathons, Student-Staff-Faculty talent show,
art show, tournaments, haunted house, guess beans in jar, gift wrapping, karaoke night,
bicycle-a-thon or any other “a-thon,” car wash, making and selling crafts are all ideas to
explore with Student Activities.