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Secretary to the Faculty
Smith College
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Faculty Action Sheet
At the fourth regular meeting of the 2015-2016 academic year on December 9, 2015 (Alumnae House),
the following action was taken by the Smith College faculty:
I. The faculty voted to approve the November 11, 2015 meeting minutes.
II. The following items were recommended by the Committee on Academic Priorities and approved
by the faculty:
New courses as permanent offerings:
1. FLS 236 Soundless Specters: The Life, Death and Afterlife of Silent Cinema
New permanent topics courses:
1. EGR 100 Engineering for Everyone. Topic: Energy and the Environment
2. EGR 100 Engineering for Everyone. Topic: Bits, Bolts and Thoughts
3. EGR 100 Engineering for Everyone. Topic: Water
4. EGR 100 Engineering for Everyone. Topic: Challenges in Human Health
Experimental topics be converted to permanent topics:
1. EGR 100 Engineering for Everyone. Topic: Human Centered Design
2. EGR 100 Engineering for Everyone. Topic: How Energy Shapes Our Environment
Curricular items:
1. Changes to BIO Major: replace BIO 152 Genetics, Evolution and Molecular Biosciences
with either BIO 230 Genomes and Genetic Analysis or BIO 232 (Evolution).
2. Changes to the ENG Major and the creation of a Creative Writing track.
3. Changes in the Portuguese-Brazilian Studies major and minor requirements.
4. CLT 150 The Art of Translation: Poetics, Politics, Practice plus FRN 295 French
Translation in Practice can count toward the courses required to complete the FRN major.
5. Changes to pre-requisites for FRN 295 French Translation in Practice: 2 courses above
230 (no longer 1), or permission of the instructor.
6. Changes to pre-requisites for EGR capstone courses: add “senior standing in engineering”
and EGR 374 Fluid Mechanics to EGR 421D Capstone Design with Faculty and EGR
422D Design Clinic.
7. Allow students to take WEX 100 Educating Women: An Introduction (1 credit) twice for
credit with different topics.
8. Change the name of PHY 215 from Introductory Physics III to Light, Relativity and
Quantum and change co-requisite from PHY 210 Mathematical Methods of Physical
Sciences and Engineering to MTH 212 Calculus III.
Respectfully submitted,
Fraser Stables
Secretary of the Faculty